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  1. Now that the egg is not locked behind that meta (like Teapot proposed) , you can have the DE meta and the dps requirements
  2. Teapot is a cool guy , raiders is the ones demanding to "do moar damage"
  3. An new expansion Mastery (like Jadebots) , to create a new Elite spell called "Suit up" (regardless of the Elite Speciallization) and you essentially become a "Master Chief" or "varients of Warframe" , where your 2 dodges are replaced with long dashed and you must manually aim , with your superspeed. Your selfhealing +F6 healing is reduced by half . For WvW/PvP , they gain less damage but they goal is mostly support : Throw grenades where the ground get solid ice -replaced with "invisible walls- that when the enemy tries to place an aoe or port , it will show the "out o
  4. People had already 10 years to test other modes . After 10 years the OW doesn't deserve an Armor?
  5. So based on you , i want better gear (stat wise) ? I want to be rewarded in the area i love , just like Raider/WvWvW/PvPers in their respected area , with a long term goal . Why i cant have that goal ?
  6. Yeah i don't understand why we can't have something , for the mode we love , like the rest 3modes. Why are you so against the idea ?
  7. Doesn't the same thing apply to people that are doing Raids-WvW-PvP ? They are playing the mode they love and get passivly rewarded While the OW players are not allowed to -_-
  8. As i am trying to explain to Yori , that different modes attract different kind of people and legendary reward can act as "carrot" to get rewarded for their efford in something they love . Wasn't there a tread , a while back where a person was asking "If you not doing raids , what you do ?" And some people replied that they tried , but it is not their cup of tea . Why prohibit t them from having an armor ?
  9. In PvP the stats are equal and the WvWer's prefer a more low cost armor, but choose to do mass battles . Raiders want to kill epiq bosses and OW people want to fun
  10. I want the armor . I won't have time go in Drizzelwood and gain gold , if i am in under-rewarding areas like the Skyscale
  11. I want the OW armor , not the gold . I was telling you if they implant content to gain the armor , i wouldn't have time to go in the most rewarding areas .
  12. Gold is everything , that why even raider asking to an amp of gold . If mounts are " most grindable -as in repeatable- gph content in the game" , then we can say the same about the Raid armor , where you must repeat the process for the LI . We can assume , people doing only Drizzewood and the other 2-4 rewarding metas are a "special community" on it's own . I don't really like the pvp aspect . But if half the requirements for PvE are already in place , i would love a different way with a different set , even if it looks really ugly
  13. But whatever thing they tried to implant was met with backlash (Eotm-Borderlands). Still it was not the WvW legendary armor that saved the mode
  14. WvW is gaining attention up next . Raid have the CM strikes , where there is no need for the majority to enjoy and re-create a silly environment where nor the casual , nor pros can enjoy (wing 6)
  15. As you said in your first sentence its a Raid armor , because you must the raids part . But keeping the 2nd half of the requirements and replacing the raid with more OW stuff , you can create an extra set
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