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  1. The thing is, you can't exchange ascended luck for anything. ;) It could become salvageable for 5 stacks of rare luck.
  2. Being able to convert for exotic to ascended luck (200 to 500) would save me sooo much bank space and be trivial to implement.
  3. I'd be fine if the third dodge bar carried over into pve if you unlocked it in wvw.
  4. A lot of prefixes nobody uses in pve are meta for different builds in wvw.
  5. I don’t think he’s acting rationally - Elder Dragons can’t be tamed or controlled. Don’t you think it’s funny that his objective (to be in a position where he has enough power to rival the Pact and/or Aurene) dovetails nicely with Jormag’s presumed priorities - namely to put the brakes on the dragon-killers that Aurene and the Pact represent? Given that Jormag is the most subtle Elder Dragon, I doubt that that’s a coincidence. He's not trying to tame or control Jormag. He saw the Kralk's power can go to Aurene and intends to do what Charr do best and fight a war against Jormag. I'm not saying he's smart, he's going to get slapped hard and do a Scarlet style thing where he triggers an Elder Dragon. But he legitimately thinks he can win, and winning wins puts the Charr ahead of the other races.
  6. I don't get the sense Jormag is manipulating Banger. I read it more as he wants to be equally powerful to The Pact. The Pact has an allied Elder Dragon, so Bangor needs an allied Elder Dragon in an arms race. If he can slay Jormag and claim the magic for the Charr, nobody is stronger than the Charr. He's acting totally rationally, for what his goals are.
  7. I also bought two garden nodes thinking this was intended behavior, so that was 2000 gems well spent.
  8. Zojja secretly got turned into a Mordrem and is destroying Fort Salma as we speak.
  9. For the necro changes with barrier application. I don't mind them so much, but moving the benefit from being on the skill to being supported by traits might be a better way to do it. Look at how druid's astral healing skills got reduced except if you spec'd into healing. The benefit is still there, but not out of the box, it has to be part of the build to work.
  10. Staff with unblockable marks is how you actually hurt enemies in wvw. I would also argue in a zerg you want focus or maybe warhorn over torch. Stripping 3 boons and nuking a single target with focus 5 is actually really powerful, especially if you can identify the pin. Some people don't like pin sniping, so I'll leave that to you to decide how you want to play. This is what I run, there are tweaks that can be made based on group comp/preference: http://gw2skills.net/editor/?PSwAYd3lNw2YIsHmJOKXqvSA-zRZYVhnNiB3oAOl2EC1JB6TEEzCQDDA-e
  11. To resist Mordremoth is to embrace oblivion.
  12. You should, however, fear the power of the jungle dragon.
  13. Unfortunately, you cannot force others into doing so. There's absolutely no denying the expansions fundamentally broke this game's PvP formats. Yes you can. Find enough people who agree with how you want to do and run a private match.
  14. A sand flare nerf would be the only one of these I care about, and even then I could live with it as I only run it in group comps.
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