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  1. Sheesh some people are pretty sour WE ARE GETTING CONTENTEXPANSION LEVEL CONTENT... wait.... IT IS AN EXPANSION Jeepers guys honestly we had nothing to be excited for, we were being spoon fed with Living story and there was no clarity about the future Now we have solid proof and players can keep playing knowing a big content will be dropping..No one knows what it is going to be like but, heck we have hope to grasp onto now So sweeten up a bit ya? :tongue:
  2. Some people are just ungrateful son of a kitten.....
  3. I've done a few praises but damn today anet deserves it. Whether or not what has happened in the past I dont care, the future is looking bright and that's what matters This year has been ..... amazing wowI had a feeling something was coming, with old staff being rehired and all these patches and updates on a regular basis without fail has really made me surprised beyond expectations A third expansion was probably not anticipated by many and kinda put on the back burner of people's thoughts.Today that has changed and we are finally going to see a third expac!!!! I believe an applause is in or
  4. This is exactly it and the reason I dont post much raid related things on the forums...People who post on the forum about raids are mostly the salty people that have been burnt or is salty about the current raids .. there is not much sense rather alot of negativity and sourness towards raids in the forums....the rest are online clearing As he also said, definitely give raiding a go before reading forum posts about it because at the end of the day YOU are to decide if you like it or not
  5. Wow such a old thread Easy mode is the way to go to attract new players into raiding Definitely no LI or LD drops and much MUCH lesser rewards for the easy mode (otherwise no point in having normal) Scale the boss damage and mechanic damage so it may give a second chance to players who missed em or not know what to do but still do a decent output damage so they know it's not one to face tank As more people do the easy mode it should interest some to go try the normal as they now know what mechanics are in place I honestly dont know why anet decided to go with strikes instead....If the curren
  6. Yes, correct. Creating a easy mode for raids won't change normal mode or cm but that's what we want and need to happen if we are to satisfy players with lesser skill/exp.Easy mode will allow these players to taste what raids are like, with a much lesser toxicity level.If these players want LI or leggy armor then you progress onto normal mode and really prepare for it (look up snowcrow, use correct build and gear and rotations)If that is too hard for some then just simply dont do normal mode as the easy mode will still exist. Most players currently wanting to try raids cannot due to kp and exp
  7. Unfortunately this is a really hard topic for us raiders, new players and for the dev's...I understand why people are put off raiding from KP and elitism but also as a raider I know why people want kp. A boss with a good competent group knowing what to do can clear it in roughly 5 minutes but when you start getting players not knowing what to do or players playing random whack as build it can take hours upon hours (I had a dead eye join on me on twin largos saying hes condi dmg and ended up doing like 2kdps)Also When you start having people who are less experienced who down to mechanics, it ta
  8. Wish I could sell/give mine to you... never wanted it but got it from the bl chest...
  9. What the heck is going on anet???You guys are definitely focused on what you said will happen this year more than EVERThings are happening quickly, content drops and patches etc .... is this really anet !??? Anyway I'd like to thank for the second balance patch today, the three class builds needed nerfing asap it was making the pvp boring and unfair. It now feels somewhat a bit closer to equality
  10. I honestly did not expect much from the vision update but it is looking promising with new things to do and things to strive for... upgradeable hub !? Not only this but season one... I honestly did not expect this.. so many have missed out my self included and finally get a chance to try it out. Awesome!! This year has definitely been a good start .. let's keep going ! /cheer
  11. Very unfortunate for the OP I must say plugging is the worst thing with raids... unless it's a exp group with everyone knowing their class and mechanics it cam get pretty sour quickly.. I try and only do raids with my guild and the occasional 1 to 2 pugs to fill... But that's no excuse for a exp player to come into training and be toxic. That behaviour is going to cause the new interested players to be not so interested anymore.. and that's not what we want. The dumb kitten shouldn't have joined to be toxic (probably what he was wanting to do anyway).. I'd just black list the idiot and forget
  12. The fact that the website has been updated to tell us that none of the builds, benchmark etc are optimal due to 25/2 patch I would guess that snowcrows is still alive, probably just testing at the moment to get the best results
  13. I'm sure hoping the next patch brings the hard nerf on the firebrand as they have now been made almost unkillable.It will come
  14. Honestly it's just mostly people on forums that are upset and posting . There are lots of players online happy about the patch and includes me too. Loving the new patch This is the way
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