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  1. I get your frustration, but lets take a step back and consider the context here. Ranger is a mid to mid-high tier class in current patching. It's not blatantly overperforming in the same way that Holo, Scourge, or (arguably) Renegade are atm. We've also seen a lot of... emotionally charged nerf posts in the past that have inspired some less than ideal changes. Many of which to the ranger class itself. Even if you're not a ranger main, anyone with an investment in more than easy matches or seeing their own class succeed could be forgiven for looking at ranger and saying "There's no
  2. There are some ludicrous class mechanics out there to be fair. Necro gets a second health bar and an extra 5 skills on top of their base kit. Ele has attunements (As weaver, this is effectively an extra two weapon swaps with a 3 second cooldown). One issue I can see with fighting ranger is the difference in congnitive load between their ranger and the opponent. The ranger simply has to pet swap on cooldown and let the AI do their thing in most situtions. Their opponenet has to track what the ranger is doing while simultaneously keeping tabs on the pet.
  3. I considered going on a spiel about how pets aren't that big a deal, but well. It's a drake. We are now complaining about drakes. In PvP. I mean... if we were talking about bristleback or tiger. Okay, maybe there might be a conversation there? But it's a drake. The pet Charr start with at level one, name "Charmander" because they're unique and quirky. Jump into PvP because aint nobody got time for leveling in this game, forget to swap their pets, facepalm because Charmander weighs 300lbs and can't even hit a necro with 15 stacks o
  4. It's all situational on weaver. How you cleanse depends on what attunements you're in and what you currently have off cooldown. I'll give a few example combos below For huge bursts of conditions, obsidian flesh is your best panic button. You can wait out the cover condis with the invuln then earth 4 to cleanse what's left. You should be fine after that. If currently in fire attunement Swap to water and dodge = 1 cleanse from cleansing wave double tap fire 5 = 3 cleanses total of 4 condis cleansed If currently in wa
  5. This reminds me of the time I built bunker nature magic ranger. Bristleback F1 did 70% of a guardian's hp with sic em. That was fun.
  6. Thief has some design choices that I personally dislike. The largest two being: Why would you tie so much power to an instant cast ability with no tell that instantly ports you to the target? This is the reason why condi thief is so degenerate when it's strong. There's no consistent way of preventing their burst on you. You can delay it by camping a no port spot, but they will pressure you off of it with cluster bombs. Eventually you will have to fight them in the open, and that's when you either have to "guess" when it's coming with a random dodge, or just eat the con
  7. Meanwhile, an epic battle was taking place. DH: Aha! You have fallen into my trap. Prepare to become mincemeat! Prot Holo: ... DH: Wait. What are you doing... Prot Holo: [Raises arm slightly] DH: Not that! anything but-- Prot Holo: [Shield 5] DH: *convulsion noises*
  8. Could be desync. Happens when you lag and your model and hitbox are in two separate locations.
  9. This won't change a thing. So long as the matchmaker pits plats vs bronze/silver, you're still going to have these kinds of players on your team. They're going to feed, and there's little you or they can do about it. Ideally, the proper solution is to fix the matchmaker to create matches where everyone is of as similar skill level (+/- ~100 rating), but the population isn't big enough for that. Making new players slog though more of the dumpster fire that is unranked isn't going to magically make your games better. It'll just make the experience of getting into ranked
  10. Don't worry, this change is only significant for scrapper in PvP. This was a quality of life change, meant to prevent superspeed applications from overriding each other. This rarely happens on Holo, but it was very easy to do on scrapper, especially when trying to stack quickness. You would inevitably overwrite a 12 second super speed application with a 3 second application, which was a feelsbad moment. Even for rocket boots holo, the actual impact of this change is small due to cast times. If you try to stack the super speed of Holo Leap with rocket boots, you end up
  11. If it comes down to one or the other, I believe heterogeneity is the better choice This got me thinking back to my time playing other competetive games. A very important lesson I've learned from each is that even when something seems like it comes down to simple counterpicks and counter-strategies. Rock, paper, scissors. The actual interaction between players is a lot more nuanced than that. I'll use League of Legends as an example since it's a popular game and it's been around for over a decade. If you've played league for a few years, you probably remember (or ha
  12. There's a place for this kind of discussion. It's a welcome change of pace after a year of "Nerf X. Nerf Y". These guys are attempting to suggest alternate methods of balancing the game. Simply deleting builds/options from the game did not work as well in practice as it did in theory, so that leaves us with the question, "What is the best method of balancing Gw2"? Normally I'd make an attempt to break down the discussion into layman's terms so more of us can follow the discussion, but once we start getting into data sets, functions, variables, and complex equations, I get PTSD from
  13. Skill interaction is precisely why I main engi in the first place. A basic (but effective) version of that does exist with the combo system. You can combine skill A (combo) with skill B (finisher) to create an effect that is greater than the sum of its parts. It's a shame Anet has been taking repeated strides to nerf/remove combo field gameplay. Cleverly weaving finishers into combat is one of the more fun and skillful parts of this game.
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