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  1. It's a good idea but won't happen (at least not anytime soon). Anet already removed expertise amulets from pvp (deadshot, wanderer, viper, etc.) and the chances of them rebalancing them and adding them to the game are minimal, especially while EoD is taking up their time. Making condi builds take expertise would force them to give up condi damage and avoid condi burst builds, which go against the damage over time philosophy that condis were supposed to follow. On scourge, I think it has its own set of issues related to its class design and I don't think an amulet change would fix t
  2. Its a combination of perma stab being uninteractive for everyone else and the fact that the entire build is pressing one button.
  3. If they're on core bambi build they dont have a sic em pew pew so idk how your logic works there. Also you're saying sd is a "broken" ranger set? Have you ever played the class? No one has played sd for years for a reason dude. Us monkey power mesmer mains use these arguments too :)
  4. Sounds like someone got destroyed by a meme core engi build? Generally a good way to see if something is "op" is if everyone and their dog starts playing it (I'm looking at you FB). Theres a reason no one plays core engi OMG NOT THE SMACK :o
  5. Champions Dusk by far. I turned off stronghold it's so bad.
  6. Why? At least in pvp it's pretty balanced atm.
  7. It was the first one I wrote. It's everything that I want The ambush is insanely op though. They were very careful to keep hard cc off of ambushes for that reason.
  8. Its fun. And the range is great
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