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  1. Its a combination of perma stab being uninteractive for everyone else and the fact that the entire build is pressing one button.
  2. If they're on core bambi build they dont have a sic em pew pew so idk how your logic works there. Also you're saying sd is a "broken" ranger set? Have you ever played the class? No one has played sd for years for a reason dude. Us monkey power mesmer mains use these arguments too :)
  3. Sounds like someone got destroyed by a meme core engi build? Generally a good way to see if something is "op" is if everyone and their dog starts playing it (I'm looking at you FB). Theres a reason no one plays core engi OMG NOT THE SMACK :o
  4. Champions Dusk by far. I turned off stronghold it's so bad.
  5. Why? At least in pvp it's pretty balanced atm.
  6. It was the first one I wrote. It's everything that I want The ambush is insanely op though. They were very careful to keep hard cc off of ambushes for that reason.
  7. Its fun. And the range is great
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