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  1. tbh ive been using the same druid build in WvW since its launch (DPS LB/Staff) and ofc it would be nice to have more to staff, I dont find its required myself. It would be nice if Druid gets some love tho as the more other chasses gets buffed, the harder it becomes for classes like druid (that has issues in general to begin with).
  2. OOO another E.Bay person 🙂 I am on Green/Stonewall myself in this alliance
  3. A couple things from a solo/duo roamer, small scale pugmander... Biggest thing is that I have my own alliance between a few guilds as we all are on the same server (normal server not alliance server) however we have no way to stay with those friends w/o bein gin one mega guild and using that guild as our allianced one. There needs to be a way...even during beta...to choose what guilds you are allied with as we have a comradery and we have had some for a few years, however one of these friendly guilds are an enemy of mine currently. Plus the huuuuuge guilds (wont name any) make u
  4. What gets me is recently BG was complaining about going up vs mag for the same everyone else does (toxic/bm yadda yadda) and I can attest to this, however this linking ive seen way more cases where BG and Mag are teaming up and not attacking each other (actually helping each other a LOT of the time...esp during the day) which makes their complaints invalid xD
  5. Wonder if I spec for condi if the burn damage does much more... I must test this
  6. Your pets are essentially a 2nd body on the batttlefield. I dont think they should stealth when you do (this coming from a ranger co main in WvW). Imagine how more OP condi druids would be xD Blast fields exist for this reason and imo should stay that way 🙂
  7. o...m...g....I am SO gonna try this in WvW either tonight or tomorrow xD
  8. 1k maybe...used for provisioner food and traps (specific ones)...literally thats all I use it for and im in WvW almost every day xD
  9. WHen I played mech, the underwater pull + the detonation skill thingy, I nailed ppl over 15k in 1 hit. Def doesnt need to be buffed xD
  10. Played mech last week and here are some notes: Mech (bot itself) does too much damage compared to necro minions or ranger pets. Id either lower mech damage or increase pet damage everywhere else. Ive literally been wrecking just about everything despite not knowing how to play it. low skill The rifle changes are amazing. Love not being knocked back anymore when I use my CC skill. Makes rifle play more fluid. Synergizes nicely with the orbital strike trait (which does a TON of damage...maybe scale it back a tad) Sigils are also amazing. Synergize better imo compared to ranger/guardian/
  11. We have recruited a few from here, we have room for about 5 more before we hit our cap 🙂 🙂
  12. Im only rank 2050ish (no ktraining...all solo/duo with a splash of small scale) and even tho im not that high (I have friends in 6k-9k range) I have no problem h elping anyone old or new (heck I gave someone a stack of Memories of Battle because they were working towards a WvW leggy...I have like 10 stacks sitting in my bank lol). Im a huge pay it forward person as ppl even helped me. Yeah you can tell (as I prev stated) who earned their rank and who didnt, you can also tell a persons rank/ability from if/how they help other folks regardless of rank 🙂
  13. Hello everyone, yes its me...TheRealMC DEVO is recruiting people who want to be in a smaller guild (Capping at 50 people tops) so we can keep a tight knit familyesque vibe so no one gets lost in the numbers. We keep touch outside the game via discord so we can chat, catch up or help even when we arent online. We have vets of 9+ years and people starting out that we are helping get a grasp of things so you don't die to a ambient creature (darn OP mosquitos). We are looking for people that like to run PvE content (World Boss Train, Guild Missions, dungeons, fractals) and
  14. Exactly this... You know how many ppl used to K-train in EotM and ranked up to mithril/diamond that way? You can tell who these ppl are as in a normal fight they arent that great.
  15. I feel sooo lost on my thief without stealth on steal....I (like many others) used that as an opener
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