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  1. I'm not saying you're wrong, everyone has their reasons for dominating instanced contents with rules. But again, you're not chilling, but instead, you're fighting to enforce your own rules while other players may be indeed chilling with their own methods (skipping do make dungeons much easier to breeze through) You can browse through hundreds if not thousands of speed runners, high-end fractal players, and raid complaining people not reading LFG requirements, with even more casual players complaining that they were kicked for not following requirement rules. You're playing their me
  2. That still don't change what you're doing. You set up a rule of the game, and enforce it so others must follow, and rage if the rule's broken, that is domination.
  3. Here's the answer: Because you're not chilling either. You wanted to dominate the group to experienced players to slow down onto your pace, which is equally as difficult as to asking new players to speed up theirs.
  4. The ugly truth behind the reason of these end-game content nerf, is that in general, the average player base of many MMOs, if not particularly this one, are getting older of age comparing to gamers of other genre, and the game must adapt to keep the monetization running. You will likely the majority of development resource poured into retirement-home contents, sugar coated with epic scenery, that rewards you by simply participating, instead of anything that will make your palm sweat.
  5. Because you never knew that dungeons of this game began exactly with a leader system as you described, it failed miserably with LFGs end up with dungeon leader exploiting group effort by AFKing in the midst of progress. That system is thankfully patched.
  6. Alacrity Renegade, generally easy to play, yet essential for the squad.
  7. Sadly, this is exactly what a casual MMO means. Locking certain rewards behind a certain skill level only draws more complaints for a crowd who would never intend for skill based progression. Therefore grind and money shop became the preferable route by the majority.
  8. Neither did FF14 and New World, the social media pretty much did the job for them, while GW2 drove away the majority of its streamers. As for EoD, I can only quote Steve Jobs: The product suck. there is no sex in them anymore.
  9. Welcome to the forum, we currently on course from "Raid is too hard" through the middle stops of "Dungeon is too hard" "Expansion is too hard" descending into "Daily is too hard" threads.
  10. Path selection does not require 5 players, you can choose a path the moment you enter the instance alone, I usually did it this way while waiting for LFG to eliminate potential wait time. But even if other members triggered the selection dialogue, all party members will receive the window at the same time. So this is not the cause of how you lose control over pathing. As for communication during mechanics, most of cases they would, because it takes far more time to look for another member than to educate on on the fly. Even if you have a mute leader, I don't think the other 3 members woul
  11. It's a melee build, as long as the rotation remain limited in the radius of Lighting hammer, FGS, overload Lighting/Fire.
  12. First, in a party instance it is the player who makes the most contribution leads the game, not the creator. It is never Your party, and it is never Your game. That mindset will probably get you a tough start. Since you're running a celestial tempest (common set up for ele players who aren't into build crafting nor performance), there's a high chance that you are using a staff standing away from your party using ranged attacks, that also qualifies you as a follower than a leader. Then another element you should reflect on is why you're kicked, 95% of that happens when the player does
  13. Then getting doubly frustrated because some people afk farms in a worldboss meta make your life extra hard?
  14. I have repeatedly stated that the skillset is actually moderately boosted in PvE haven't I? And you are the first to bring up personal attack. So far you haven't yet bringing up a valid PvE scenario to prove your point except just argue for the sake of arguing. Simply put, it's simply a learning curve issue rather than a design flaw. This will be my last response to you, as there hasn't been anything related to real game scenario to make an constructive point.
  15. Neither is there a logical reason to boost something in PvE just to exploit the EULA, especially the whole skillsets are generally boosted in PvE modes. The problem doesn't lie in the game, just you needing to learn the class.
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