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  1. I never go back and play the map events again after finishing the new tracks. I save the currencies in EoD to exchange the legendary material because I don't want to play the new maps anymore. Not even one more time. The specializations are not bad but also not surprising. The turtle is the most useless mount ever. Jade Bot does give me some numerical benefits, but it doesn't improve any gaming experience. SMs are not bad, but I get bored right away. The challenge modes are coming soon. I hope they can bring us something more challenging. In the total, it's the worst D
  2. Everyone is talking about the new maps... Haha, my situation is that I am already bored with empty EoD maps. I never go back again for the sad rewards. Do I use the turtle? Hell no. I swear I will not pre-order the next DLC. Thanks, ArenaNet!
  3. Alright, the news is half good and half bad for me. The good part is they finally plan to bring the old living season world back, and also add some new contents into it. The bad part is the maps in EoD are still empty. New strike missions won't fix it. It looks like they're kinda giving up filling the new maps. EoD really makes me feel empty so far, I was looking forward to have more contents with it, not just strike missions. Some mechanics still have some flaws. I can agree that they are focused on fixing past issues, but the lack of the expans
  4. Great, keep defending it and watch GW2 turning from a solo MMO to a dead MMO. I can't find out any reasons that make me go back to the meta again. The reward is trash compares to the time required. 2 hours to have a chance for 16g with random players? No, thanks. I would like to get my 16g in the daily T4 fotm, which can be 100% succeeded with my real friends in half of an hour. 😉
  5. Basically, no. Since I bought EoD, I've had enough legendary materials and my mastery rank is full. I don't play those maps anymore. Ask yourself , would you like to spend about 2 hours on doing a meta with 50% success rate and a 18g reward? if no, don't buy it. All the mastery line is basically useless in the other maps. Only the jade bot may give you some extra materials. However consider with the price of the DLC, I don't think it's worth it.The turtle is just another useless case in the old maps, no dmg, boring operation. They've put most of the dope sk
  6. From the results, I can also be a writer for GW2. I just need to rearrange the past episodes and boom! A new DLC story. I have to say, I've played a lot of MMOs and read a lot of novels, Stories in GW2 is the most old-fashioned. It might work for the first time, but is this the first time they've used the same script? I have no expectations for the story in GW2 for a long time. I just don't know why people love it so much. Why we discuss about the similar stories? Gossip about NPCs, are they married? Are we here to save the world or be paparazzi. I don't know... Now I just wish th
  7. Playing for 2 hours for probabilistic 18G doesn't make sense. Indeed, I haven't played it for days. I'd rather turn off the game and spend my time on something else worthwhile.
  8. I know, but what I was trying to convey is, isn't this the part that should already be included at the release? A lot of games use the future updates to make the emptiness of the game itself reasonable. I had never felt it in GW2, until EoD.
  9. If you're crazy about Guild Wars 2 and feel nothing wrong, you may press the confused emotion and leave now. To the rest people, including the Guild Wars 2 staff, I hope you can discuss after thinking. Forgive me for using such a straightforward title, but that's my true feeling as a player for many years. I don't want to be Mr. Nice Guy and watch GW2 being worse and worse. First, I want to talk about the map. As many of you can see, almost all hero point and mastery point are just simply grab it. The difficulty of the points is that you need a skyscale to fly to the high places.
  10. Just in case I'm not clear. I have over 1000+ hours in Monster Hunter World and 3000+ hours in the whole series. Also played the Elden Ring recently. So I am totally sure what I am talking about. If you're going to make a difficult challenge, and let the boss keep attacking, that's fine. But you have to let the players do something instead of just keeping dodging or stuck. That makes no sense. The mechanics you designed is like if you don't dodge, you will die and have 0 dps. But the insane point is even if you dodge successfully, you can just stand there and wait for
  11. "They are just losers. Can't get the turtle." "Sorry, we are full since 1 hour ago." "Show your DwD title please or get kicked." "Sorry, we are looking for condi alac." "Do 10 events before the meta please." "The turtle makes me feel that I am a better player." "Please use meta builds, no new elite." "Sorry, we are doing meta. Can you please leave the map?" "Keep spamming. We want to make sure our map is 100% full." "No greens... Wait! Yes! Greens!" "CC, TAIL, CC, TAIL! WTB DPS!" "Fully dead wp, no? Screenshot taken!" "(Boss at 50%) N
  12. The funny point is some of the randoms don't even want to play hardcore contents. They only want the turtles. The result is " Raiders are forced to raid with forced randoms." The world everyone gets hurt is created. Epic! Praise ArenaNet! Who the hell came out with the perfect idea.
  13. After trying a day over 5 times. Still gonna say "THE META IS TOTALLY TRASH!" The mechanics are just brain dead. if you want to learn dark souls or monster hunter series , you should focus on testing the player's reflexes. Like when the right hand is attacking, the left hand should be an attackable target, instead of randomly letting the BOSS do some behaviors, and then the player stops attacking and can do nothing. What's the point of you putting these moves then? Waste our time? Waterspout is still a stupid idea, if you're going to kill me, do it i
  14. If you think asking not to bind significant reward with meta and pointing out the problem of cc bar are complaints, what else can I say?
  15. If you check the comments earlier you will see my suggestions. But you didn't, I feel disappointed for that. Also, I said the worst "meta", not the DLC. How do I make it easier if I keep meeting random players who have not enough skills to play hardcore contents? Asking everyone to be top raiders by practice is impossible.
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