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  1. Please do not make ascended irrelevant after getting legendary, it still feels great when I get ascended drop from raid , events, fractals and also buying them from raid and strike vendors, gearing a new character from scratch is fun and part of gameplay. After brainstorming for an hour finding about this I could find one solution to have it both way (That you have to have a ascended in your new character to use it) for example I have twilight in armory now I can turn any ascended great sword in my inventory into twilight, as stats of ascended and legendary is same and this way ascended wil
  2. Yeah I was thinking they would do that as well, but I am being a fool. I do not know if the dev team keeps changing or not. One thing I am certain of Anet do not ever read any forum posts. You are more likely to get their attention on reddit or in some stream rather than official forums. The fractal update was similar, looks like those who design or develop this game never logs in to the game.
  3. The bad effect we are not realizing yet is in few months when the new players starting cms now will not be able to show the kps will be face the toxicity and challenges to join a group. Again I will be politely telling people to leave if they join my group and do not have 100+kp. If they did auto forced conversion of kp then we could have understand, and then people will just bring infusions as kp or maybe Li from raids or so on. As people will not just magically stop using some kind of kp and just go on the first group they find on LFG. I wonder if the people who made this design choice e
  4. I have suggested some solutions from both community side and anet side, but your one is a good idea too. https://en-forum.guildwars2.com/discussion/114728/removal-of-unstable-cosmic-essence-kp#latest
  5. About 3-4 Month ago I started doing CMs & Raid. I hated the idea about KP, begged into many groups sometimes was successful and sometime not. Trained at bosses like Sabetha countless hours and clearing old 100cm sometimes took more than a hour jumping between groups and finding new players after 2-3 tries when people left. Now after all that time spent in training and hardship I want some smooth run, I do not require power run but a smooth run. So despite having ~200kp I used to join 50+ kp groups and even made hfb to join groups faster. Now I can easily still create old kp 150+ group but
  6. @everyoneWith the release of Ice brood Saga episode No Quarter we have a new place able item called United Legions Waystation and with mastery it gives you emp which is a decent cc. Recently I saw a lot of commanders putting waystation near the feet of the boss where the auto attackers stand and with the emp easily got "no fly zone" and "Smash that dragon." I even saw people cc the death branded yesterday. Get the achi while you can before anet changes how emp / waystation works. You never know. GL HF
  7. Hello sir , I jump started the topic because I was looking for an option to unequip the novelty bar like like outfit. For outfits you have not only the option to hide but unequip them totally. It was just a suggestion in a random 2 year old post which anet will never see. I am not posting anything like "ANET SHOULD DO THIS". A lot of people have different kids of ocd and the point I am making is that people can give suggestion to smaller changes to UI which adds upon the things already there. And if people want to play with mouse click its their preference (and seems like you guys are bothered
  8. I was playing the game with only mouse for last 5 years. Thank you very much to point it out that I can use keyboard :+1:
  9. Sensei Google led me to this post, also its annoying and looking for a workaround for months now. I have an idea which is simple and very easier to implement for anet > just add a unequip option in in the novelty selection page.When you equip an outfit you can also right click and unequip it same thing can be implemented so even if you press the button nothing will happen its like when you make a fresh new character and that button does not work till you add a novelty.
  10. yeah they are not sure If I got the item legitimately or not and they also made me a offer that if I can do a successful trade in gw2echange they will take me back in to their trading group. The thing is, I only joined because I wanted to trade the egg not to trade stack of ectos like they do xD But as I have said they ware respectful and polite with their answers and Its their group they can choose who can trade there or not. They have no reason to trust me and typically they do not want a scandal related to their group I assume. Also I am in support for the trading post As it drains gold fr
  11. In case if you had not noticed I said I wont sell it anymore, but wanted that cap increase players who get it and do not want to sell it in black market can sell it easily and reliably. Black market will remain a increase cap or not, lot of legendaries are being traded there but at 90% or 80% of the tp price but for chak egg you allmost get 50% in tp and that is unfair to people won a lottery and people with buy order with good rep in those community are making 10k profit so yeah do the math.
  12. Hello,About 10 Days ago I got the Chak Egg Infusion dropped for me in Tangled Depth Meta. Saw 10k at TP wanted to sell it but did not have that 500 gold fee to sell it instantly and waited. I really needed the gold the as shiny effect on one toon was not important for me compared to character slots and other account upgrades and sale was already here. Then a friend of mine told me its worth like 20K gold and trade other thing for it. So my quest to trade began acknowledging the TOS of GW2 ofc. First stop Reddit, gw2Exchange - Saw many post about chak egg there and posted a similar post but I
  13. And I am going to Repeat myself again here,I do not mind this fight to stay the way it is, just want this fight to make worthwhile so pugs/ guild mates and fiends would come actually try rather than doing something else that gives them more gold per hour or loot. As I have mentioned quite a few problem that makes it achievement unattainable otherwise my thread name would be "Nerf Shatterer". And yes that feeling is good for a new map, new achievement or when its populated. And if you want to compare difficulty then there are at least 10+ bosses that are more difficult than this which require
  14. As I said multiple time in the post I have no problem how it is now and also with content that require proper squad but making that proper squad is hard when 300-400 people are on Tequatl at the same time when most of the EU people play. There is a group that organise Triple Trouble and the map gets filled an hour before because people know they will be successful at completing the achievement and also timing does not conflict with other popular bosses. And there are many achievements that I can think of that require team play and participation form people for example "Siren Reef" achievement
  15. I took this screenshot just to show that all 3 EU Prime time (4PM,7PM,10PM) the timer collides with Tequatl the Sunless. So there are 3 filled map of Tequatl and one person with mentor tag trying to form shatterer map. You can go and kill the boosses there will be 10-15 people but not do the achievement which is my point. Also as I said before I bought commander tag just for this and I posted groups on prime times for 3-4 days straight only 5-10 people join my event and if I am lucky 20-25 but no one wants to do the achievement. So the points are again > People like Tequatl more than thi
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