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  1. 1.) Performance (Multi-CPU) 2.) Ability to change ability colors in PVE through item or options. (Cosmetic) 3.) Upgraded graphic engine with new graphic options and GPU optimization.
  2. Mastery of gold giving. Donate to a city of your choice ___ gold to get a Mastery point. Can only be done once per account. This mastery point can be used for anything. Fair compromise?
  3. My pet peave is the people that complain about wanting harder open world combat...but then go out to the open world with an optimized open world build, full optimized gear, and full infusions. If you want a challenge. Downgrade your gear when doing open world combat. If you want hard content with maximum gear., do a raid... If you take that part away from the non-hardcore players, this game is dead. End of rant.
  4. Wait..so the timer was just for the event that was to mind numbing to participate in?
  5. I would also buy this. As I main a Asura Necromancer and people put souls into Mechs, I would love to have a Mechromancer. :-)
  6. Not only that. You should be able to see the infusion while using the Makeup kit. Nothing is more frustrating then using a kit that does not look as expected because you couldn't see the infusion while making the change.
  7. Now I can stop bugging you for all the finishers I wanted and give you my money! :-) Really appreciate it!
  8. We need valid native multicore CPU support. Not even a i10900k with 3080 can keep 60 frames in this games without shadows and reflections. This game needs a major update to survive.
  9. Stike Missions are terrible. Either raid up or kill the atrocious content that only a select amount of people enjoy. It is to boring for top tier players and not open enough for casuals. The content should die. I feel bored doing it for the rewards alone on the one set difficulty that does not do it for my hardcore side and is just out of reach for most casual friends. This content is the Strike Mission version of fractals. It also needs to die. This content makes two thing blantantly obvious. We need a LFG que system for instanced content. That lets us prefill as mich as the group as we have
  10. My casual friends said, "Hell No!" This patch was so bad we will lose them to Warcraft for some time.
  11. General exotic worth 2 gold. :-/ I mostly do events.
  12. Please go one step further.Let us also by different versions of our enrichment. That way we can buy the bonus we would like for the cosmetic we have earned and would like to use. I always feel like I am missing out without the flexibility.
  13. Primeval Skyscale please. I would like to have a whole set. A Crystalline Skyscale would also be nice.
  14. We are missing tons of Skyscale skins. I personally want the Primeval Skyscale Skin so I can complete my expensive set. We are also missing other key ones like exo-suit. We really need another Skyscale Pack to catch up.
  15. I just wanted to let everyone know I did receive the Great sword. I also have a 1-2 frame rate drop like Valaraukar.7652 mentioned. That includes the Chronomancer. This doesn't have nearly the same hit in framerate as the bugged out Vermilion Wings. Backpiece and Glider.
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