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  1. I'll make one because most of us will have a precursor once story meta will be over but I'm not sure to keep the actual skin and I doubt I'll make another one after. They are missing their "unique, particular" theme skin
  2. Will we get BL tickets once we get all EoD legendary weapons ?
  3. Interesting story collections, not just farm months and craft 2675 weapons Raids bosses / bosses with real mechanics, not just CC and dps New way to travel Fast meta events
  4. We can't dye weapons, I think they don't have the ressources to allow us to change colors on all skills in the game
  5. First lamas, then this, what next ? Can you test things ? Do you need one full week or more to fix it ?
  6. How about we make a vote ?
  7. At least it nerfs the worse pvp FT gameplay ever but it is indeed sad for WvW
  8. How can you have might pb when playing hfb ? Staff 4 + quick mantra is more than enough The Aren can also spam F2 otherwise the new mirage spam 1 staff giving 8 stacks on every dodge. Sanctuary was buffed, people needs to stop relying on cc items really
  9. Let us sell all ascended armors / weapons 1 golds to the vendors ; That way we still can see it as a reward. At the moment, you are more rewarded while getting gold or exotic equipment. 1 gold to salvage is and always will be a scam
  10. Too much achievements are locked under weapons crafting from the last season, it never ends, its expensive and boring. I hope we'll get different and more interesting ways to earn them in the expansion
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