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  1. i expected people complain why they cant transfer their guild wars 2 account to steam version but this is worst
  2. Id rather them superbuff turrets cuz those need some good stats.
  3. Devs need to make turrets great. I picked engineer because they spawn turrets. But they cant scale with your armor stats. Like bro.
  4. Do australia have internet fibre? Or literally using dsl the most unstable internet cable there is?
  5. Dude, we need servers for other countries. Idk why after 10 years its still NA and EU only.
  6. Hmm. I guess we need something to rebalance boon buffers then. There was one mmo called dragon nest where, devs were having problem where some support buff class outshined by other class. So the only thing they did was to give every support buff class the same duration, buff options and healing. Every support has 30% max heal and if one support use their heal ability, others support get cooldown timer for balance ofc (since that mmo heal all the group). Even the boon-like ability has same duration and will refresh other boons. But one can hope
  7. Cant they make Warrior be a god dps class than a buffer? Like its "warrior"
  8. Looks like banner turn into engineer experimental turret boon? What.
  9. I hope atleast devs change when you reach crystal oasis only then the daily quests FOR CRYSTAL OASIS ONLY unlocks for you. Not the whole vabbi/desolation/highlands.
  10. I wonder if devs add option whether you want to place them on the ground or stick them to your character as Well?
  11. For me, its normal attack. Base damage and attack speed increase. 2nd ability should shoot faster or rather literally instant barrage like shooting range rifle adventure in Verdant Brink.
  12. I have the Coulforged Weapon Chest from Tequatl that can give me rampager ascended weapon.
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