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  1. I'm very excited to see the return of Kuunavang to the story! I cant wait to see which direction we go from here. :-)
  2. Hopefully not at the same time. IDK, the reception sounds like it would be very memorable. Pea soup anyone! :p
  3. Admittedly the gods of Tyria do seem to exist within their own society. They interact with each other, impose their will on each other, and are capable of given physical birth. I wasn't trying to make the argument that the gods of Tyria have no gender identity. Only that the majority of attributes that are used to describe the gods has to do with how any particular race sees them. For instance, Humans see near omnipotent entities worthy worship while Asura see vessels whose existence can be rationally predicted. And perhaps your right. It is possible that the gods of Tyria walked through
  4. I myself try to shy away from discussion of the gender of the EDs. Gender itself is a social construct more so than a biological description. Certain societies may base specific gender associations and/or roles off of biological factors, but it is not required. EDs do not technically participate in a society, therefore it would be unexpected if the EDs had a gender identity. To discuss the masculine and feminine designations of any particular ED as a "fact" seems futile to me. That said, we should realize that there are Tyrian societies that have relationships to the EDs. Each particula
  5. What would be the traditional sense for an ED to create a scion? Are not all systems of reproduction simply forms and methods by which living entities biologically "construct" new individuals? Perhaps we are just picturing two different, but equally plausible, forms of creation based on the information provided. I would have to say my most favorite fallen heroes would be Achilles and Anakin. I love the idea of portraying a suffering in literature and then turning it into a madness. Whether it is an uncontrollable rage (Achilles), a cold heartless fist (Anakin), or possibly in the case of
  6. If we are to accept that the sex determination of the Elder Dragons is anything other than female then parthenogenesis would not be a good description. Parthenogenesis specifically refers to reproduction from an ovum, a female reproductive cell. As far as Kralkatorrik being the only Elder Dragon to produce scions there is no lore or information from developers to support that statement. Glint was a champion and scion of the Elder Dragon Kralkatorrik, but she was not the only champion and therefore possibly not the only scion. Unless definitive statements are given about the other champio
  7. These are very interesting concepts being discussed here. Are the Elder Dragons "alive"? I suppose the first step would be to give a biological definition to the word Life from a Tyrian perspective. I would submit that our current biological definition would be most useful here. A thing could be considered alive if it is composed of cells that metabolizes magics, that grows and responds to the environment, and that regulates an internal state with the capability of replication and adaptation. Using this definition I believe we can consider both Elder Dragons and Sylvari to be alive. The
  8. I think it would be interesting and compelling for Owl to be reborn from Jormag. In fact I'm pretty convinced that with the protective rhetoric we hear coming from Jormag that we are experiencing the influence of Owl directly. Owl the White! =)
  9. You have some interesting ideas here. The greatest relation I see between Ritualists and Necromancers is the forceful desire to bend their creations to their will. "Ritualists channel other-worldly energies that summon allies from the void and employ mystic binding rituals that bend those allies to the Ritualist's will. " When it comes to summoning spirits and channeling the lightning energies of the Channeling Magics I agree that the Necromancer is well suited. A couple of thoughts though. I would be interested to see the Necromancer's shroud fueled and enhanced by the presence of spirits
  10. I'm not married to these ideas, I was just spit balling. Mostly I tried to consider where we left Cantha and what might have happened in the past 250 years. Here are couple of points to defend my thoughts. I could see Canthans engaging and developing ritualized combat as a means of entertainment after centuries of isolation and subjugation on the other side of the world. Gladiator Defense was a very popular skill from the original Guild Wars, though granted it was from the Prophecies campaign. However, I feel that Cantha could possibly have now become the backwater nation due to the isola
  11. Interesting Canthan specializations might go as follows: Gladiator (Warrior) - uses Warrior styled survival skills to reflect and spike damage. Weapon Melee TridentKirin (Guardian) - creates wells and ramps up tanking ability but deals very little damage. Weapon Main Hand FocusRitualist (Revenant) - creates urns and other summoned objects. Weapon Greatsword Chu Ko Nu (Engineer) - focuses on creating moving mechanical constructs (minions basically). Weapon Crossbow (why not)Sea Dog (Ranger) - basically an aquatic themed class with aquatic styled skills. Weapon Melee Harpoon Gun/RifleOni (T
  12. Try to imagine how a given profession could be expressed or pursued with any particular race. The more unlikely they seem the more room there is for creative space. For example let's look at the race of Sylvari. The Sylvari is a new race based on floral anatomy rather than fauna. Grown directly from the Pale Tree, they emerge fully formed and with no juvenile state. A lack of history plus vague recollections from the collective Dream create a rather inquisitive people that are adverse to isolation. Mostly bound by the precepts of Ventari's Tablet they are broadly pacifist but noble knigh
  13. First and foremost it should not be forgotten that this is fiction. The developers are not peering through camera lens and observing the Charr in their natural habitat. The Charr just like the Asura, the Sylvari, and even the Humans of Divinity Reach are a fabrication of actual human imagination living in the 21st century in the Pacific Northwest of the USA. Reading your post felt as though you were disconnecting from this fact. That you enjoy the Charr race the most in the game is one thing. That your post begins to speak of the Charr as though they are real is another. I want to addre
  14. I understand/share the frustration by large segments of the community devoted to specific game types with GW2. I myself am very fond of playing sPvP on a fairly regular basis. However, I don't believe the intent with this post was for all communities to have their concerns allayed at once. That said, this is without a doubt better communication than what has been received in the recent past. We as a community should encourage more posts like this from the developers so that all community concerns might be addressed. ArenaNet has developed a great game and very marketable product. Even w
  15. Absolutely! I have whole stories about not just my characters but a number of different heroes I encounter in Tyria. If you see something you like you are welcome to it. Only if you write about it, then reference me. ;-)
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