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  1. I didn't play pre HoT, but I loved PvP in late PoF. Fighting Mirage as a newbie was like bashing my head into a wall, but that aside I could pick any class and have 2+ meta builds to choose from. And many more that were Great.
  2. Build diversity is better than it's been in years. But it still pales in comparison to where it was pre Feb 2020.
  3. The impression I get from ele is that it's balanced right now. It's rewarding if you put the time in, but punishing if you mess up. For all the busted things ele can do, there are equally busted things on other classes that can meme them into the dirt. And that's the problem. The meta is DPS dominated right now which encourages ele players to also build glass. Glass ele works... But it has a punishing skill floor. Miss one dodge and you die to a stiff breeze. Most people would rather not put in he extra effort it requires to perform at a baseline on ele for something that is just "balanced". If ele isn't overtuned it feels like you're putting in extra work for no extra reward. This is especially frustrating when there are classes with much lower skill floors (Guardian) that are overtuned. Even if you put FoTM aside and play for fun, going on loss streaks isn't exactly a fun experience, so most don't bother. I've also noticed how much easier games become by comparison when I swap to Ranger or Scourge. And I have like 3k hours more eperience on ele. Even with all that said, I don't swap because ele continues to overperform most where it matters. It's fun. The most fun class in the game (besides engi) imo. If I took PvP more seriously I'd probably complain more, but I'd do so with full knowledge that I'm asking for my class to be overtuned.
  4. Anet should revert the PvP only nerf to sigil of cleansing. Sigils are something every class has access to, and undoing this nerf will disproportionately benefit those with poor access to condi clear. Specifically those that cannot effectively cleanse multiple condis at once.
  5. Increased CD doesn't matter if you get even 1 rez. It's a straight buff if you get multiple.
  6. The skill is so toxic its acronym triggers the kitten filter. I didn't even know DE had this. I figured trapper rune on your dodge roll was annoying enough.
  7. Why does Death's Advance acronym trigger the kitten filter?
  8. If you're that jaded, why not afk from PvP entirely? There's better experiences out there.
  9. Sic Em longbow is the way of the past. Now you one shot in melee range instead.
  10. Tools Holo and Power Scrapper are both viable options. Core is surprisingly decent as well. It used to be gutter tier but recent changes have helped it out immensely. Rifle still sucks tho. Stick to hammer.
  11. Utility pDPS Scrapper is shockingly good this patch. Initial impressions after reading patch notes were bad. Barrier is nice, but it conflicts with quickness. GW2's community does not take well to healers that do not provide quickness or alac. Scourge can provide barrier and rezes while also providing alac, making them a far more enticing choice as a barrier support. After trying it out in practice, I find that Scrapper has a very noteworthy niche now as a utility DPS with good barrier and amazing stability access on the side. With the right setup, Scrapper can put out decent DPS while also providing rezzes, on-demand stability, barrier, protection, and a bit of superspeed on the side. It can significantly smooth over a run and make up for it's DPS loss by ensuring that you have more than enough stability to cover every mechanic. It's also very safe with it's AoE barrier + the self barrier it gets via Impact savant. No other elite spec in the game is currently able to role compress in this way. This is the build I'm running. It's very similar to the OW build listed below with some minor tweaks to make it better in group content. http://gw2skills.net/editor/?PeQAIlRwaYaMHWKOsLvtNA-DSZYBRBBHyWQBwheyuIqNB6oAuAsExZEUB-e - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - This patch also gives Scrapper a huge buff in OW. The sheer amount of barrier it can provide gives it survivability similar to what it had with Impact savant pre nerf. You can generate nearly-permeant stability on yourself. You've also got ez 25 might generation, fury, protection, and quickness. It's feels immortal even in full DPS gear. Here is the build I am using. http://gw2skills.net/editor/?PeQAIlRwaYQMHWKO8LvtNA-DSZYBRBBHyWQBwheyuIqNB6oAuAsE4ZEUB-e I use the same gear that I use for qDPS scrapper. Because I like to min-max my crit chance. It runs a mix of Zerker, assassin, and Diviner gear to hit the golden 45% crit chance benchmark. Just enough to crit cap with Firearms. The extra boon duration gives more uptime on might, fury, and quickness while also making your stab and protection uptime almost permanent. You hit hard, you don't have to worry about annoying mob CC, you've got ranged pressure with mortar kit. A stunbreak to cover you during that brief period where you're without stability. You generate a decent amount of barrier with Impact savant alone, and when you factor in bulwark gyro, blast shield, and function gyro, you can spike to full barrier on demand. It's a very comfortable and sturdy build. Feels like you're wearing full cele even though you're running glass.
  12. My only frustration with DH... Spear is one of those very high impact skills with virtually no animation attatched. Sure, traps hurt, but that wouldn't matter if spear had a clear reactable animation. And it's unblockable so you can't use channeled blocks if unsure of when its coming. F3 makes matters worse. A visually noisy skill that makes the brief hand wave even harder to detect. Hand waves arent clear animations. Every high impact skill should be easily detectable from a distance. Tone down visual noise for low impact skills. For clarity's sake, I'm not saying DH has no other issues. This is just my personal grievance with it.
  13. Mario Kart 8 Dx is a better competetive experience than Gw2.
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