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  1. They could keep the damage the same but make it charge a lot faster in pvp but I dunno would probably need a design tweak to work in pvp
  2. I do see what you mean as older elite specs have been extremely overtuned at release but as WoodenPotatoes said they can make drastic changes between pvp and pve in the bladesworn showcase the devs said it would do less damage in pvp but would make your dragon slash charge faster as of testing it is not any faster than the pve version might be changed in the future. They could have totally different playstyles in pve and pvp which I think should be the cases for more classes but they might not want there to be a big disparity.
  3. I think its really fun to play but find its lacking a lot of damage in pvp for the set up required, max dragon trigger did about 3 to 6 thousand damage which for a skill that requires so much set up seems pretty low.
  4. Mabye increase the overall radius or mabye even romotely activate it so you can time it?
  5. I feel like bomb kit has a lot of potential in pvp but is limited by so much mobility in the game now. Was thinking if anyone has ideas of how to make it more viable I was thinking of mabye giving it a throwing range of 450. Would like to know what players who have more experiance with engieener would think any good ideas would be.
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