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  1. Title color is not tied to item color. They only recently introduced colored titles - for a few rare (hard or grindy) achievements. Items always had the different rarities (different colors) - legendary purple probably to indicate that the title box is pretty rare (since you can only get one per account).
  2. Have you tried Gendarran fields? Wiki recommends that: https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Trash_Collector It is important to note that the level (see page for the Freshwater Crab) affects the loot. Kessex might have been too low (Caledon as well) - and Frostgorge too high. Shell page shows this: https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Shell Make sure the enemy (Crab) has that level. If it drops another shell instead then it will not drop that one I guess.
  3. No bug. As explained: The meta achievement is tied to completing paths. (Not sure why they don't give at least a little something for talking to the NPC - that one is meant to guide you to the event but weird for people that know where it is already ... could have at least offered 10 dungeon devel tokens or so. :D) DRM also counts as +1 (of the 10 needed). Doing each sub achievement will give you 8/10 and you are free to do 2 more of any dungeon pathes (or DRM). The sub achievements are just to make it more interesting to do different dungeons. Not just doing 10 of the same (maybe DRM) to max the 10/10. It is rare that it works this way (maybe that is why people first thought it was a bug) ... but I think we had other instances where achievements worked similar. (Just don't remember one at the moment.) Ideal recommendation (for people starting with only having story mode Arah done from their 80 personal story): story for the 7 other dungeons, P1 for Arah. Then the 2 more in Ascalon Catacombs (will give you 10/10) ... maybe doing a 3rd one - to have all paths there completed. That is how I did it last time. (Also did a bit more and finished the Manor.) Next event the remaining stuff. Should need about 3 dungeon rushes to finish at least the one achievement to do every path at least once. (Then you can just do the repeatable one for AP and maybe ignore the sub achievements in further rushes and do juts 10/10 of any path you want - whatever is up in lfg.)
  4. Basically nothing. I had hoped for a bit more reveal on the new planned PvP mode (and estimated time for the first beta). Or at least an announcment that with the patch they will make a reveal. The title stuff (+ focus on 2vs.2 and 3vs3 ... with monthyl tournament being about that + the title there) seems not really interesting for the majority. (Most people won't be able to get it at all.) And the changes to Djinn's dominion seem like "secondary objective even less interesting now; borign map stays boring". I'd rather have the old capricorn back or Spirit Watch back into ranked so I do not need to miss out on rewards by playing unranked in hopes of getting Spirit Watch. That would be easy fixes until they get the new map/mode ready.
  5. Seems okay-ish to me. I do not care much about tournaments - and have enough PvP tickets and ascended shards from normal play each season already. The monthly thing seems to be a bit much ... to tie titles to it while it is 3vs3 and 2vs2. Should have also made this for the normal tournements. (But then again ... I might just get the champion brawler some time in the future and not doing tournaments at all. Not even in the weekly PvP rush.) Djinn's dominion change: So ... best to ignore the buff completely now. If it only affects one player. Boring map stays boring. Not a big deal/change. The WvW victory points different per time ... sounds interesting first. (And encourages to play more at peak times.) But this will ruin the queues I bet. Making them longer at the peak times and people caring less to play at the other times where there weren't much playing at all already. (Should have done the opposite maybe? :D) Changes to contest state and ewp and the reduced supply cost for sieges: Seems like they want to make the play style more aggressive. More capping and recapping. (On the other hand more player dedication to defending with updated war score per tick.) Could be good. Could be bad. We'll see. Playing at the next WvW rush - too busy with the other weekly events and other hobbies atm. 😄 I ... just wonder if the contested state will persist as long as some wall/gate is lower than 98. Makes sense to not contest when just a guard is killed. But a wall/gate being below 98 (maybe change it to allow for more leeway on walls and the gate having the higher threshold - maybe a difference between outer/inner walls for the keeps/castle) should time out. (Then trigger again upon the next damage to the wall/gate or if a guard is killed whiel wall/gate is below the threshold.) Imagine having a ton of damage to the walls gates and you fighting off some big zerg that decides to move to another target and then the supplies being low ... taking you forever to fix it so everything is at least above 98. (Could be annoying especially for stonemist.) Edit: Daily tournaments: Would make sense to still have more but not a fixed interval - less in the morning (separate per time zones) and more at the evening. Feels like after 21:00 there could be one more for people that barely might miss that one - while not having time early during the day. For people that care about tournaments lol. Why not a 22:00 and 23:00 there?
  6. I have always wondered why it was not at least 1 full week - to cover each day (for people that prefer certain days of the week). I can understand that they do not want to let it run endlessly - so they can get feedback and act on it without people finding more and more stuff after some weeks (if it ran for several weeks). But ... do not worry: We will all get the "permanent beta" in august. 😛 (Usually you get a lot of hotfixes and patches after new stuff gets released. So I call the release a beta, haha.) I mean ... afaik they even did huger changes to stuff like scrapper (never played it at release but I heard the gyros worked totally different) - so it is not like the stuff with the spears is fixed ... if too many people are unhappy with certain things they might even make bigger changes after release and some small changes will happyen anyways with the usual regular balance patches.
