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  1. What? It had the highest healing per second, especially when traited. And was widely used in WvW. I cannot remember the last time I, or any mesmer I know, have used ether feast. But then again I dont play core builds.
  2. It already falls off in non-raid content. At this point we need a split in pve for raid/fractals/open world.
  3. Deadeye does more damage than Elementalist through a much simpler "rotation". I don't think Mesmer should be held to a piano standard that others are not. What matters is having similar benchmarks. We've moved past the quadruple kit era of more complex professions being better..
  4. You probably enjoy the thief/revenant playstyle more than I do. I enjoy mirage in pvp but the PvE versions that double up on weapons (axe/p+ axe/t, staff/staff) and run signets have so few active skills to be enjoyable for me. That being said this is the perfect build for open world PvE since you dont have to pay attention at all.
  5. I mean that's fair. Its just not particularly flavourful. But PvE is sort of a race so w/e. It gets the job done.
  6. Because it's more than a bit brainless. It's the thief/revenant playstyle without the benefit of initiative/energy
  7. shout skills with no rune support
  8. we'll we complained about renegade being able to give perma alacrity to 10 with one button. And they listened. Sort of
  9. I think you are the only one in this entire thread who cares about the fidelity of the wiki. For all intents and purposes. It has a 40 second cooldown.
  10. I'm in game right now. Using both charges takes 20s for one charge to come back, and another 20 seconds for the second charge to come back. 1 charge is worse than mirror even below 50% health. 2 charges are worse than an ether feast with no clones.
  11. spent ammo recharges one at a time. The numbers on MoR are even worse if you are comparing1 charge to our other 20ish second heal.
  12. @Fire Attunement.9835 mantra of recovery's best case scenario (below 50% health) now heals less than ether feast's worst case (no illusions) and has double the cooldown.
  13. Well kitten me. MoR has a 40 second cooldown.
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