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  1. But my question is: If you use dx11 with vulkan you'll not be able to run arcdps? And explain to me why would u run dx11 while you can run vulkan?
  2. I was about to make a comment, already create an account. Thank you.
  3. For sure! I'm about to make a call for the addition on wiki as well.
  4. Wiki: Shield of Absorption Number of Targets: 5 Knockback Distance: 320 Shield Duration: 4 seconds Radius: 300 Combo Field: Light *Break Bar: 150* (I'm calling for the addition of this) Problems solved.
  5. I didn't realize some of my skills were actually a CC until I Wiki --> Slay the octovine! (southgate) and see the list of recommended skills to use for example. So how should I assume it is? because its a pull? because its a knockback skill? There's is no information even on the WIKI for example: Shield of Absorption Sanctuary Both of those skills break bar, the question may be which is a hard/soft ( I'm not even adding the signets) but the question remain, not a single information about it.
  6. I'll try just that. If you see the amount of people running raid/CMs without even trying to CC... Relying 'on GOD know who/what', you wouldn't be saying that. And no, I'm not angry, I'm just perplexed by how many DPS don't actually know or don't bother to CC'ing doing END GAME content. While learning CM 100, somebody said to me that support players don't need to CC (outside of sanct the sorrow), so usually I don't CC, but as I have been watching arcdps (adv sort -> breakbar) , some DPS players don't CC at all, so I have to not only support the party but doing DP
  7. So now, instead of looking on 'tooltip' we refer people to WIKI! WOW!
  8. Hello Gamers! How it's possible that patch after patch and we haven't seeing any addition to the skills regarding 'break bar'?! How the 'newbies' will know which skill to use if those skills have not a single information about break bar? A new expansion on the way and one of the CORE mechanics of the game has no information on skills over several years? how? The devs are unable to add a line with a icon on every skill saying 'break bar'? (UNBELIEVABLE) Another issue at least for me is: Is the home instance some kind of labyrinth? For god sake spawn things on one location,
  9. I'm not sure about dx12, but sure as hell vulkan is way better than anything dx11/9 related. and aside from the OS, as far as i know vulkan works on everything., even on MAC (MoltenVK).
  10. Not only you but me included n the entire linux community have been running dxvk all this time. And with this 'crash fest' happening, i'm not even using arcdps anymore. And yeah, I truly wish they use vulkan instead of this.
  11. I got a weird issue while running deimos, the ground became invisible rendering the AOEs impossible to dodge by only watching other people. Back to vulkan API till next patch.
  12. NO. NO. AND MORE NO! if you want to duel, there's toons of people doing that in the arena, There's a place just for that. If they can't even make the 'block' function works imagined a hell it would be the PMs from those people asking for a duel?! This will never be a thing in this game. And thank god for that.
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