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  1. You just made my day. Keep up the amazing work, Bobby!
  2. The source is basically all norn spiritual lore, which the official norn introduction story summarises nicely. Here's a fragment: Unlike humans, whose priests are revered for their dedication to one god, all norn feel equally guided and befriended by the spirits. Some norn don't follow a particular path, preferring instead to revere all the Spirits of the Wild, following each whenever its lessons are relevant in their day-to-day lives. Those who choose to become shamans devote themselves to a Spirit's sacred area: a shrine, lodge, or hunting ground dedicated to their patron Spirit of the
  3. In the Bjora Marches map we can find the following NPCs: Eagle Priest Ox Priest Ox Priestess Wolverine Priest All of those NPCs are part of the three meta events: The Eagle Shrine, The Ox Shrine, and The Wolverine Shrine. However, all of those NPCs are norn. Norn do not have priests. Those NPCs should be shamans.
  4. Same problem. I bet it has something to do with the new regulations for online trading in Europe, maybe Anet forgot to update something because the buying process now simply crashes after you complete the authentication process with your bank, such as a simple face recognition on your bank's app
  5. Having the same problem. The recent changes to online shopping in Europe require you to confirm your online purchases by double verifying with your bank, such as a face recognition with your bank's app. After a successful verification, the buying gems window just closes, no money is charged, and I get no gems
  6. I don't understand why they would change this skill. The lifesteal was amazing and made downed state more balanced between professions. It was only usable in open world and story, maybe in fractals too? If they are not going to put the lifesteal back, I seriously hope they take a look at all downed states and do some balancing work. And balance the drowning state while they are at it, a few classes have a skill that makes them float to the surface that is completely useless if you are in an underground area without access to the surface
  7. The skimmer adventure in Lion's Arch is bugged, it ends 1 second after starting
  8. The necromancer's trident basic attack, Crimson Tide should grant 2% life force on hit, and it hits 2 times per cast, so it should grant 4% life force per skill cast. However, this feature has been bugged since it's very introduction in April 2019, and instead grants a flat 2 life force per hit, so 4 life force per skill cast, which is far less life force than what it should be granting. Either fix the skill description to say it actually gives 2 life force, or fix it to grant 2% life force.The other 4 trident skills also fire Crimson Tide at their targets as of the May 2018 game update. These
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