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  1. Condi rev was keeping in check these 2 button condi builds like condi thief and burn guard that can 100-0 you instantly if you dont have a decent amount of cleanse. Now other easier side node builds like core guard, renegade, ranger ( with passive pet ccs , passive dmg) will take its place. Condi rev was actually not hard to fight if u knew how the class worked, i was able to beat condi revs on a power thief, power rev, symbolbrand, power soulbeast. A bad condi rev would still die very fast to thief +1 aswell cuz u could easely steal into their block and kill them pretty easely. Some side
  2. idk how ppl can be so deluisonal to realize no other class can fill that role, not even power rev since it gets countered by everything in this meta. even for the current meta side noders, some classes can take that role but for thief nothing else comes close, theres need to be some balancing
  3. resistance is fair considering theres things like stealth and complete dmg immunity like distortion or evade frames that can be chained or barriers. Resistance can be corrupted , removed, interupted etc. you cant remove distortion, stealth or evade frames. Condi rev needs to be in the meta so things like burn guard and condi thief, condi mes dont plague the game. Condi rev will be weaker vs power dmg after patch. If crev was weak to power and weak to condi it would be useless since its also the lowest damage condi build of all builds. A crev cant 100-0 someone like any other condi spec can.
  4. no nerfs to thief btw in the upcoming patch , thats surprising
  5. So you want the most squishy, mediocre damage class in the game to not have the best mobility? Man I sure hope a-net hires you to manage balance, so I can finally quit this game. if you think thief is squishy try playing any other full zerker glass cannon build and see how fast you die compared to thief. you will get easely focused and die cuz you dont have an insta cast 1200 range teleport or stealth on demand and evades.
  6. not a single class has been viable for 7 years straight except thief. i wonder why....
  7. Every1 keeps talking about holos and revs but people forgot how thief has been the best roamer class for the entire existence of the game with the exception of HoT launch where rev replaced thief for a few months. If you wanna play any sort of glass cannon roamer +1 spec thats not a thief well good luck because its not viable as soon as you re in plat and even less in at/mat. Thief needs some nerfs in the next patch to make other roamers more viable. just how the current side noders need nerfs to make other side noders more viable. Either nerf thief or buff some other specs that could fit th
  8. core rev is alrdy pretty good cuz u can use jalis and mallyx or jalis and shiro for power, i guess the herald trade off is u dont have stability or tankiness that u could have with core jalis instead. for holo the heat system is a trade off too , if u overheat u get punished
  9. It makes no sense for holo to do random 4-5k dmg spikes from autoattacks that also blind you without an ICD. Holo does too much dmg for how tanky it is, its like how core ranger was, core ranger side noder has been nerfed but holo is still the same. im hoping for some changes in the next patch
  10. its because of delusion, im a main rev and all i see in 3v3s is crev, fb and necro comps, i dont see anything else. its why im trying to bring in some ideas on how to nerf rev without making it useless like they did to chrono and druid etc
  11. I wish they nerfed condi damage alltogether and not just condi rev, because condi rev isint even as cancerous as burn guards, or triple scourge teams in the 3v3 that ive seen today. if we are forced to play a perma resistance build that means maybe just maybe condis are also over the top.
  12. yeah its what they do its a lazy way of balancing because it dosent solve the problem. it just makes the class less enjoyable to play cuz you cant use any of your abilities with high energy costs
  13. We know that rev is overperforming in PvP right now specifically the condition herald and renegade to an extent, the biggest problem with condi mallyx herald was not the energy cost but the resistance uptime, increasing energy cost on mallyx skills just made rev clunkier to play and just more risky since you have a higher chance of getting killed instantly without being able to use your stun break because of an absurd energy cost ( something that happened in NA mat final actually despite being on of the best revs in the game, the rev from team usa just insta died a few times). The reason wh
  14. probably a gold player that cant dodge / about face away from stuff so he gets hit by every cc.
  15. When people talk about gw2 balance the main thing they refer to is how strong/overpowered a build is, but if its only a problem when few people play it its not as much of an issue if everyone is able to play a build and make it OP. A good exemple of balance i would say is something like guardian which is a very easy class but its not the best class, which means it has a low skill floor and a low skill cap. Something like herald has a high skillcap and high skillfloor and most people consider herald to be OP. But if we look at mechanically weaker players, are they really useful on herald? no
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