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  1. doesnt matter bcs all the best wvw guilds only play for GvGs and never contributes to the overall wvw experience. whether they are playing or not is irrelevant since u wont notice either
  2. i guess the reason why the throw mine spiked in their algorithm is bcs it became meta among alot gvg guilds on eu. dunno about na tho
  3. The "cast time" was part of a competitive general CC skill nerf back on February 2020 and it has always had that cast time since then. If you noticed the skill was instant it was most likely a bug. doesnt say anything about that tho does it?
  4. When did this get the cast time back? or am I going crazy, coulda sworn it was "instant" with animation just recently?
  5. as the title says i cant laod the web page with google chrome. I havnt tested with any other browser yet but ive run diagnostics and everything seems fine on my end. Any1 had this before?
  6. All of a sudden this happens, no idea why. Any1 else experiencing this?Nothing happened to my machine or internet.
  7. What are they gonna do? Shoutbreaker wasn't doing anything but going REEEEE with a hammer and dps is LOL stun, immob, knock around? idk i dont play warrior... use ur imagination
  8. warriors are gonna be able to do stuff in their own bubble so thats good i guess
  9. bottom EU player dies 12k times bottom NA player dies 5k times ???? logic dont think its 1 guy dying 12k times fella.logic?dont call me fella mate
  10. bottom EU player dies 12k times bottom NA player dies 5k times ???? logic
  11. maybe inform peepz about no relink or nah? ....
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