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  1. Issue is not about why thief has steal boon priority, but why thief is the only one having that kind of mechanic. Don't nerf swipe but add alternatives on other classes.
  2. It took me months to be able to do it effectively in a pvp situation. I think it's extremly hard to be confortable with that like every other classic moves, the skill ceilling is crazy. I used to do that and had really hard times playing nades with that setup, if you hold left click, your mouse disappear and you can't aim with your nades. If you don't use free camera, you have to push and hold left click and as you said, move it a lil bit or it will often spin around and realign with you char. But when you enable free camera, the idea is : - Tap right click, the cam
  3. People doin that deserves to win, it's one of the most difficult advanced mechanic to learn and to master. Also, try nades and you will understand that it isn't about spamming 24511111. It's probably the reason why we don't see many celestial nades scrappers or holo nades in wvw, because it's hard to master...
  4. You should take a look on daredevil.
  5. Maybe people wants to pvp with gw2 combat system, which is imo the best of every mmo in the market right now. This kind of content is exactly what anet should promote, a friendly and casual pvp environnement. Gw1 pvp used to shine because nobody was left behind, it was fun to everyone. But you know, living story...
  6. Favorite : - Claw of the Khan-Ur - Predator - Pharus - Eureka - Bolt Nope : - Flames of war - The dreamer - H. M. S. Divinity - Quip - The moot
  7. It's wrong and insulting for the pvp community. Trolls are everywhere, especially where you feed them. Aviator box is a no problem, gaile is right, thanks to anet they have some priorities and probably better to do with eod.
  8. Immersion breaking = I don't like it 😂
  9. - Ice reaver armor skins (chest / legs +++). - Black Lion Exclusive Mount Selection in Black lion chest as an exlusive item, it never came back a single time for the last 2 years.
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