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  1. It's not. Other supports do that better. You didn't bring Druid for their might generation, it just came with the package. You write so much yet say so little.
  2. Might generation isn't important on Druid because there are so many ways to get 25 stacks. I thought the thing to do now is go Lingering Light. I'd be interested to know from experienced Strike/Raid players how Druid is performing now.
  3. Perfectly said. This ship hasn't been steered in years. Probably PoF was the last real attempt.
  4. After 10 years of this clown fiesta, why would anyone think otherwise? You think ANet will just magically start playing their own game and take players' feedback into account or magically just give us a PTR to help their clueless balance team? Utter nonsense. Just move on man.
  5. Wasn't aNeT fairly clear about abandoning spvp? I mean they haven't done anything meaningful for this game mode in years. There was literally zero words said about spvp leading up to EoD release. As a pvper, there was no reason to buy the expansion.
  6. I like to check in on GW2 from time to time to make myself feel good about deciding to leave the game. For a while I had a small inkling of hope, but now I just come to scoff. I literally go hmph irl as I browse. This is fun. Having a blast in Lost Ark atm.
  7. Cele Soulbeast was the bomb when I played over a year ago. Could handle anything in 1v1, and even 1vX. Druid was good with daze spam, shortbow + staff and condi/Apothecary, but with EoD e-specs I don't know how it's doing.
  8. Untamed zerg build yikes. Someone gonna tell him?
  9. Lol. I waited 9 years for ANet to "fix rangur". 2 years ago I decided that was apparently never gonna happen, quit and never came back. Last year I closely followed the atrocities of Karl's e-spec designs and double downed on never playing this game again.
  10. ANet is famous for doubling down on their terrible decisions then proceeding to make other bad decisions that no one asked for.
  11. The only thing that is a joke are people still playing GW2 and coping. The copium in this thread is food for my bitter vet soul.
  12. The only thing lost here is you. LA has 40.3k viewers on Twitch currently. My buddy who's a hardcore GW2 player spent his entire morning watching people attempting the Valtan raid, wishing that ANet delivered even one ounce of that design. GW2 never even existed on Twitch. Copium.
  13. I love it. And its PvP at least isn't abandoned by the devs. That's saying a lot. Actually a lot of GW2 vets are there.
  14. Without small gang objectives and good rewards, wvw is a trash game mode. My friends and I left the game because we didn't feel like zerging any more.
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