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  1. Actually I couldn't care less about the emojis or the old thumbs up/helpful system. I barely notice this even exists.
  2. They should be added to the storage. I do not see why they shouldn't. Just bought a garden plot on sale and was happy to get 2 per harvest (not only one) - with the other plot from the cooking achievement I can make 8 of each every 2 days (to create 1 of each of the 2 special items ... minor versionf of the primer items). Probably will not buy another garden plot - since the other stuff is not really unique and I wanted it to get those special plants that are exlusive here. But I do not like them to take additional inventory space. So I would say it is "super duper impo
  3. Well ... the commander killed dragons and gods and stuff. Of course he is the strongest. And tons of those commanders are running around doing world bosses. It is just something that "technically" is hard to avoid in MMORPGs ... where people want to get stronger and do epic stuff. (Afaik they even killed Trahearne because they didn't want him to be more important as the commander - as pact marshal.) And the world bosses being strong and needing lots of commanders while 1 already killed a much stronger boss in the story ... well it is needed otherwise you could not creat
  4. Have only played up until Visions of the Past - and just started with Drizzlewood and the story there. But I noticed some different things I disliked in the past already. Deaths really feel meaningless and I do not really care. Probably the best here was core story and later in Maguma a bit with Trahearne. (Though the story felt rushed at the end.) I also liked the chapter (with Demmi) in Lake Doric - as a player that joined order of whipsers back then with the first main character. But Almorra and her death ... I really didn't care. The visions of the past chapter was
  5. The one new announced trinket from the story (I think another amulet?) is nice to have - because of different achievements to obtain it. (For people that might not want do the other stuff.) For the new generation of weapons: The solution is not to let you bait into paying tons of money just for skin. The new legendaries might come with different recipes. For people that want to get them for the convenience (stat changing for free) and for getting players to play the future content. (Probably needs you to play the maps of the next expansion.) For skins: There is ton
  6. And I would play less. Cause I could not play for free anymore - would only play when I was sure I have tons of time to play. (Which would put more pressure on me ... to the the most out of the subscription. Might decide to not play at all then.) Grinding the stuff ingame also is boring. There should be a few obtainable mount skins by just playing - similar to weapons where a ton of stuff exists and the gem store skins are not really needed. (I usually like them even less.) Maybe an optional subscription: F2P + subscribers wardrobe: Having all locked skins unlocked whil
  7. There already is tons of replayable content in the game - and even if you focus only on PvE (not doing PvW, WvW) ... there might be a ton of people that have not unlocked all the stuff unlockable by playing. (Legendaries take some time. And then some grindier/harder achievements.) Of course more of the similar content - is nice. But I do not see how other suff should be "unending" compared to the stuff we have now? (Unless they really keep producing new content endlessly. Housing seems not too interesting. Unless there is a lot of freedom to it. But other mini games wou
  8. Maybe ArenaNet can't just provide them with an unlimited amount of discounted codes. Probably also NCSoft is involved directly. And they also might have made arrangements that the card sellers provide a bit of the discount. (Meaning ArenaNet does not the whole 20 percent but also the story where you buy it loses a bit.) Because the store also gets a bit of promotion/advertisement from this. Then of course the store would be able to set a limit on how much they wanted to offer.
  9. Sounds fishy. I have also seen the announcement - and "gameliebe" was the only name that sounded German. But they do not seem to use a .de-domain and further research gave away they aren't only not from Germany ... but also not from the EU. (They are based in Switzerland which is in Europe but not in the EU.) If trying to buy from Germany it probably would even be less risky to check if one of the other shops (with English sounding names) was from another country within the European Union. Might be easier if you wanted to sue them. Strange though that the reviews on cer
  10. I have always liked the rifle on my engineer. Now I will like it even more. Changes to overcharged shot really great.
  11. I can confirm this bug. According to the wiki "finding" the pages should making them readable in the Eye of the North. I have completed the achievement. (Which means I found all the pages.) But only for Goldclaw the bookshelf has an option. Other ones do not appear. (They do not even seem to be visible in the shelf. There is just empty space.) Or maybe some other hidden requirements to make them appear? I currently have story (no quarter chapter) activated and started. (But not really made progress there.) Maybe it will only appear after certain later story steps? Or wh
  12. One thing: Yesterday I got a notification cause someone "reacted" to my post (gave "like" icon). Is it possible to disable this without disabling quote and @ mention notifies? Didn't see something about quotes in the notifications options but the "reactions" (which I guess only means those likes and other smileys) are together with the @ mention in the notification options. I certainly do not want ot get a notification every time someone clicks on some like button .But I need to be informed about every quote and @mention - so I can react to it by answering if someone quoted or ment
  13. Seems good for me. I'm still catching up. (Taking the whole May I guess ... for remaining stuff from Icebrood.) And those things mentioned are 1) a nice event that surely will be liked by people and can get new people into fractals (got me into fractals) - the fractal rush 2) some other achievements to make people replay older stuff (for a lot of people I guess it will be a very long time since they revisited certain content in seasons 2, 3) and then the nice stuff from some season 1 stuff temporarily brought back. And of course Dragon Bash.
  14. The only downside will be: People that might have crafted more than 1 fo the same legendary ... would get annoyed. But I guess those will be a super small minority. (If even some of them exist.) Because: Same weapon type with different skin: Then you have spend the money to craft it for the skin. (You still have the unique other skin. The ones that only crafted one greatsword will only have one of the legendary skins.) And I doubt - with that many legendaries available and the high cost - that there are a lot of people that have more than 1 of the exact same legendary.
  15. It's the usual communications policy of ArenaNet. They might just release the expansion a few months later. They do not like to give early infos. If they give another info soon ... it means it is almost finished - I guess.
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