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  1. Yeah. I have UI bugs at the loading screen (where the name of the map would be also on the char selection) - I guess my computer is just too old lol. Barely could run it with DX9 and I thought DX11 would bring more performance (with same hardware) ... not requiring more hardware. Might also be bugs or because it is beta. At least I could start it ... stuck at the loading screen now. I'll try to kill gw2.exe and using the command line for DX9 again as explained by others above. Edit: Worked with -dx9
  2. I have had this multiple times since one of the previous patches. Thought I had accicentally started to press a key combo to rename pets that would pop up this dialogue even for classes without pet. Playing engineer main most of the time. I always wished for some kind of golem as pet or a sniper-like spec. (But the thief has that one with daredevil.) Pet would only be fun though ... if there was a lot of customization options. (Like giving it actually gear with different stats and changing the skill bar. Not collecting different pets like the ranger.)
  3. But that is boring to me - running around until you find a few enemies to kill - or stuff for capping/recapping (only to lose it quickly again). (Especially boring when your team is a lot stronger. I usually preferred when it was equel or even when the other servers were stronger. Weirdly then less people seemed to play on my server/link. Then just waiting and playind defensively as possible.) So ... I guess I'd rather sit at spawn wait for a camp nearby to get flipped (which always happens as soon as the 5 min timers is off) - going there to recap it to reset the timer to 10 minutes. Eff
  4. Regarding the pips: Currently I'm only playing weekly on reset to get wood tier done. For the +1 pip in the following week. (So I will have that +1 pip always ... should I decide to play more WvW.) I always found the participatoin system pretty annoying. Afaik it also counts down (timer) in obsidian sanctum. Which is bad. In the regular WvW maps ... there is an incentive to just cap (recap) some camps ... every 10 minutes or so. Always safe near the corner in some enemy borderlands (especially the Alpine BL). Roamers often cap caps near your spawn and you can just recap and then go afk. B
  5. Sounds interesting. I have played only at Fridays (reset) for about 2-3 hours at max - to get wood tier (for the +1 pip the following week) cause of tons of other stuff to do in real life and in GW2. Not enough time/priority for WvW. But maybe I'll try to contact one of the older guilds on my server (Underworld - well I'm on that server since release just didn't play GW2 at all from 2014-2019 lol) trying to get into a guild for that - at least for the beta stuff while this stuff here is in testing. (Maybe i want to play more WvW because of it then. We'll see.)
  6. Where exactly is it? Or do they not have the yellow names and you need to look for a very small item at the screen? Cause I went near the location mentioned in the wiki ... can't find anything there. Wold be nice if someone could post an exact screenshot with the location on screen (not only the mini map). Edit: I found it. Someone helped. Has no text. Someone should mention this in the wiki. Definitely needs more/better description than and an actual screen of where it is - for items like that where you can't just look for the yellow text.
  7. Yeah they must need to make money ... cause producing the expansion costs money. (Though there should already be some income from the pre-prders.) Still nice. And I have bought so much on sale and barely anything without sale .... So I'm still buying stuff even though it is "only" 20 percent and not 30 or 35 discount. With the 4k gems from the pre-order ultimate edition of EoD.
  8. I wish they would have allowed Rytlock to summone Gwen (the "Goremonger") as next revenant elite spec lol. But oni themed stiff ... seems to fit nicely with Cantha.
  9. Full lane has to succeed and every attack needs to be dodged. I sometimes dodged everything ... but the lane failed. Other time the lane succeeded but I didn't manage to dodge everything. It is annoying ... especially if you do less dps when focusing on evading/doding mainly. And maybe if you get a loading screen (I have an old computer and got loading screen sometimes) you might already appear (your character) and the attacks might hit you before you can control/move the character. Not sure about this. I think at least 1 or 2 times I thought I had dodged everything (while lane su
  10. 1 bug. Next one ... worked. (On a different instance.) This is annoying - considernig that it only appears (afaik) every 90 minutes. While doing those "return to" achievements I think it is a good time to check on this bugs and fix them. Especially considering that later in a few weeks nobody will play this map anymore - except when it is on daily. (Needing to to some work by calling in the chat - to gather people ... or having an own commander tag ... to go to the sage. For players that will start with the game later that still need to to that achievement. If now it get's bugged i
  11. I did that last year when I played that map for the first time. Only one I'm missing is the one during night where you need a perfect event (Moonlighting I think it is called) - cause night is less often than day and I'm usually at some other places. It needs a few people to coordinate. I think the supplies can get taken first ... but then you need to kill the mob and pick it up and return it. (Otherwise the achievement might fail.)
  12. I like the map. I wish there was an event for Spirit Watch. Weekly. Only unranked ... and then the need for luck in having it appear + gettin voted + getting picked by the random (if not everyone votes it) ... is bad. Strongold on the other hand ... has basically it's own option to queue for it. Even though it is not too different. Justt another map with a bit differnt mechanics and they call it "other pvp game mode" and give it the own checkbox to queue. (I want this for spirit watch as well. Since I mainly play ranked for the rewards and then for spirit watch ... trying the luck ... with low
  13. Yes it should. Did not expect to be able to complete all the achievements. (But Wiki - explaining the mechanics - and good planning ... helped. I started from 0 cause I did not play this back then at the original release.) The public mode really helped. Squad mode with only 50 people (1-2 players per platform) will be too hard. Essentially it would need everyone to play a perfect raid build (+ lots of experience) - to not fail should they accidentally get to be on a platform alone by themselves. This makes it much more annoying than - for example - fractals, etc. (5 pla
  14. @Rasgalinj.2763Public version is every 2 hours at xx:00 - check near the Scrying Pool in EotN if it is the even or odd hours in your timezone. Last one was 1:05 hours ago from now. It also shows in the UI as meta event box that you can join. And if you try to join at that hour (unlocks directly at :00 I think until :20 - the next 20 minutes) it will offer public version. Edit: Wiki has the timer: https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/The_Twisted_Marionette
  15. I did 3/3 failed private at day 1. In the last 2 days I think out of the first 3 public ones ... 2 failed and 1 completed. After that most of the tries in public completed easily. I can see that with the limited special rewards ... public is necessary. But even after that we still have the permanent achievements ... and especially the ones for avoiding the special attack that will also need completion of the specific laine/chain event ... might get a lot harder. (Also the ones for completing a full run.) If in private only 2 players per platform are possible (if bad planning then o
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