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  1. Pretty sure they won't come back, even though I wish they would. ArenaNet butchered the story into oblivion. Wouldn't be surprised if the EoD story will be the same. Deep Sea Dragon appears, we use sparkle cannon or Aurene and it dies in 5 minutes. To be honest, at this point I'm not excited for EoD at all. That story will probably just as bad as the Icebrood Saga. I think ArenaNet is just tired of the game and they're just trying to finish it as fast as possible.
  2. Most probably everyone will give you a similar answer: Open World regular content: over 60 FPS and Zerg content between 10 and 40 FPS or so. I have Ryzen 5 3600 with Radeon RX 5700 XT and 16 GB RAM 2666 mhz and the only place where my FPS drops is in zergs, where it's between 20-40 FPS, around 30 most of the time. I have everything set on max details. In Open World regular environments (walking around, doing events, story etc) it's over 80, it can pass even over 100.
  3. This. My problem isn't that the story didn't go the way I wanted, but the fact that it was poorly executed. I don't have anything against the main event (Jormag and Primordus dying together), but I don't like that the instance was too poor and too much was skipped in order to get this ending. Why aren't the dwarves present in the instance? Why hasn't Primordus cause any major catastrophe to give us the idea that we really need to stop him now or never, together with Jormag, else the world will end. And I'm not talking about DRM attacks. Make a story instance which sents us to a zon
  4. Yeah it was bad, especially the finale. But ArenaNet doesn't seem to care unfortunately. We've heard nothing from them ever since the release. Shows how much they care about their players.
  5. If other companies can do better during the pandemic, then so can ArenaNet. And trust me, I understand what you're saying. Before this release, I was like you, when someone bashed ArenaNet, I used to defend them, even with the Icebrood Saga, saying that they're doing their best etc etc. But this release was just THAT bad. That's why this time they have no excuse. I understand their situation, really, but if I knew the game story would become this bad, I would have never played Guild Wars 2. I am very very disappointed by this trash end that doesn't do the franchise justice and many
  6. It's just a speculation, ArenaNet said nothing about the reason. Also the edit was minor. The original negative option for the poll was "That was it...?" and people said the negavite option was too light and that it should be a lot lower than that because how bad the release was and the option was changed to "That was it? Trash release" or something like that. It still showed negative impact. Also out of so many people that voted, only a few did before the option was changed...so for like 20 people out of 150 or so, the whole thread was deleted? I really hope it's not a stupid reason like that
  7. And what will they bring in that expansion? Elite specializations? Yeah don't care, I still use Dragon Hunter and gonna continue to stick with it. Raids, Strikes? Yeah I don't care. I used to be an elitist dungeon players in other MMOs and I'm tired of all the "play perfect to clear dungeon or we kick you out of the team" or "Oh my new shiny armor, look guys! I'm better than you!". Story? I don't care about DsD as it had no buildup. I bet they're gonna add another random feature just to make it seem like another copy-paste of WoW like all the other MMOs feel. Guild Wars 2 was different, but it
  8. I feel you brother. At the moment I don't know what to do and if it's worth it to continue playing this game. All that mattered to me in this game was the story. I'm no fan of raids, strikes, PvP and all that. I've loved the game's lore and story ever since the first game and that's why I continued to play the second game. Yet ArenaNet chose to trash the game into oblivion with the Icebrood Saga and especially this episode. It really feels like lazy work just to finish the story, without caring about the fans that have been following it since the original game.
  9. The old threat had a lot more votes and a lot more comments too. The new poll is like 1/4 of the size of the old one (in both votes and comments). So yeah a new one won't be as effective as original one. Plus many people that replied on the original one were like "yeah I wrote a lot in that one I'll just summarize it here" when writing in the new one. For all I know, it may have been a tactic to minimize the "damage" caused by players because people will not spend time to re-write the same things and vote again and then ArenaNet can safely say "ehhh but we only saw a few players complain, here
  10. The DsD needs to be handled really well in order for people to care about it. For me at the moment it's the least interesting dragon out of them all because it has no lore behind it. Have we ever seen it? No. Has it ever caused damage in Tyria? No, we only hear that the quaggan and largos ran away from it. Do we see its minions? No. We know almost nothing about it. And if I'm gonna play a game that has a new story, not related to what happened in the entire game's lore, I'd rather play another game. At the moment I'm still in the denial phase and I hope that Primordus and Jormag or
  11. I hope this thread will stay and ArenaNet won't delete it, like the old one, which had tons of votes and over 150 comments. I will post the same answer that I posted on the deleted thread and another thread, because I can't find better words to use for this release than those: Worst ending that could have been. Killing Primordus together with Jormag? Primordus didn't even have an arc of his own, he was just there for 10 minutes and then boom, bye bye forever. I usually defend pretty much everything that ArenaNet does, but this time it was so bad that it made me ask myse
  12. So they REALLY removed the poll thread!? kitten I'm so angry now and I would have so many words to say now, but on this forum you risk getting banned even for the slightest hostily.... thank you ArenaNet. You're like every other developer now...and this isn't a compliment. I thought you were different.
  13. Please tell me that ArenaNet did not delete that thread. I don't want to believe that because it had almost full negative opinions on the episode, they decided to deleted it INSTEAD of listening of what people had to say there. I don't wanna believe that they're pretending that there isn't a problem, that everything's fine. It had over 100 people that voted on the poll and tons and tons of comments from people.
  14. He was referring to Guild Wars as a franchise, meaning Guild Wars 1 + 2. The original Guild Wars came out in 2005. He just rounded the number.
  15. I honestly don't care about the expansion anymore. All I followed in the game was the story. I don't care about legendaries, about elite specs, about raids, etc. Yeah Cantha is nice, but after Primordus and Jormag's treatment, can't really say I'm excited for Cantha anymore. Whatever will happen there, will not be related to the franchise's story and lore anymore. They butchered it the moment they decided to kill of Primordus. Yeah seeing how Cantha looks after 250 years is nice, but doesn't matter too much to me under the current circumstances.
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