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  1. Well looks like thief specter is getting quickness, as well as resistance /happy
  2. Okay that was dope! and funny as heck. That will be GW3 Modern Warfare! lol
  3. I would change the empower color, I get they are going with a green theme. But there are far better green shades than that. Its far to dark and slimy looking, a different shade with maybe more golden in the lines would look better.
  4. I just put up a poll to see where ranger players stand on the name. Perhaps Anet devs will take it into consideration. Please vote.
  5. This poll is to see what ranger players think about the name of the new elite. And if we would like it changed to Warden which is more fitting considering the lore.
  6. No thats a silly nickname for it, for a legit name please rename it Warden.
  7. Thank you , it should be called Warden...there is a saying , if it aint broke dont fix it. Warden fit the story and lore and sounds so much better.
  8. They should have called it Warden! Since there were hammer wardens in Echovold. Change the name to Warden please Anet!
  9. Ill be happy if this gives you more control over a pet with empower swapping back and forth. Looks like the pet wont just be a side but part of your arsenal like there will be commands on the F buttons, that will make me so happy. I was not happy with hammer ranger when they showed it, but now im more accepting if we actually get this empower.
  10. the majority of players never come here, most didnt even know it exist. The majority of people that play this game dont care, lower prices = good, but overall they dont know and dont care.
  11. I dont mind they want to use twitter, I do feel sad when they dont post in the forums like they do on twitter. Why cant they just mirror the forums , like post it here then they can mirror it on twitter. I see the devs and anet personal interact more there too.
  12. Well tbf im talking about raiders pvp fractals thats where you will see the bring x class or go home issue. And yes people who do that on a regular basis most likely dont have a static class they play. personally metas are not my thing I want to play what I love to play. I think the op's point was metas and must haves are anthesis to play how you want. I personally would love to see more variety in comps that are all viable.
  13. Well like I said thats part of the min max subgroup of players. For regular players that like the class they play and dont want to level a new class that dont work. I mean the majority of people that play just...play. They dont care about min/max, dps , boons , cc. They just want to run around the world exploring and killing things and getting rewards.
  14. There is no wow version of casual raiding here OP. You have to start from the bottom, that means joining a guild thats willing to take you or raid training team. You can join a pug but most want kill proof, and the ones that dont prob wont get past the first boss anyway. Tonight is reset so there will be a lot of raids going on and training raids you need to look in LFG and look for the forum posts on training raid times and days.
  15. The whole must have x class kinda sucks if you are not x class. I get why they do it, because min/max will always exist no matter the game. Seems like the only way to avoid it is to give everything to everyone thereby negating the whole, must be x class. Difference is great until you dont have that different thing that people want, and you sit out.
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