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  1. I wonder what would happen if devs gave us a Core GW2 Ranked PvP queue, where only stuff from the core game could be played. I bet it would be 100x more fun than the current "every player you fight has 7 boons at all times and 8 interrupts to stun you with" power creep crap that the expansions have introduced. That type of power creep may be fun in PvE but it has ruined ranked PvP. HoT made it bad and PoF made it terrible.
  2. It won't free up dev time. The devs already spend 0 time on PvP to begin with.
  3. The Hammer skill 3 orbs disappear so quickly that they feel useless.
  4. Suggestion: Please let me filter the Trading Post to only show skins and dyes that I have not unlocked. I like to buy new skins and dyes but it takes forever to sort through them all to find the ones I don't have yet. TP needs a filter for this.
  5. There are so many collections nowadays that it's hard to sort through the Collections tab and find the one you are looking for. I think moving the Auric Weapons collection to the Auric Basin tab, for example, makes perfect sense and will actually help noobs realize that the collection exists for that map. As for collections that span multiple maps, just keep them in the regular collections tab if there is no other place for them. What do you guys think?
  6. Being stunned and interrupted five or ten times in a row, then dying, is not fun. But that is what PvP in GW2 is largely becoming, because each new expansion adds more and more stun and interrupt abilities to the game. To fix this problem in Ranked PvP, I propose this change: If you are currently interrupted, incoming interrupts will automatically miss. This would still allow every player to use their interrupts, but in order to chain them they would have to actually use observation and skill to time them in order to hit the enemy player right after the last stun has worn off.
  7. The more complex that classes get, the less beginner-friendly the game mode gets. I've been playing for years and I don't even understand most classes' capabilities because I don't want to play them all to learn how they work. If you look at the most popular online PvP games, they are all dead simple. Most of them boil down to "point your gun at the enemy and pull the trigger" and then maybe give you a single ability on top of that to spice up the game. Overwatch has millions of players and every single one of its characters is dead simple to play: you can learn everything that a characte
  8. The #1 way to "get better" is to play a strong build. I used to play a "just for fun" build that was just something I threw together and I stayed in Gold 1-2 most of the time. Then I switched to a build from metabattle.com and immediately my rank rose to Plat 1.
  9. The easiest way to have fun in WvW is to find a tag that is leading a zerg and join them. It's even better if they have a discord. If you plan on roaming and ganking then you need to be good enough and prepared enough to actually beat someone in combat. Bringing your random PvE gear and build to a WvW match is not going to work. Bringing a PVP-tailored build that is designed to gank can lead to winning 1v2's with ease if those 2 people are in their PvE gear and build.
  10. Long ago I decided to play Ranked PvP to earn my legendary armor and boy, was that a mistake. I am almost done with my armor set, and as soon as I finish, I plan on never playing this game mode again. This game mode is toxic as hell, because Anet lets people behave horribly with no punishment. Ranked PvP is filled with players who will not just trash talk you, but these players will actually just quit playing in the middle of the match and sit in spawn because they are pissy. They turn a possible loss into a guaranteed loss by doing this. I've even seen people that give
  11. Maybe when the game released, letting Elementalists swap weapons in combat would have been overpowered. But given the vast amount of power creep that has occurred in every class, I think it would be fairly balanced to let Elementalists do this. I don't even want this in PvP, but mostly in PvE where I am constantly annoyed by having to run away from combat to swap from my short range combo (Dagger/Dagger) to long range combo (Staff).
  12. Right now on NA the top player Zenyus has a score of 48 wins, 3 losses. This seems impossible to me. Even if he is the best player in the world, queuing with the 2nd best player in the world, it just seems like you would get screwed by getting randomly bad teammates more often than 3 out of 51 matches. Are guys with these huge win records cheating?
  13. I came back to the game recently and have been playing WvW, leading a tag and capping a lot in EBG especially.And one thing I noticed is that I really appreciate the locations that are slightly more unique, whereas capping the same exact towers and supply camp designs all over the map really gets boring after awhile.It would be nice if the devs could just mess with the towers and camps a little bit. Move a door from the front to the back of the building, change a tower from a square to a circular one, put a pond near a supply camp so you have to cross a bridge to cap it, etc.Little changes wou
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