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  1. This is so true all 3 of my classes ruined
  2. This is why im a firm believer a western game should never sellout to an eastern company. They dont care about the game only the revenue stream, and most westerners dont care for the eastern game type. So it wouldnt surprise me NCsoft shuts it down, its the only ncsoft game i will touch, not a fan of that company. Better to seriously remain a small indie game company with a loyal following, than sell to some eastern conglomerate that holds your future in its hands!
  3. yeah i found out, but people were telling me it wasnt and i only had a short time to get it done
  4. Found one that got us through, so I tipped him 5g it was worth it. But the chair is bugged you cant use any of its positions once you add it in the chair slot. Before I added it I just used it from my bag and it was cool you could sit in diff positions. Once i added it it broke it, cant use the buttons and change how you sit, why?
  5. I wish they would have said you cant complete this if you have not done all the derlict delve puzzle! Im so mad right now, me and a new friend went to do this got to the last part of this frustrating puzzle and cant finish because the final door is locked, not cool anet. You should warn people so new players and old that never did this frustrating puzzle know it has to be complete before you can even finish the achievement for the chair, I hate that freaking place
  6. OP its an mmorpg they are made to be played long haul, if you dont like that then go play a mobile game. Nothing wrong with the skyscale I got it on 3 accounts 2 were pre nerf
  7. Indeed! Also I would like some modern styles in the kits, they need updating
  8. Oh for the love of Melandru! What the op is saying is why dont gw2 do this, its pretty simple and would be fun. But I guess fun is right out in this game.
  9. Why when all you are getting is salvage mats, with a horrible chance at a key, better to farm the keys
  10. I would like some modern new hairstyles in the kit please. Its 2022 can we get new ones?
  11. I was told this is not permanent you only have 24 hours left to complete , so to that I say goodbye
  12. Let me guess this chair can only be completed during the next 24 hours, am i right? After that you cant get it till next year
  13. When the new LW releases you get it if you log in. my question is will it be like the last LWs where i got them on my base account unlocked but had to buy the expansion to use them? Or will it be my pof/hot accounts wont get them unlocked and saved like before? because i have not got around to upgrading every account to Eod yet, but i want the LWs to be saved when they come out like the pof/hot ones were on my base account before i bought the expansions.
  14. Skimmer is the water mount, and it can swim underwater after you do the quest for it and stuff
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