  7. Didn't fully read it. (Maybe I will do so later when I have more time.) But Jenna and Anise it seems - on the pic? And the part about the Tyrians having noticed Kryptis ... trying to forge yet another alliance? I wonder if they could fit "E" somewhere in there. (If the focus already is on Kryta and Janthir is north of there.) Kodan ... well that one Kodan from the wizards - maybe we will get to see her? (Waiting Sorrow I think was the name?) For a future expansion still hoping for in-depth focus on the mesmer collective. Edit: The pics look nice. And the village and description of the Kodan (that they are different from other "usual" ones) reminds a bit of the Olmakan (and how thy are different from your usual Charr). This sure will make for one or another nice lore collection/achievement. (Please another "free" 32 slot bag. :D)
  8. Just wait until they integrate the Homestead into the UI (like guild hall) - for direct travel without having to pay. 😄 (I can already see the people that bought the Home Portal Stone crying cause the home instance is less usefull then ... and they paid for it in the past.)
  9. Totally different recommendation from me: (And I personally do not play raids, harder strikes or fractals above T3.) Try to slowly get used to it. Makes no sense to use a pro-build from certain websites that is intended to be played by "do x k dps or kick" elitist groups. Especially if you are (still) struggling at open world stuff and maybe mainly want to focus on that. You can have a lot of fun in most parts of the game without playing pro builds from such websites. And it might be easier to find your "own style" instead of trying the builds that require a lot of "keyboard acrobatics". Genereally I'd say trying some different stuff from cour profession's traits/skills (and weapons) while starting with a more sturdy stats combination (more toughness ... like stuss like Soldier's gear with power and toughness) is the best thing to learn. Maybe playing a bit core in the core maps and the e-specs in the maps of the expansion they came with. (Personally I leveled my 2 fully unlocked chars - world completion everywhere - that way. Playing the e-specs not early but only starting with the expension's maps they got released with until I hit the next set of maps/expansion when playing content in release order.) Move away towards more power/precision (or other offensive stats) when you feel more comfortable using your additional skills to be able to stay alive. I remember how holo felt annoying as engineer when I played scrapper before it and holo felt a lot more squishy. (And scrapper also needed me to get used to it cause it was more melee than the ranged weapons I preferred on core.) But with the shield and movement skills I got used to it more and more ... being able to stay alive even with less defensive stats. I would not focus on support ... unless you are really already good and want to play group-content (like fractals, raids and stuff) ... and that at a higher/more professional level. In Open World the chars are supposed to be able to do everything. And the role stuff (support, dps, etc.) is somethign players made up to optimize in the group-oriented game modes with the 5 or 10-man groups.
  10. When you get used to the game ... you will know certain spots that area easy to miss. (When doing the 2nd+ characters.) Personally I prefer to slowly move one char for each profession (9 at max ... should give 18 gifts which should be enough I can buy full gen 1 legendaries directly at the TP as well if needed; because of the two greatswords and aquatic weapons included I think 20 are needed to get everything at least once.) Afaik the wiki also lists easy to miss spots. Best to check slowly the the different maps (to see if they are at 100/100 percent) + also visit the chantry of secrets. When you miss something on a map ... compare it to the wiki. Most likely (if you do not see anything) an easy missed area. (Thogh the opposite is more likely to happyn: Having everything for map completion but still an uncovered area with no POI, vista, etc. in it.) The explorer achievements check uncovering each area (part of a map/zone) at least once - per account. "Been there, Done That" afaik is the 100 map completion. But since it is account-wide it won't be useful for the next characters after the first that did everything. (And you need to get 100 anyways - there is no counter or indication to see what you are missing.) My recommendation: Check your starter region + city (humans: Queensdale + Divinity's Reach) and all the maps associated to that area (Kryta - see wiki also) up towards Lion's Arch. Do the same for the other main regions (Shiverpeaks, Ascalon and Maguuma Jungle - with both the cities there: Grove and Rata Sum). Also Lion's Arch. Then the 3 orr maps. Also chantry of secrets. If you are not doing it in a random order ... it is less likely that you will miss something. Do it at the world map with placing the mouse over the map names to see the info. https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Map_completion#World_completion
  11. Game is easy and a lot of stuff is solo-able. (And the content that requires groups has elitist content and more casual stuff but people use lfg tool to form groups - not talking a lot on chat.) In the maps there can be chat about events and wanting/offering help. Cities ... I guess only LA (and DR and Hoelbraek if there is one of the seasonal festivals) with chat. But usually people should be busy doing other stuff. (Festival events during a festival. And in LA just standing at the bank or crafting station managing their inventories.) The occasional thing where people ask something game-related or someone starts an argument about something political ... can happen sometimes. (In beginner maps there also might be gameplay related questions from newbies.) Other than that I personally do not really see much use for a chat. I rarely randomyl feel like talking about the weather or music. Actually WvW chat (while defending/scouting or waiting for something to happen) has had more casual chats not related to the combat going on there ... from what I remember. 😄 (Depends on the teams though. Last time I played was when still server system with linking existed.)
