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  1. If Engi can't have viable turrets because AI, then Necro shouldn't have viable minions.
  2. I can almost hear the sound of Azure The Heartless sipping from their tea cup.
  3. This makes me sad that I missed out on GW1 during its prime. The more I hear you post about the more it sounds like a fun game.
  4. Power Scrapper is really good, but I don't think it falls into broken territory yet. The impact savant nerf did a lot to keep it in line. Shredder + Purge means you lack sunbreaks, but it does have the potential to burst people down if they don't respect it.
  5. I make posts here every once in a while where I share assorted core/scrapper builds. They haven't caught on yet. Heal Scrapper makes an excellent partner with Water/Earth Tempest (Prot Auras) and Reaper. Prot Tempest covers your natural weakness against power builds by giving the team AoE prot, and you cover the tempest's weakness by rendering condi builds irrelevant in teamfights. Reaper with superspeed gets to run people down in shroud and there's nothing they can do about it. Then when they drop shroud the quickness will linger for 10+ seconds so the pressure just k
  6. Core Grenadier Engi actaully felt playable after mega ballance. And then it got slapped with a million nerfs because of holosmith. Now it's garbage again. I'm just waiting for Anet to try to build an Elite spec off of this shambling mess of a class. It will be catalyst all over again. The only good that came out of the FEB patch were the traitline reworks which where net buffs for their respective proffessions. The only good patches that came post feb were the PvE oriented patches that added build diversity to existing/underperforming (Quickness Scrapper, Alac M
  7. Thankfully, WoW taught me to hold off on pre-ordering. I haven't seen anything that makes me want to buy the new expansion yet. The new specs are a steaming pile of meh, and it'll take more than simple numbers to fix them. The philosophy behind them needs to change. They're prioritizing making something loaded with trade-offs with no benefit over making something functional or fun. Fishing is w/e. It's not for me. I don't load up Gw2 to go fish, I play it for the fun combat. It's a nice addition but not enough to sell an expansion. WvW alliances is a step in the right d
  8. Beta is prime time to give valuable feedback because the further the specs move past beta, the lower the chances of seeing changes. if there is a time to be vocal it is now. Issues with the specs come down to more than numbers. The core philosophy behind their design is flawed. If you look at the streams CMC was more excited when talking about how he gutted each spec unecessary trade-offs than he was about discussing what each spec was supposed to accomplish. He was almost apologetic when showing off anything that looked strong. It's no coincidence that the specs are this weak. The
  9. The worst Elite spec anet has released. It needs so much work before it's barely functional.
  10. The beta events are a case study of why CMC's balance philosphy is flawed. The way Anet has chosen to do trade-offs is misguided. They need to stop trying to shoehorn these trade-off mechanics into the spec and prioritize making something fun, fluid, and functional. 5k Fully charged Dragon's Strike crit. This is just sad.
  11. Vindi is actually busted. People just haven't realized how broken the vigor trait is with Retribution and the heal dodge. This is the single best bunker in the game at the present.
  12. Vindicator is basically a free node win atm. You run Saint of zu Heltzer. You take improved vigor on dodge. You run retribution for further increased vigor. You run a staff, and you proceed to spend 90% of the fight either blocking or dodging while spitting out damage healing and barriers. There's no way this makes it past beta.
  13. Yep its the one that hits for 400k. Looks like they went overboard in nerfing it for PvP.
  14. Title. If you're going to give an elite spec 15 different trade-offs, then there had better be a BIG pay-off. If I root myself for 5 seconds and announce to the entire map that I'm about to burst, there had better actually BE a burst. If I spend 20 seconds in combat building up energy to use my proffession mechanic and fight within a constrained area to use it, I had better be rewarded with more than 6 damage and 1 second boons. You CANNOT MAKE AN ELITE SPEC OUT OF JUST TRADE-OFFS. Stop loading up these elite specs with downsides, no upsides, and expecting them to
  15. After spending some more time with the spec, I have noticed a major issue. Dragon Slash Force is supposed to be the BIG payoff of the spec. You build up your flow to max. You root yourself for 5 seconds and count to ten. You announce to the entire map that you're about to burst. You shout "For Great Justice!" Pumping yourself up for the big hit. Then, at long last, you unleash! 5k crit. That's it? You couldn't make the big payoff of the spec hit harder than a lich auto? I've seen bigger numbers on Maul. I'm going to sound like a broken r
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