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  1. how about 15% and it only increases you.
  2. Maybe it's just the trailers not explaining the differences enough. Or there are too many recycled animations. But yeah. edit: it is definitely the trailers at least in the case of vindicator/catalyst/bladesworn.
  3. And willbenders have no passive when they are off cooldown.
  4. This has to be a bug. Its also just flat out wrong on time warp.
  5. WVW virtuso could be an effective middle between weaver and scourge as a backline damage/boon ripper but due to the sheer amount of projectile hate it ends up doing nothing well. Idk perhaps rework infinite forge to make psionic skills proc shatter traits. Because at this point rain of swords needs to strip 5 boons aoe, and do 10-20% more damage to compete with things like well of corruption or meteor shower when none of our bladesongs are hitting half the time.
  6. [&DQcBJxc7Qj9uAQAAgwEAAIIBAABlAQAAmgEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA=] dueling/inspiration rampagers/krait with sword/pistol + dagger/torch seems to be working quite well as a teamfighter and occasional +1. None of the new utilities were that useful though, nor the top traitline which is supposedly for pvp.
  7. I can't tell if this is a design choice or a bug. They are aligned properly on chrono wells and ele aoes.
  8. It's hard to tell where this spec is supposed to fit in. It doesn't have the mobility or sustain for a roamer in WvW/PvP. It can't do raids like a chrono (bench is slightly higher but less cc). It can't solo open world like mirage. Any build can group open world. Maybe fractals? If i can figure out how to add agony resistance.
  9. it is little hard to see in wvw because of camera angles, and the virtuosos blotting out the sky.
  10. Or you know, allow them to be used out of combat for blade generation. They changed sword three. why can't they change mirror/decoy.
  11. Correction it makes a blade if you hit a target. Decoy is similar. It seems like blade renewal is the only way to prestack ooc.
  12. Virtuoso only. It also isnt making a blade. Other specs can make more use of the teleport
  13. None of the bladesongs should require a target to activate
  14. it's a leap, second skill is a return. Like sword 2 on thief. Although it does need line of sight now
  15. Sword 3 is fantastic. Mirror images can't be used out of combat for blades 😞
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