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  1. Soulbeast loses to a good condi Druid every time. With Staff projectile hate, constant reapplication of Hentai seeds, and condi spam, it's not even fair. Although good Boonbeasts take a little while to whittle down. I'm not saying one is better than the other, they're both great for roaming. I just find Druid more versatile especially when outnumbered. If by trolling you mean securing kills, not losing 1v1's and disengaging from virtually anything, then yes you would be correct. I do WvW against tier 1 servers. With the new upcoming boon, all
  2. power trapper DH isn't bad at all, and you can just play core burn guard.
  3. As a ranger (condi Soulbeast, decap Druid), I find it quite easy taking out condi Mirage on the side node. One of the easiest matchups. There are a couple of godly power Chronos out there, and I'm afraid of them more as +1'ers.
  4. Maybe you're clueless about how to build the Druid? I run Sic Em SB, Boonbeast, condi SB, and Druid. Druid is my favorite, and I have yet to lose to a Sic Em SB in a 1v1. Maybe this is because I've played power Soulbeast in Plat 2 for a long time, and I find the burst combos extremely predictable. Between invis, dazes, Ancient Seed spam and projectile hate from Staff, killing a Soulbeast is quite trivial for a condi Druid. Super easy to out-sustain. So if there's any ranger build that can 1vX it's gonna be the Druid, but this only works in WvW because of the OP stats. You can have 2k armor, 20
  5. I just picked up Mallyx/Herald after its huge nerfs, and the side noder build is really balanced now. Last year I quit because I was seeing double crev in Plat 2, it got really boring and annoying. It got shaved, rightfully so, but it doesnt deserve this bullet to the head in the name of PvE.
  6. Nah, they'll do something about it. If changes go live as is, it's a dead spec.
  7. not really, as these are pve centric changes done by the pve team by the looks of it. I recently got into Mallyx (post the nerfs from god tier), and the spec is totally dead if these changes go live as is. I do look forward to hopefully running Mallyx is pve given the torment changes. as a ranger main, the WH aoe daze + weakness may be interesting in wvw. but in spvp, power builds pretty much require LB/GS and that won't change any time soon.
  8. And this needs more upvotes. I run both Minstrel Immob Druid and Marauder Immob Soulbeast. They aren't backbone, as you say, but they are excellent at what they do and running a few is super effective.
  9. It's pretty good. You can run an immobilize Minstrel druid. Seeds of Life blind and cleanse, and you can provide 15k+ burst healing. So you'd just spam SoL, dazes, and heals on the commander. Immobilizes on the enemy regroups. The boons Druid gives are mediocre, but you bring Druid for the immobilizes. After the patch, Warhorn will have an aoe daze and weakness. Not meta, but certainly very solid. Druid is also one of the best 1vX roamers in the game for skirmishing.
  10. Don't agree with this. I'm a Plat player who has no trouble with Holos on the side node. All side noder builds are viable in a 1v1 scenario. There are quite a few already. I think 1v1's would be pretty fun.
  11. Looking at how they deal with other lesser skills, likely a 1s daze and a shorter weakness duration.
  12. Mallyx/Herald was/is still top tier on the side node. it just had to become more specialized, instead of being a God. I also don't mind the torment changes. I'm just concerned about Mallyx not having any survivability left.
  13. correct. SLB is just fine in pve.
  14. I hope there is follow up on the these PvE-centric changes. Mallyx is a dead spec in spvp with the Resistance rework. Give it some condi cleanse and access Resolution, otherwise it's seriously DOA.
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