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  1. I like to see more than just RNG drop, as a way to get Infusions im General. Crafting or Achivemnts.
  2. Yesterday after The Patch i played for a few hours without Problems. Today i had the same Problem as the others above. Could not get into Game. Heard the Music from loading Screen but it was all just black and frozen. The fix: force GW2 to Start in Windowed Mode worked for me.
  3. I was afraid you had forgotten about it. So nice, thank you ❤️
  4. After i turned on the DX11 thing: the Game is freezing when i change Maps. Also The Window/Fulscreen Setings are not really working properly. NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 Win 10
  5. Thanks for this well written, funny and informative Story. As Someone who was playing the Game on that particular Monday and experienced the "other Side" of these Events, I really enjoy this View from the Inside. Keep it up with these Posts😊
  6. I am really excited about that Legy Armory thing, since it's first announcement. My only fear was that all my Chars would have that awful Bubblemonster from the tree PVE Trinkets over thier Heads. So it seems my fears where justified :( Please give the Option to shut off those Effekt and free us from that awful Bubblemonster. I would really appreciate that.
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