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  1. Is the OP banned ? Rarely do I see a forum login as a string of numbers/letters. As tank chrono they will vary the play style depending on the group/encounter. Training new druids/healers or new bosses - makes sense for a chrono to go high toughness on certain encounters. I will leave it at that.
  2. BG is well known to be one of the highest populated WvW servers , I don’t see this changing anytime soon. ANET has even publicly stated that BG is overstacked and has a much larger WvW active player base than other servers on NA. They acknowledge that BG is one of the reasons balancing server links is so difficult. The updated populations are refreshed on Monday - check back every week if the server you want is free. You cannot compare a T1 NA (Blackgate) server with a link server (WSR) in such a crude manner. Look at the WvW stats in terms of transfers in/out and points gained per hour fo
  3. Is there any update on the development - features we should expect, given there has been a Hugh amount of feedback so we can avoid the disapointment of equipment loadouts/build templates ?
  4. Can we fix this Anomaly: with the chat tabs.... From the wiki: After a loading screen it is possible to create an extra tab, but it will not be saved. If that 6th tab is closed, it will not be possible to create another 6th or greater tab again until the next loading screen, but that 6th tab can be accessed by left-clicking the arrow adjacent to the add tab symbol. In this way an unknown number of extra chat tabs (greater than 16) can be added that are only accessible through the arrow. However, these chat tabs are removed upon re-logging It would be great if we can save > 6 tabs and it per
  5. Well how long is it before we expect a quick new meta shift ? Looks like we're going to have to equip CC skills again...
  6. The Mythical Dragons [MYTH] is PVX Guild – looking to increase its members, we are currently recruiting for general members and for an experienced static RAID group. Who are ? The Mythical Dragons [MYTH] ? ? We are forming a new experienced raid static 8pm – 11pm UK Time (Monday, Tuesday) [Winter=Server Time, Summer = Server Time + 1hr] – read on for the requirements to join the raid static group. What are we looking for in individuals?• Mature attitude (e.g. strength to work through problems, patient, tolerant, compassionate, optimistic, honest, humble, self-aware and accountable, st
  7. Just expand, build and maintain- GW2.FYI: GW3 got cancelled by NCSOFT in favour of expanding GW2 which I believe is the right decision. Mike O B left shortly after GW3 decision was made.
  8. Biggest leap will be from dx9->DX12, it’s not a complete rework just needs a dedicated small team to focus on the migration path only. Dx9proxy has proven framerates go up even with a wrapper. Native coding into DX12 for the engine with the increased cpu multi threading, draw time reduction and increased asset detail will allow anet to rollout previously higher detailed assets and more complex maps in the future.
  9. There seem to be some issues in the land of GW2 ... https://www.reddit.com/r/Guildwars2/comments/hknpgi/are_login_servers_struggling_right_now_for_anyone/ One of my accounts can login, the other I have no luck with... lots of Code 42's when I am logged on the account that can get in.
  10. Removing the emergency distort on the csplit -This was done to ensure mesmers could use their initial skills after csplit after removing F4 distort. This has now removed any instant distort (emergency button) for chronomancers. This would make sense if they moved F4 back to have an emergency distort.
  11. On NA there are some servers which are well known for ultimate toxicity, in map, squad, team chats - 24x7 - I wont name the server but anyone who has had a link with them will know who I mean.
  12. Having to send every patch to MS or Sony to be validated before it can be sent to consoles is a killer for ANET and has a massive lag delay for approval to release. We like to see the content regularly and prompt bug-fixs, if we accommodated consoles - this could not happen.
  13. How are ANET calculating 'Full' server status atm, do they ever shuffle to 'very high' ?
  14. Well, they’ve already randomly reset a matchup mid week, so I guess anything is possible. Except alliances of course. Did you just say the aaaalllliiiaaanncceeesssssssssss (shhh) word ?
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