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  1. Why would the delivery stop If I don't log in? its a contract, they should deliver even when the players isn't home? right? Please consider it, thank you very much.
  2. This whole scenario shows us : 1) Maguuma can tier up all this while but they have been throwing matches. 2) stacking your server on one time zone is bad.
  3. The only way to fix q is to change the one up one down one week reset game mechanic.
  4. It is a known fact that if you click the potion individually, you will get better rewards. not. LOL
  5. What timezone? Move to ET if you play during NA (has tag most day, need discord) Move to Jade Quarry if you running during late sea. (has open tag most day, need discord) Move to SoS if you want only to PPT during sea.
  6. LOL TC vs Mag and SoS. good luck and have fun
  7. I've used exotics in wvw for ages until they announce template only did i started to plan legendaries.
  8. you forgot questions do you share your build freely so all your servers players can have good build? do you accept low level players and help them to become better into your guild or ask them to come back when they are high level? do you have a sub squad of 5+ players that you can deploy to help when there's a call out and you really do not want to move map but its an emergency ?
  9. Golem in ring without rider does not contest the ring.
  10. Use chat to ask. Also, if you don’t know by now who is on what map doing what, what are you still plying wvw for anyway 9 years still doesn’t know what your team mate is doing = failed
  11. I think bubble will be called “Turimachus”by the Luxon because it was first spotted by the Dragon hunter Turimachus, Turimachus lives until now from the magic he gain from bubble during that short encounter, he is now still searching for bubble. The Kurziks, however never seen much seas or any kind of dragons call bubble “Bubble Von Bobble” as a joke to mock the Luxon. https://wiki.guildwars.com/wiki/Turimachus
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