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  1. My asura requires meat, and circle of life dictated dollys are king meat in WvW.
  2. Clearly they never heard of "unblockable" before running that group
  3. I mean....my DPS mirage (no macros) has about a 70% win rate vs em and my DPS druid (Staff/LB) has an even better one. Its rare I find a DE that I consistently lose against and im probably just an average player. Maybe I have a lot of practice vs them who knows.
  4. *Queues Emotional Damage Meme* Im a Tyrian attorney and I represent the people
  5. Here I thought the 7500 in my bank + what my toons have on them was a lot 😛
  6. I see attempts at portal bombs, however they arent as well placed or executed as days of yore. I appreciate seeing the attempts however. chain golem porting I havent seen in many many years.
  7. Portal bombs were so much a thing that some servers offered training due to how effective they could be (golem porting from spawn to mid map using 4-5 Mesmers was an amazing sight). Stacking to hide numbers and fields blasting for cleanses/might stacking was epic (hammer warriors ftw). Thieves solely being used as scouts (scouting back them was actually scouting and there were many good scouts).
  8. this drives me BATTY when comms running dont (if theres no immediate danger elsewhere). When I lead I make it a point to find the siege real quick (dont spend long looking but I do look) to avoid this.
  9. "Urge to kill rising" Im def wired differently....be the perfect time to see which of my group can truly fight and see their skill 😛
  10. My old ghost thief remembers this too
  11. someone better call the mist's vet
  12. my DPS mez seems to do well vs them....my DPS druid used to during ancient seeds days....now its more of a stalemate.....NERF ELE!
  13. Ive noticed a surge in necros 1 night and eles on another night (most running cele if you can believe it). havent seen many war's and those I do are usually zerkers.
  14. I mean I hate waiting more than 1.5 mins for RI however if I expect an enemy to come to defend or the 3rd server to try to take it, im there to kill 2 birds with 1 stone...everytime I leave a point something ALWAYS happens to make me thing "darn...should have stayed":
  15. I recently poked fun at a friendly comm the other week about his guild gathering nodes lol. Nothing wrong with it, I just couldnt be bothered to collect them myself. Too many cheeks need to be clapped and only slows things down for me.
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