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  1. gw2 mobile next. why play the game when it can play itself
  2. ... why? legit. my brain is not able to cope with these big brain 5head changes
  3. member saving up badges of honor to buy the exotic lvl80 set but had the wrong tab open so u end up buying a full lvl70 set and have to farm for another month?
  4. i get ur point op. Ive been messing up rifle rotation a ton too but since its the main weapon i use on my wvw builds my brains gonna get it sooner or later
  5. the whole point of the rework was to enhance power buiilds. they said so themselves. if you want to play condi pic another weapon
  6. it feels great eh? well we cant have that, can we. that shits getting nerfed
  7. was gonna make this thread myself but you beat me to it. I actually like the new jumpshot more, not only bcs it looks funny af. but it feels smoother in combat
  8. So I read the patch notes. Then I read the comments to the patch notes. Then I read this thread and the comments here. Ive played gw2 since launch and been pissed about many things regarding the engineer in competitive modes and other things regarding the other classes, but I cant rly figure out what is making this patch so extra especially bad compared to previous bad patches? Can anyone help me out here? Is it the lack of something or that they touched something sensitive or is it that most of the people are so utterly unacustomed to the patches in gw2 that their unhardy brains implode
  9. yes. lets increase the target cap so the boon blobs have an easier time farming the noobs the refuse to learn to play efficient classes, look at other players to time the burst with theirs, dodge, equip skills that fit the situation rather than just running the same thing for all type of fights, dodge, shadowstep, dodge, not run in a straight line after a blob that obviously isnt fleeing but rather rounding up noobs for easy bags... yes im in favor
  10. dw anet has a great track record when it comes to engi stuff
  11. Inb4 "updated multiple rifle skills" mean: 2 of the currently existing rifle skills are now also explosions. The End. -Engineer: We’ve updated multiple rifle weapon skills to better support engineer power damage builds, and we’ve adjusted minimum and maximum ranges on several range-limited traits (such as Aim-Assisted Rocket, High Caliber, and No Scope) so that there’s an effective range in which all of them can function together.
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