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  1. Well GW2 always had too many brainless pbaoe and ground targeted aoe abilities, making PvP really quite shameful and a joke. Like with the other two expansions, EoD's elite specs will entirely break the game for at least two years. I won't even be tempted to buy EoD when it launches, not this time. Move onto other games if you like PvP. Lost Ark looks incredible.
  2. I like the Trailblazer shortbow/staff Druid the most for roaming. It's slippery AF and can't really lose to anything 1v1.
  3. The most bang for the buck, brainlessly simple thing would be to cut the amount of boons and condis in half. Some could be combined, other simply removed. I don't remember asking for more boons and condis, do you? They kept adding more in anyway. Another idea that I toyed around with in the past is to completely remove all healing skills and decrease damage by 30-50%.
  4. I remember PoF being the absolute worst time for pvp in the game's history. There was so much powercreep from pve that the devs didnt even know what to do with themselves. In WvW, you would touch a red circle and go from 100% HP to perma dead through downstate in less than 1.5 seconds. I quit about 1 month into PoF. The game had atrocious, unthinkably bad balance for the subsequent 2 years. You can expect more feature creep and power creep and at least 2 years of garbage balancing with EoD's release, I guarantee it. Lucky for my friends and I, we'll be playing Lost Ar
  5. Rez Wars 2 Red Circle Wars 2 Necro Wars 2 PvP in this game is nothing but a meme.
  6. I quit last year for over a year during the 3v3 season. Double Scourge stacking barriers. Rip. This game is Rez Wars 2 and Necro Wars 2. At this point, I just want necro to be deleted from the game, and that's not even hyperbole. That's what I want the most. To be rid of this kitten. At this point GW2 PvP gives me ptsd.
  7. I know it has become more of a meme than anything, but I really think they will be revamping underwater combat and making a ton of new content for it.
  8. I don't care much about IBS, I already knew that ANet couldn't tell a good story. Living Story was always a disaster in my eyes. I do think they do a fantastic job with the open world, fractals, and raids and imo this is where resources should go. With Lost Ark Western release around the corner, and then D4 sometime next year, EoD has to hit it out of the park for me to keep playing GW2. Their mismanagement of resources has been very disappointing, and I'm rooting for ANet to pick it back up. But I don't have very high hopes.
  9. It's called new game mode and appropriate balancing. Aoe spam on a node is degenerate, and even that's not balanced properly. There's also too much spam, both boons and condis. They just added ANOTHER boon into the game. Anyone who takes PvP seriously is really turned off by this game. 2v2/3v3 is a joke, because Conquest "balance" doesn't apply at all. Personally I'm just tired AF of Conquest and if they don't spice up spvp and WvW somehow I simply won't be buying EoD. This game is on life support until then. Have a look at Lost Ark. PvP looks a lot more enjoyable and
  10. Uh yeah I've been running that in wvw for almost 3 years. A/a is useless in spvp, that's what I'm talking about.
  11. Ok so GS has a disengage, hard CC, block, and spike damage. Longbow has spike damage, massive aoe damage, massive sustained damage, disengage, and a hard CC. On a power build in spvp, no single hand weapon will ever be able to compete unless it's totally revamped. So you go Sword/Warhorn let's say. You give up swoop, hard CC, and burst damage. Axes are useless because they have no defensive abilities. OH dagger is a condi weapon. Torch is condi but it's also trash.
  12. What do you mean? The immob Soulbeast? I'm talking about spvp.
  13. with LB and GS being as overdesigned as they are, WH or any other offhand will never be usable in pvp. in pve, WH is jam packed with utility on the Druid specifically. best offhand choice by far.
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