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  1. Holy word salad run-on sentence. For someone that lives in these forums 24/7 you sure have a hard time with English. We get it bro you always go around saying you tough out all the bad decisions this game has made because you're above the rest. What do we call that? A kittening fan boy.
  2. These threads lmao. Some players: we don't like alliances because these reasons. Fanboys: tHis iSn'T hoW It wILL wOrk, ThatS a bUG, JuSt sTarT a NEw gUild foR AlLiAnces Can yall kitten and admit you would eat literal kitten out of arenanets kitten if it was handed to you. This is a feature that has been "worked on" for like 4 years now, and we're getting the most kitten, lazy, janky, and buggy implementation of it and you're still here to play GW2 salesman.
  3. How???? He doesn't want to join the big giant guild so he's bandwagoning? The people that join the giant guilds AREN'T bandwagoning???????? Alliances will put an end to bandwagoning??? Not make it free for every giant zerg guild to do easily!??!?! What game are you playing? Edit: also LMAO at the idea that your cringe 'community' owns a server. kitten all these giant guilds that feel entitled to wreck WvW to suit them at every turn lol whether it's lagging entire maps or directly influencing the game itself.
  4. It's the roaming section. How many thief builds do you see in the zerg build section? There are also 3 ranger builds; how many ranger builds do you see in the zerg section? It's almost like these classes are specialized towards roaming or something. EDIT: also LMAO one of them is S/D Daredevil, see a bunch of those winning every fight for sure! Two of them are COMPLETELY countered by Mark. Other classes that are not 'strong' roamers are compensated by having a zerg build in template they can swap to at any time. What's more annoying than a trapper DH? One that turns into a minstrel FB in two button clicks.
  5. LMAO. You should stay within the same game mode, or is that your tactic for when reality doesn't go by your expectations. 6 out of 14 of Metabattle's top roaming builds are conditions, and that is after the insane power creep of 3 clears per cleansing sigil.
  6. inb4 condi apologist says condis aren't strong, everyone just has to run cleansing sigil or be instantly countered.
  7. Well you are trying to represent the two situations as equal, and they are not. Who else but someone in favor of downstate would do that?
  8. Leaving out the context that the reverse scenario heavily favors groups that outnumber lol especially after Warclaw was added. It's ok lil bb you'll get your downstate in a day, and your moms and dads can pick you up and kiss the boo boos from the mean thief better.
  9. Every time Anet goes down the road of different WvW events, it comes very buggy. Golem rush week lol...
  10. 2/52 weeks is 'too many'. I'd be fine with 1/4 weeks lol.
  11. Well yeah it's faster, no more squads camping 2-3 down bodies waiting to cleave them out because downed HP is 2X higher than normal HP. And you're complaining about this lol....and somehow arguing that downstate would have helped the outnumbered defenders 🤡
  12. Play invisible and with a full inbox, never heard anything from anyone I didn't want to hear from for a year now.
  13. You: 'Do you realise rally is the main way to come back from DS ?' Also you: 'killing a player will only rally ONE other player, you can't rally your full biggest squad just by killing one people from the smallest squad. Is rally the main way to come back from DS or is it an insignificant part of the game because you've amazingly said both at the same time. Also nothing to say about target caps and having more 3k armor meatshield rezbots and having more rez CDs lol. Go fight 20 with 10 and tell me downstate doesn't favor the 20, pretty funny stuff you playing another game. And no, I don't care about this hypothetical situation about 40 man squads vs 50 man squads, this week is finally a time to enjoy other areas of the WvW instead of catering to full squads like usual. Servers can't even support a decent 40v40 fight, balancing around lagwars is a clown move.
  14. And downstate doesn't favor the biggest squad? Really? More 3k armor players sharing stability and hitting F, more ranged rez skills doesn't factor at all? You know nothing is making you tank the 'biggest AOE dps' right? You can dodge and reposition out of it lmfao like good players do instead of letting your HP hit 0 because your waterboy can save you. The point of no downstate is it lets smaller groups achieve victory through skill more often, NOT to ensure the smaller group wins every fight or even most fights...
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