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  1. I hope to switch more weapons and templates during the battle. The difficulty in Guild Wars 2 is not the dungeon, but a group of ten experienced players to fight. In the dungeon, the team will die or leave the battle to change the template weapon, which requires a lot of waiting time. , I think template communication will cause serious quarrels among players. If you can switch at will, players can quickly know whether the current template is valid, and there is no need to make the whole teammates wait for discussion.
  2. The disadvantage of reshade is that it will increase the electricity bill, and some blooms will increase the graphics card by a few watts.
  3. I guess the next extension will be Unreal Engine 4 Guild Wars 2
  4. No need for precise translation, just support Google translation in the game
  5. When teammates turn the enemy's capture point to white and return to the middle againhe may kill the enemy in the middle, or it may not killIf this return does not kill the enemy, it will be meaninglessSince there are 3 capture points, the number of people will not be equalThe capture point of this game is always 4vs4 3vs1 1vs2 3vs2
  6. Because my teammates always leave the capture pointI have lost several games in a row I play according to the rules, but my teammates did not follow the rules,Players who cannot fight at the capture point should be punishedIt’s not my fault, my score should not be deductedpvp rules should be changed
  7. The white capture points is only effective when encountering stupid opponents.As long as the old players know the rules, the white capture points will not work, which is equivalent to helping the opponent
  8. Not every thieves player can come back soon. White will not necessarily win. Mastering the skill recovery time of thieves requires a certain amount of practical experience. The enemy will make you make mistakes. I hope to meet stable teammates
  9. and such players should be prohibited from playing PVP.Having such teammates is equivalent to 4.5 peoplePVP is only blue or red, white is meaninglessWaste everyone's time5vs5 pvp is Acquire capture points, not white pointsIf you like white, please go play wvw
  10. I play the US server in China, using Tencent accelerator, no delay, it is very good, but unfortunately this software is registered in Chinese, I don’t know if it can be used in foreign countries, https://jiasu.qq.com/
  11. I like the look of Terminator Metal,The whole body is made of metal, if I can, I would rather not wear armor, the skin is like a mirror
  12. Optimizing "Guild Wars 2" is very simple. Add the function of customizing the number of people to the map. For example, I only want to enter a map that can only accommodate 10 players. , Do not enter the map with more than 20 people, if you want to make a hundred people stable, you can only change to a higher frequency CPU. Every player wears a different armor model, CPU overclocking is the only solution
  13. pvp 5vs5 should be removed completelyHow to prevent teammates from fighting 3vs1?Are teammates part of my brain?Some players will not hold capture pointsPVP is too tiredI don't want to play PVP with pure fighting players.PVP should cancel the capture point I follow the rules of PVP, but teammates who don’t follow the rules will punish meTherefore, the rules urge old players to quit Guild Wars 2I believe that the top player in the world is [Arena]This is why the pvp 5v5 mode of Guild Wars 2 has not changedIs it the player's problem? correct?But the truth isNightmare teammates are preventing old
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