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  1. those skins from Gem Store are not the best tho. It is mostly based on personal opinion
  2. More and more games are already developed a seasonal pass system. The sub system is starting to fall out and lately people do not really want to pay sub anymore because it make them feel like they need to play the game otherwise $15 a month seems like a waste. I believe Anet is also developing Seasonal pass or things like that. The game need to generate more income for the love of god. Not many people is actually swiping their credit card and help them out and it has been proved lately - EOD should have been released years ago, the laid off, the cancellation of new projects, the rush of conten
  3. ESO has a remarkable and pricy Cash shop where people cant use ingame currency to buy those items. ESO players have been pissed for a long time because of the greediness of ESO Cash shop but at the end they have new expansion every 2 years.
  4. Again you all want new things, new contents but do not want to chip in. Well you guys actually got what you ask for - EOD should have been release a year or 2 years ago but no it has been 4 years and still counting. Who knows when are we going to get the new expac? may be another 4 years? Well I believe 4 years later the game is too old to compete - WoW is always changing, FFXIV Gw2 cant compete to that tbh, RIOT MMORPG is under development, New World looks promising and for the love of god they have Amazon so financial is not a problem, Ashe of Creation idk about this but it looks ok and more
  5. Where is the pay 2 win ? Where is the winning ? The game has no gear progression, PvP is not gear related, WvW is Zerg vs Zerg - 1 man cant fight 50 other men. How can you possibly see the p2w figure in Gw2? you must be high. My idea is for people to have an option to skip some reward tier if they are busy with work or family business. The Season Pass only provide some extra things with some exclusive skins within the season and then those skins are going to the Black Lion Market after the season ends.
  6. I do not think so, look at popular games with those system. They actually generate more income and provide more solid contents because of those who bought the seasonal passes.
  7. Then how can people support Anet then? Buying Gems is not enough and it actually has been proved so far. 3-4 years for a new expansion is just too sad compare to other big MMORPG - WoW, FFXIV, ESO, BDO provide new expansion every 1.5 - 2 years routine. Living World Story cannot be count as new expansion to be honest, it is just a bunches of story with new currency and new map with some new achievement.
  8. People always ask for more content more expac but where is the budget ? Without Gemstore the game was probably dead years ago with Buy 2 Play system. People always want something for themselves but they do not want to give things away. Who does not like new contents but who will give them money if the game has no gemstore and no sub system? Will you invest million of dollars for them? I guess not
  9. Well there are plenty of ways. 1. If you want to gain point to reach the reward tier you should run Citadel of Flame path 1 2 3 or something like that 2. To receive the point you need to loot an item from this boss from this dungeon 3. To receive the point you need to combine an item from this dungeon and that dungeon
  10. I bought about 5000 Gems every 2-3 months just to support the game but only a small amount of number do the same thing. If they give us things like seasonal pass and the only way to purchase with real life $ then it would make a big different. Swiping credit card wont help reviving contents that have been dead for years such as dungeons, the way I am trying to do is to make people go back to play some old content
  11. Hi guys, in this post I would like to talk about the way that we player could support ArenaNet more so they could release more contents and expansion in the future. So, here is my idea: I believe Gw2 needs a Seasonal Reward/ Pass where players can purchase it with $15- $30 every season (3 months). The pass can only be purchased with real life money, then players can work for the rewards, if someone want to boost the progression they can use gems to skip a tier (200 - 300 gems per tier). This seasonal pass system can help reviving some dead or old contents in Gw2 such as running Dungeon, De
  12. The whole PoF expansion got leak 8 months before it released which makes me believe if Anet says they want to release EOD in 2021 then they should have something to tease.
  13. FFXIV revealed their expansion before their story chapters were finished. I don't know why Guild Wars 2 is waiting this long. Different companies have different procedures often for a reason. The FF XIV fan base, due to the popularity of the IP, is baked in. They can afford to do things differently. Guild Wars 2 doesn't have 15 different games spread across console and computers. And the style of development at Anet seems to be to work on a bunch of stuff, much of which changes as it's developed. They have an iterative style. So if they announce something now and it changes, the playerbase
  14. Hype is always a key element to boost up sales. Your expectation might not reach but at least they could have a great sale number and that is what Anet needs at the moment
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