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  1. Stuff like otter trink and aurora and vision so it's the FX we worked so hard to get is not just bound to to one character so they work like legs kind of like a skin?
  2. GW2 was always about breaking the norm and evolving the MMO genre and getting away from WoW. Thats EXACTLY what POF did with mounts. It's the exact direction the developers have always had with this game.
  3. This game still looks better and performs better then 90% of the other mmo's out there. You ever played wow when alot of things are on screen? Chug chug chug. Just like gw2. And thats just raid scenarios at times. They're new open world events (rip off of gw2 events) makes it worse. I think we should just be grateful for what we have, and if you want better performance the answer is very simple. Open up your wallet and buy a faster CPU.
  4. Or they could just stop trying to be WoW, which is a raid centric mmo. GW2 never had and never will have a big raid community. If you want raiding this isn't the mmo you goto. You goto wow or FF14. Instead of doing what they're good at (pve exploration/puzzles/dynamic events)
  5. If you can't control the griffon then God help you on the roller beetle lol
  6. Could we make it so you can just right click on gear for extracting instead of having to constantly drag stuff to a window for no reason? Would be nice. Specially when you use it alot like the perma one.
  7. Althought i don't totally agree with the OP I can definately agree that alot of PVE is overrun with various necro's all over the place. As for Guard, not to sure. They're around but i i see more warriors then guards in pve squads.
  8. I would LOVE Quaggans as a playable race! I don't think it will happen but i'd absolutely love it lol.
  9. I will never raid in this game. I left wow because I was sick and tired of raiding. I came here for something different.
  10. You can make 250g running dragonfall and silverwastes casually for a few days. It's not hard.
  11. You can earn gems through the game by playing and converting gold to gems. You have plenty of time to save up for the expansion.
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