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  1. It is my Dwayna given right as a native Tyrian to make sweeping technical suggestions on the forums that will likely never happen because the company is short staffed and overworked. That being said, of course it would be far easier to just include an espec in EoD that has proper ramp (even though that's also going to be a nightmare because of the constraints of the class mechanic) PS: I know.
  2. Do you understand you're a random dude on the Internet asking people to care about your problem? It's not even like I want staff to stay fully as is. I've suggested splitting fractals and raids. Or nerfing just confusion but not doing a full revert. And still you want to be antagonistic about everything. So kitten it.
  3. This entire thread is literally OP complaining about wanting to play the harder build even though there is an easier and more competitive option. The relation was power chrono/stm wasn't even strong in fractals and was made worse, or in the case of the latter borderline unusable, to please raiders. I have no idea what they are going to do to fix staff mirage. I'm fine with confusion being tweaked if that's all they're doing. But if it is completely reverted, as some are calling for, it will absolutely affect its standing. But again. OP doesn't seem to want to answer
  4. Why would anyone do anything? If the point is just to complete content then yes play hfb. But if the point is just to complete content why does this thread even exist? Why don't I start yelling at OP to find a group that will let him play axe mirage? No, because that line of thinking is unproductive. There are plenty of ways staff can be changed that won't drastically affect its bench in fractals.
  5. Nice edit. Almost like DT is/was used on STM builds. And chronophantasma is used on power and condi. But no i was clearly only talking about one build.
  6. Jesus christ. I said chrono. You've injected that only means power chrono. And your argument amounts to git gud for power chrono. Which is great. And then some BS about STM never being used. By you I guess? If you are going to center this discussion entirely on your own experience and my difficulty with CMs as STM (and yes, power chrono) doesn't matter to you, then why should your group wanting to play the most meta builds matter to me? The only thing I can point out is again staff being better than axe imposes no difficulty onto you.
  7. Having to play staff mirage is also on you and your group, see how fun that is as an argument? I'm glad you found some margin of utility. It's not relevant to the majority of players. Still waiting on the logs with StM instead of a quickbrand btw.
  8. Well for starters you have alacrigade. Try STM in place of a firebrand, the hfb if you really want to push it. But even if we were just talking about the power version of chrono, it's false for you. I am not you. I'm at least 5k behind sc benchmarks even with the perfect comp. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  9. You need concentration sigil and/or boon duration food. You wont need any concentration gear. They don't want it to be able to run full viper.
  10. I wouldn't mind if they replace confusion with burning on staff. But anyway to your point, this is why the thought of a support espec in EoD is frustrating. I would rather we have an illusionless aoe burst, than another thing that spams illusions/boons or slow ramping conditions.
  11. They aren't going to buff axe mirage dps on account of raids. They'd only nerf end up nerfing staff to make axe seem better which would make people want rev even more.
  12. Maybe borderline unusable would be more correct. It is possible. But so is failing again and again and being asked to go guardian. If they do tweak the staff they should buff the torment and lower the confusion. They can lower its bench beneath axe mirage without screwing it over in modes where bosses dont attack as fast.
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