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  1. I would love to have that music on the character selection screen.
  2. ❄️Not a Follower of Jormag, I promise... ❄️
  3. Sounds like you want a “Mad Kingʼs Labyrinth” for Wintersday. I would not be against this.
  4. Aye I saw that, but it's definitely weird. Really hard to recognize some locations seeing how much they got changed.I'm still annoyed we didn't get to see a proper 'lake fight' and some of those good ol' GW1 memories that tied us to this zone :/ had a hard time figuring out that Bjora Marches is connected to Jaga Moraine here until I noticed the location of Sifhalla. Not sure if you know of this or not, but That Shaman has a historical Gw map that shows the Gw1 maps over layed on top the current Gw2 maps. I’ll leave a link it’s a very fascinating page. https://www.thatshaman.com/tools/guide/?
  5. Norn aren't human. They share no genetic markers with humans, as they are native to Tyria, and humans are not. There's no reason why they should look like humans. The fact they look human as children is pure coincidence. They may even be related to the Kodan, which have a similar posture. Some Kodan have mentioned this.They were designed that way for a reason.
  6. Just what it says on the title: a Mad Realm themed lounge area, open year-round, with all the utilities of the other lounges. I'd pay for a permanent pass for that. You could even have Steve roaming around, off duty, or just chilling in a corner, as a friendly NPC.
  7. He does. I've seen him this year, on the hour that's not a Mad King Says hour.
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