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  1. The Kourna Meta is currently broken as far as I can tell. The Allied Saboteurs are supposed to go to their cannons, and they've spawned, but have not moved from where they spawn, and there is no timer. The past 3 night during the LWS4 Train we've gone to Kourna and the meta has been stalled at this point. We've also been on the same IP each night, I'm not sure how long it's been like this, but I'm pointing it out just in case. If anyone else can confirm how long it's been broken it'd be a big help.
  2. As someone who crafted all of the T2 weapons and salvaged them along the way, I'm glad you realize that this is a problem, but it really shouldn't have been one in the first place. No other weapon collection has worked in the way you have implemented these new weapons; needing the previous one to craft the new. It's always been that crafting one unlocked the ability to craft the next one. That's how it was for the Istan weapons, the THK ones, and the first iteration of the Boreal weapons. The fact that these new weapons require the old ones, without there being any warning as to that being the
  3. Idea for the World Boss Weekly Event: Rework the PvE Daily tasks to all be different World Bosses to incentivize players to do Bosses. Also make the Bonus Boxes sellable instead of account bound.
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