  12. No need to discuss. As already mentioned: It is nonsense. Game is not made for such stuff. At max they should make a PvP game mode where you can 1 vs. 1 with making wagers/bets. The winner taking some gold. I do not think the risk of losing gear is interesting or anything like that. Other games are other games. This is GW2. The main interest in game modes (and I also liked some other stuff similar to WvW in other games a lot better) is the lore and reason why you fight. In bigger sized game modes. I usually prefer faction-based combat (vs. free for all) and the Warhammer Online did a nice job back then. In WvW - now even with servers removed ... it is pretty dull. A race vs race they could not have made cause of the lore (where all races are allied against the dragons and other threats). The best that I hoped for (now with servers being removed or not relevant anymore it won't happen): A mode where you actually can win ... capture maybe the enemy spawn in EBG ... this then affecting the players from that server even in PvE or affecting prices at vendors or other stuff. Now sure how/why a FFA would be interesting to anyone. (Except a small population that of course exists ... that might like it. Not seeing a big amount of players as the target audience though.) Imo they should work on a better connection of the borderlands towards the EBG (ultimate goal the EGB) - not just some cheap orbs to cap and stuff. (To make it relevant to play everywhere. Not just cap. Then move maps and cap somewhere else - not really trying to defend unless it is a T3.) For the normal PvP I am looking forward to the planned new game mode. (Still no real info about this yet.)
  13. The problem is that most are crafted (I think) - and the recipe sheet as well as the mats to craft them ... got pretty expensive when people bought up the resources (that also are used for legendary runes) to get legendary runes before the relic got released. (To get the free legendary relic back then - that was promised to people that owned at least 1 legendary rune before the legendary relic release.) They created a bit of a problem there. And I always thought this must be annoying for newer player. (Maybe they should add a few relic choice chests to the vault? To select from the core ones. Similar to the ones old players got on their chars before relics got released. Just 1 per season at a high price ... might help already. Similar to the asc. weapon chest.) 10-20g is not a cheap thing for an new player that has still a ton of other stuff to use money on - and catching up on achievements and completion while not having too much time to just focus on farming. For the runes - recipe sheets + the recipes have the same problem. Though there the prices (for a lot - not all) are cheap since they can be obtained from other sources (as drop or from salvaging) ... making the price on the TP lower.
  14. That could be a good idea. Let clicking on one of those open a vendor and display the options for all (in one tab) - technically it should be possible to do this even with just one tab ... while keeping the limit of 5 per day or so. We have other stuff in the game where it is not tied to tabs (that is only necessary if the restriction is x of any from that tab pre day/week). Also there isn't really a need (for such cheap mats) to have a confirmation dialogue. They did make changes here to make certain stuff easier. (Remove confirmation dialogues from other stuff that was not too important. Changing the weapon boxes from the new vault skins to you can't select one twice accidentally. Putting the key from the daily blood in the water for the sunkek chests automatically in the inventory without popping up a box.) I wonder if we can get confirmation dialogue removed here was well. Its not like anything bad would happen if you accidentally bought 1-5 spending at max 250 of the mats that are easy to obtain. --- Personally it does not affect me that much though. I keep my mat storage maxed. Having 6 stacks of 250 (1500) in the bank - for the dust, etc. (the 3 that later make up the vision crystals). Just in case. (Some stuff needs the base mats.) Other than that I usually try to convert lol. Maxing my solo guild hall and already have most of the stuff that needed bricks, empyreral starts and the dragonite ingot (was the name of the 3rd one I think) ... while still having like ... 400 or so? in the storage. 😄 I do a daily round if 100+ are in my inventory (leaving the remaining ones cause i have a fixed manual custom order leaving at least 1 so it gathers up more at that place). Not a problem with a crapload of obsidian shards just from the daily purches from the other vendor items from achievements. (Karmic converter and other stuff.) The gobblers I mainly use when the 3 base mats are out of synch. (So I can have always about the same of all the 3.) (Yeah .... a bit much planning. I have an anancastic / obsessive compulsive personality disorder.) 😄
  15. Imo it should be as accessible as the most expensive legendaries are. Maybe twice the amount (worth in gold). Not tooo extreme though. At max I can see it be like 1-2 super expensive infusions. (that hit the 10k on TP ... max 20k). It also should not be too cheap to still get people to play the content. The new system probably wanted to give people a bette reason trying to reach it (when they need the unlock only once and all chars just get the cheap normal thing that auto-boosts to the highest unlock). Which ... can make the prices go higher actually. (When more people want to do it.) Two-sided thing: It will be interesting for (new) players to farm for infisions of they sell well. (Until prices drop.) On the other hand they can't just drop endlessly like with a totally useless item. Making it harder to max. The idea probably was that ... once the first people maxed ... less will buy it. (Prices dropping again to a stable value where still people farm and others buy.) I could see myself working to get at least the 25 one. The 20 upgrade easy ... yeah. But not the 30 atm. Would be a lengthy process I guess. Slooooowly working on it. They should have considered another upgrade path there maybe? (And still including the small steps 26, 27, 28, 29 there - for the way to 30. Maybe combining it with some fancy achievements/collections to unlock - instead of only having to spend money? :D)
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