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  1. Thank you all - this is not only giving me a build - its helping me understand the game better so I can make my own builds - very much appreciated
  2. Omg ty ty ty! I really appreciate the detail and specific builds Thank you
  3. GW2 does not seem to have an automatic 'group finder' like other games. So how do people form groups? Do they collect in a certain place and say 'looking for group to do XX dungeon'? I cannot figure out how to get onto a team for the dungeons - ty for any advice.
  4. I know all professions can do all content - but what would you suggest for a solo profession for a new-ish player? I've been playing for years but I am getting more serious. I'd like a class that can run open world solo with some ease. not to complex of a rotation, good survivability (I have no idea what I am doing so it has to be able to take a hit), solo PoF to unlock all mounts, and easily romp solo to unlock achievements, skins, account unlocks, etc. What is a survivable profession that will let me run through open world without getting one shot? Thanks
  5. omg ty all so much. I learned: Boons and conditions: I have ignored them 1-80 because they had little impact on me. Now I need to understand them better to survive. Brilliant. I wish I had a way for the screen to tell me when I have a bad dot on me like in some other MMOs. But I'll figure it out. Move and dodge: I could stay stationary in the old content. Thanks for telling me the expansions are harder and the old lazy tactics have to be more active. I can do that. Gear: I did not know my Berserker is glass cannon. I'll get some other set that may hav
  6. I just got my first 80 - Longbow Ranger - and I can use some advice on what to do next. I tried going to Maguma and Path of Fire and I am having trouble just killing trash mobs. If I do any content under level 50 I am a god. But when I fight the lv 80s I struggle. I do little damage and die in just a few hits. I upgraded all my armor the the Named Armor Nika set (like Berserkers) and I am using the Basic Ranger Build from MetaBattle. So: - What do you do at 80? Focus on Mastery unlocks? Finish zone completes? - Do I need to upgrade my armor? I
  7. Thank you - that makes things much more clear :)
  8. How can I customize my character appearance? Most MMOs have a system that lets you change just the appearance or armor skin of a character. Can you do this in GW2? Is it just outfits? Can I change my armor appearance at will? Or do you need transmute charges every time so you really do not change appearance very often? Thanks for any help :)
  9. How the heck do you get Mastery Points? Every time I see one it is in some impossibly high place and I see no way to get there. A YouTube video will show me I have to go all over creation to jump, glide, and leap perfectly to get it. Are they all like this? Holy cow its a pain. Do I need to dedicate a weekend to just following YouTube vids? Or is there another way - a map or something that gives clues on where they are and how to get them? Thanks all - I still have a lot to learn :)
  10. Thanks guys - that is much clearer. I too was looking for a LotRO sort of system but that's groovy :)
  11. How can I customize my appearance in GW2? I think there are two ways - Outfits and Transmutation. Outfits are great and work the way other MMOs work. Easy to swap, no cost, and you can change how you look at will. But using Transmute charges seems painful. It looks like it is designed to be something you do once and leave alone due to the transmute costs, the fact that you may swap the gear and the appearance goes with your gear, and the inability to have several appearances saved anywhere. Is there something else or have I made an error? GW2 has so many amazing armor appearances that I'
  12. It seems like a lot of necro abilities involve moving conditions and boons. In the heat of a fight I have no clue if I have conditions on me or boons on my foe. How do you track those things so you know when to use abilities that are fueled by conditions or boons? Thanks for any advice. I am also a fresh 80 necro that just unlocked Reaper. This is my first 80. I'll take any advice on the game at 80 at all :)
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