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  1. People thought some good reveals were coming or were hopeful for it. I guess they don't care much for LW stuff. I don't mind it. But I'm new. If I were here years I probably would be taking a LONG vacation from the game. You really do need a regular influx of solid content to keep an MMO going. Not just one questline (maybe 5 -10 quests) every several months. Fractals and raids that people have done countless times only work for so long. And with an MMO, once people stop playing, when they come back, it probably won't keep them here for long (since they already stopped unless it's really good
  2. Then they don't need to make a twitch about it with all the fuss. They could basically put it in a post or as a feed with a web page on their website. Once they start trying to get players to come watch a feed, it seems like there is more to it. It is inadvertently misleading whether they meant to do that or not. I'm still only a few months into this game (3 I think) so it doesn't bother me. But for people who have been here for a while, and wanting more content for a while (like an expansion), it created false hope. Really they could have done a much better job in handling it. Why else would
  3. While I'm not disappointed, generally when making a twitch feed, the company should be mindful that people think it means more really cool stuff is coming. Players getting their hopes up SHOULD ALWAYS be a good thing because it means they love the game and want more content and cool stuff. Putting this on the players at all is kind of insane. Completely insane. It's like saying to them that they should not expect more good stuff to come even when areanet pushes their twitch feeds and makes it seem like something good will come. To tell them to not get their hopes up is akin to saying it is bas
  4. Gem store stuff probably gives a decent sum for them. I mean living stories are basically free if you log during release. So that's why they probably aren't in a rush with other content. Requires too much work. Who knows, this game could basically be on life support without anyone knowing it just so they can get more money for as long as they can with minimal investment.
  5. So what exactly is coming up? Any LW5 stuff? what are the mastery things? Or was it THAT bad?
  6. Desperate for people to watch. Rotten move. Speaks volumes about how they treat their players, really.
  7. Eh, I always thought the food buff times were basically a joke. 30 min is garbage. 60 min would be far more reasonable. 30 min to me a very low level food where you are just learning to make better foods. 60 min foods to me would be for foods that are higher levels and require more skill. Anything at level 80 should be 1 hour IMHO. Otherwise it's just a nuisance how fast it runs out.
  8. I mean, we can buy gold. It's not P2W but it sure is pay to make your life way effin easier. Not a far walk from there to P2W and they already have the taste of it in their mouths. But I suspect they won't actually go there until they are convinced the game is pretty near dead. Then they will scoop up all the bits of easy cash they can before GW2 takes its last dying breath. And of course, if somebody at corporate hasn't already had that idea and they hear this, they probably will go implement it stat. Hug your goodies tight kiddos. Someday every schmo in the game might have them and laugh at
  9. Sometimes when I am opening crap in my inventory, I feel like all I am doing is playing with russian dolls. Mean russian dolls that like to get my hopes up that at the end of it there will be something that was worth my time in opening them.
  10. I wouldn't say it's the best. It's good. Right now a lot of people are leaving here and going to ESO. Also a lot coming from WoW and some from FFIV to ESO also. ESO seems to be very popular right now. It's in that sweet spot where many are still discovering it. This is an older MMO that also doesn't put out as much content as ESO. I'm not saying it's not a good MMO. It is. But older needs to keep enticing with lots of regular content and events. ESO has quarterly new content and quarterly events. More events here for sure. But not enough new content from what I've heard while I've been play
  11. When you think of it, EVERYTHING they say in the stream will end up on the forum for the most part within the hour. People will come here and make tons of threads. So if people are interested and don't have the time to watch, perhaps activity in the forum might be a better indicator. Really though, for a season rather than expansion, I think there will be less people showing. Expansions offer more reasons to come back than one quest chain and maybe a map or two. If they will have good maps people might come for that. POF had mounts. That was huge. Season 4 had skyscale. But that was at the ver
  12. More reasons as to why dungeons should be addressed. They COULD be rebalanced. They COULD offer some kind of enticing rewards. Frankly all they would really need to do at this point is buff stats on players, lower damage output from enemies and then toss in some decent rewards like XP gains and maybe some daily rewards that players like. The mechanics would never be a problem IF they hadn't let dungeons die as there would always be someone who could type in chat what to do. I came from ESO and this was actually a thing. You almost NEVER had a group that did not know the mechanics unless it
  13. Any map that is not currently the newest tends to lean toward bordering on dead. Play during daytime and it definitely will be dead except MAYBE during some great meta IF people love the rewards or need to grind the XP for some reason. Many of POF maps currently face this problem. Dry Top can face it. Season 3 maps also. Right now, from my own experience the most active maps are season four, mainly due to dragonfall having some decent rewards and because people are still actively playing it (more people than older maps) and also - skyscale. What they really need to do is make rewards enticing
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