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  1. No offense, but people quit playing for a variety of reasons and often come back. If the skyscale is to difficult for you, stop going after it and do what you enjoy. Even if it is for a few days. It's not like it's going anywhere, you don't need to rush to get it, nor do you even need it for anything in the game. Same for legendaries. If the grind is too much, too hard, unfun, then don't do it.
  2. It's really not hard. It took me a week and I was lazy, maybe an hour a day. Didn't do the festival either. The mount is also optional. By that logic: WvW is really eating up my play time, but I need to get the GoB to make a legendary and that's not even mentioning the amount of mats, gold, and collection parts.
  3. You can bind mounts to hotkeys other than X. I have mine bound to my number pad.
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