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  1. Nah, it was retal. Retaliation was so frustrating. 1 barrage onto enemy zerg and there goes half your hp. Reflect is already bad but retal is worse.
  2. Yeah that's why I suggest to lower the CD and proc dmg. If proc damage is lowered, it would lower the overall burst potential, be it shared or individually, if that's what anet sees as a problem (taking into account pvp/wvw modes as well). To balance things out, we should also lower the CD so SoulBeasts have access to a low CD damage amp skill for general pve bosses, and not affecting the overall damage output in longer encounters/raids. Therefore, my suggestion is to lower the proc damage, and lower CD to 30 to 45s. I was talking about an elite skill, I share your thoughts on und
  3. I would prefer if One Wolf Pack proc's damage is lowered, and also the cooldown lowered as well to make it a more spammable elite skill.
  4. I can't believe Ranger's Marksmanship minor traits are not looked at. These stupid traits has only one use at the start of the battle and no more. It needs an ICD or needs to go. Hands down most useless traits in every mode in the game.
  5. This exactly! Especially bolded part. The only good thing a ranger is good at is punishing these squishy builds like full zerker ele, thieves, mesmers. And it's already difficult to kill them. It's actually quite impossible to even down thieves and mesmers and they can just escape easily if they don't stupidly over-commit. Ele has vapor form to get back to zerg and get ressed. We should do something about perma invis 1 shot deadeyes instead.
  6. "high mobility classes will be more forgiving as the ranger won't be able to finish off when a mesmer/thief/ele make a mistake. Now they'll be able to yolo anybody and troll them forever with continuous dissengage teleporting around.The almost non existenting roaming scene in wvw will suffer for this. It will be no fun to move around the map if not in a zerg with one of the trinity build. " ^ This!
  7. Strongly disagree with ranger change. Rangers are useless in wvw group play already and with all the abundant amount of reflects in the game you barely hit anything with your attacks and there's also LOS so how does it need a nerf? Rangers need the auto attacks to generate downs or finish the downs and it's only doable if they are out of position. Even if downed, they have a good chance to get ressed up by the rest of the group if there is decent team play. In melee range, a ranger is totally useless. Every class demolishes a ranger easily in melee range, and that's fair to me, because a rang
  8. Point Blank Shot: This skill now scales knockback distance dynamically between a range of 100 and 600 based on distance from the target. Can we change PBS to 1500 range then? Have the knockback distance range between 0-600.
  9. No please don't nerf scourge we nerfed already :(
  10. Face it, everyone is op. Everything boils down to l2p issues. You nerf every shit and everyone becomes normal it will be boring.
  11. Action camera? If the guy in this video who is firing a longbow auto from over 2000 range is using action camera then they wouldn't be able to move their mouse cursor...which they clearly do in the video This is the kind of dumb videos most noobs who don't want to l2p use as an example. Note the elevation? How often do you get hit from a ranger from way above your head? On equal level it hits 1500 and it's not that much of a deal as most classes can easily gap close. True necros have it harder but wtf? Do you expect to have an invincible class? Everyone has its weaknesses and strengths. You a
  12. Let beastmode start cooling down when you enter beastmode is a better idea imo.
  13. This is my opinion on the PVE side. Power Ranger is extremely low in dps and should definitely get a buff.-Call Lightning (soulbeast) : Cooldown should be reduced from 15s >10s for a smoother rotation, 15s just feels so awkward. Also should receive a slight overall damage buff either per hit or more strikes over same/longer duration.-Barrage : Should receive an overall damage buff via more strikes over same or longer duration.-Whirling Defense : For the love of god PLEASE allow us to move while using this skill. You may slap on a movement speed decrease while channeling i don'f care but rep
  14. Insane lag spikes during certain times of the day like especially around na and ocx. Can't even get through a story instance without being disconnected. Please fix this asap this is unplayable. Your new servers are utter crap.
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