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  1. When you have a lot of infusions you don't use bound to you... It's hard. It's also not easy to get the others for certain playstyles.
  2. Can we have the same option for Infusions? I don't like all of the Infusion effects; however, I want to use them.
  3. This update broke graphics that were working in the last patch. One being the Sylph Wing backpack is glitched again and dyes have no effect.
  4. The Mesmer is generally my "fun" character. Now it feels so much weaker than my Guardian, Ranger, Engineer and more. I feel like it's now the worst performing spec in Open World. I use to play Chrono Sword/Sword and Great Sword for casual fun; however, now it just feels like the equivalent of activating hard mode. 1.) Harder rotation -> Check 2.) Less Damage -> Check, Check 3.) Less Survivability -> Check, Check, Check This felt way more competitive 6 months ago. What happened? Does anyone have a competitive open-world build. I know you can play ope
  5. For me it's already an upgrade. I will not go back. Still some glitches...like Exordium and my backpiece randomly glitching out that never happened before. Further optimization now that we have DX11 will only continue to improve performance/experience. Note: Can we have the option to use Post Processing but remove the Bloom now?
  6. I keep running into an issue where my weapon and back piece keeps glitching out. I haven't tested all weapon but this is the legendary. Zoning into a new area fixes it but will eventually bug again. https://i.imgur.com/9Tjornd.png
  7. Now that I got your attention, Guild Wars 2 currently has a cosmetic problem. To many skeletons (including wings/shapes) have been over used. It would be nice to see more variety. Everything starts to blend in and look the same. Wings are the easiest place to point this out. You see the same shapes used repeatedly. A little more variety would be much appreciated. The response shows another issue (the assumption that all I want is Gem Stone items). This is simply not true. We need more ways unique items achieved through gameplay as well.
  8. Shimmering Aurora Cape and Glider Combo return please. I am willing to open chest to get the 60 statues. Unfortunately, it happened when I wasn't able to play.
  9. I am just curious. No end game build uses it, and I was wondering is it really that far behind everything else? I specifically would like to play a build that has the multiple lesser elementals.
  10. Do you think their is any chance they remove the Birthday cake level 80 restriction? Right now I can not use it on my alts...however if someone else puts it down I can click on it on my alts. I have multiple level 80s I just enjoy leveling and would love not having to worry about food. Please remove the restriction! Thank you!
  11. 1.) Infusions function like an outfit/armor. I want to be able to chose my account bound infusion effect. More often than not I just want the option to disable the effect. I want to use the infusion but it doesn't go with my looks. 2.) Dyable weapons. 3.) Ability to use an armor helm when you disable the outfit helm. 4.) New races (Skritt please...) 5.) New Hair, Accessories, and Faces to choose from. Can anyone tell what my endgame is?
  12. Necromancers and Elemental minions should not dismount when mounting. Elemental Minions are not good for end game. The only time the would be good is leveling; however, having something that last for 120 second with a long cooldown vanish for a quick mount trip to get from point A - point B is awful. Same for necromancers. This really hurts the leveling experience. The only place where these are really fun and viable builds.
  13. Please for the love of kitten remove the level 80 limit from the cake. We have been playing for 9 years, we deserves some alt fun.
  14. Keep it 30 minutes... For the love of Frog. Also remove the restriction for level 80. Let us have fun on our alts...after 9 years we earned it.
  15. This is worse than I thought. I can't even use the cake to level alts... Food isn't expensive but at least I thought I would get some use out of this at that time. 😞
  16. They really should of given us something cool and unique to show off and get people excited for the expansion... This feels like a missed opportunity.
  17. Please tell me these aren't the "big features". Shouldn't these be part of a "Saga" maybe?
  18. I just wanted to say the news of the upgraded game system to use Multiple Cores got me back to this game... Performance was the main reason I drifted away! Well done! Best of luck to Arenanet!
  19. 1.) Performance (Multi-CPU) 2.) Ability to change ability colors in PVE through item or options. (Cosmetic) 3.) Upgraded graphic engine with new graphic options and GPU optimization.
  20. Mastery of gold giving. Donate to a city of your choice ___ gold to get a Mastery point. Can only be done once per account. This mastery point can be used for anything. Fair compromise?
  21. My pet peave is the people that complain about wanting harder open world combat...but then go out to the open world with an optimized open world build, full optimized gear, and full infusions. If you want a challenge. Downgrade your gear when doing open world combat. If you want hard content with maximum gear., do a raid... If you take that part away from the non-hardcore players, this game is dead. End of rant.
  22. Wait..so the timer was just for the event that was to mind numbing to participate in?
  23. I would also buy this. As I main a Asura Necromancer and people put souls into Mechs, I would love to have a Mechromancer. :-)
  24. Not only that. You should be able to see the infusion while using the Makeup kit. Nothing is more frustrating then using a kit that does not look as expected because you couldn't see the infusion while making the change.
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