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  1. It's funny seeing the mech get chain CC'd with how easy it is to break it's bar over and over. It doesn't even recover with a full bar, making it easier to break after the first.
  2. I mind it. A ranged pet should have ranged skills. It's never going to land the abilities because it doesn't want to stick to a target. The shadow step also doesn't bring the pet close enough to the target half the time. This is something that probably was looked at by Anet and then shrugged off.
  3. Pretty much in the same boat as you. I've been on the fence between engineer and ranger for a long time, but these specs solidified my choice just by seeing how the mechanist is a better ranger than the ranger is when it comes to a pet spec.
  4. Give ranged pets different Unleashed skills. It's really weird seeing a 1200 range pet need to shadowstep into melee (and sometimes not even fully into range) just to use the other unleashed skills. Ranged pets are useless as it is now with this spec, unless you the player want to be the one to stay unleashed at all times.
  5. Fighting 2 creatures in PvE that have knockdown or knockback like Oakhearts make the golem pretty dang useless because they can keep him in a chain stun by continously breaking his bar while it recovers. It's a strong pet for PvE overall, and pretty much outclassed ranger pets in every way. But that CC chain....whoof
  6. The mech using crisis zone will walk within melee range of it's target and then use the ability, even with a ranged attack equipped. Dunno if this is a bug, but I don't like how it's not just self-AoE at it's position
  7. Just gonna suggest this here like I did when testing Untamed; swap F-skill commands for the mech with ctrl+1-8 and add the missing things like Attack my Target, come to me, and toggle defend/passive mode. Controlling the mech is just as bad as controlling the new untamed pet.
  8. You should look at ranged pets when unleashed. The new skills are practically useless on them.
  9. I don't see why F skills couldn't be changed to CTRL skills and implement a longer skill bar for pets. Not being able to properly target, stow, or return your pet is an AI nightmare. I'm positive most people wouldn't mind ctrl+1-8 being pet commands
  10. This doesn't solve the major issues ranger has with their pets. And even giving them 1s of stability and being stuck in a summoning animation would get them melted in pvp and wvw before they can do anything (although they already get melted in wvw) Pets just need better control and survivability
  11. We know the mechanist gives up an entire class function and has lots of downsides, we can agree to that. It's just that the mechanist trait line, utility, and stats shown are what the beastmaster trait line and our pets should have gotten just as a core ranger. Seeing a specialization overtake what an entire profession is supposed to be is upsetting.
  12. It's just for untamed, sadly. I wish they would make it a core feature.
  13. Then all the more reason to rework ranger pets from the ground up. Being unable to really touch them because of bad code makes them a nightmare to balance effectively
  14. It would be nice to split pets into ranged/ melee choices with skills and skins being selectable choices instead of just a bunch of more useless pets that'll never see the light of day because they're unviable. Or just make pets more of an attachment to rangers, that stick to their target and have no HP. Killing the ranger kills the pet. This would make it more cosmetic and a unique source of damage to bring it more in line with other dps
  15. Tethering code aside, the Ranger's core identity is weak compared to most other professions in the game. Pets are unreliable and a majority are broken in terms of landing hits, control, and skills. Some major families don't interact with boons they receive at all. Pet skills should have always been controllable, as well as paired with the ability to control what they attack and their passive/active stances should be more defined into passive/defensive/aggressive settings, to control how far away the pets go from the ranger and how they reply to getting hit. The beastma
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