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  1. Overall I think they improved the spec a lot between the two betas. I like the ambush abilities and the other buffs are good. But the one big thing I've realized after playing yesterday is the unleash mechanic just seems tacked on for flavor and doesn't really serve any purpose. The whole point of passing unleashed to your pet at this point is to spam their 3 skills and activate your ambush. Otherwise you just keep it on yourself until you're able to ambush again. There's no benefit or strategy in having your pet stay unleashed other than some super minor defensive bonu
  2. 1. Different archetypes of pets should have different unleashed skills. The same archetypes that are used for soulbeast could be used for these skills. 2. Now that we can manually use the pet abilities, its annoying having to manually spam low cooldown pet skills. Give us the option to set them to auto cast if we want. 3. None of the unleashed pet skills are listed as beast skills. Having at least one be a beast skill would be nice for trait synergy. 4. It was mentioned in Guild Chat, but I think that other weapons should have at least one unleashed skill. The class mechanic wo
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