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  1. Just had one of the bots go online and offline for ages because I had them on friends list to check their games. Its like they know and taunting lmao.
  2. Mmh..it shouldn't be this way though.
  3. Why is there is a bot in NA PvP that has done like 1300+ games and nothing has been about it? Obviously its been reported hundreds of times, but do you care? Not going to name shame because this post will get deleted.
  4. I am almost 99% of the time in plat 1, but if I spam lots of games INCOMING GOLD!
  5. Bruh, I've already got the top 25 title, and I only got this by playing the minimum games required and playing at a specific time. Why does it need to be this way to get a high rank?
  6. Is there actually any individual MMR in this game? Anyway we can implement a system that works based on that instead of group MMR, this is probably vital for any solo play. Why should I be punished for playing this game more than other people? I don't understand how a silver player ends up in platinum 2 while I am stuck in gold 3 because I play more games. Not bragging or anything, I have over 17K games played but I am punished because I want to play the game more than the average player. Look at any other pro competitive game, people don't become good by just playing the "mi
  7. Whoops, they are the Ascended Shards of Glory lol. I mean you get the shards and the gold simultaneously so you should have enaugh of both, there is no point in converting itI'd prefer like 10 shards for a box of leather raw materials or something like that.
  8. I have 30K of them, now I don't want to make legendary armor or buy equipment. Can we like have a currency converter or something?
  9. The whole thing is a shambles, looks like it was rushed and never finished? The percent chance does not even show, and the standings only show first place, and then everyone is scrambled under them. How do we know who came 2nd? 3rd?
  10. Show us either the rating of the player or their current tier. I understand why you hide it, but everyone is now called bots because they don't know what rating or tier was the match.
  11. Give us more than a title for our hard work, the current emotes imo are bad lol not even prestigious just grind glory. Link for the emotes from GW1: https://wiki.guildwars.com/wiki/Hero_(title)
  12. Rework Battle of Kyhlo trebuchet and Spirit Watch orb by either removing them or changing them to something like another node that pops up or something.
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