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  1. This "almost but not quite" allure is exactly what we would be spending 50k gems for in a fashion war!
  2. And why should we even care who you consider to be part of the population or not? In that perspective people who do raid training who happens to care about the enrage timer are too narrow to be a concern in the raider community. And the rest of people who don't raid are already comfortable with the fact that every open world boss events comes with a timer. Therefore it is still never an issue.
  3. Read what OP's asking: the topic is How would you do an "easy mode" in raids? Not How would you judge somebody's "easy mode" in raids.
  4. Seeing 80% of the population don't even get past 1400 AP, we are all part of a very narrow community.
  5. First, you are not making a suggestion, you're trashing a generally accepted game design starting with the topic. Second, I have made an valid argument why your point don't work, but in your rage you simply don't think on it. Third, I didn't say you couldn't do it, I said you couldn't overcome why it exist. And finally the most important purpose of an enrage timer isn't to encourage elitism, but rather to reduce potential health risk induced by playing in high adrenaline actions for over a long period of time.
  6. I live and play in OCX/Asia active time, when the majority of Australian players are mostly active. Oh, and at that time I only see 1 strike mission listed. Either way, the variance between both of our numbers proves that neither these mode are popular among the casual community to warrant an expansion of something similar, it only means they are not dead.
  7. I was there the whole 5 years observing why these players had giving up. The causes wasn't as simple as you think it is: 1. Most of these players have difficulties with adaptation, they respond negatively when dealing with gameplay changes. 2. Free for all groups has never developed a working strategy. 3. Because of above, they chose to sneak up on existing meta groups and collide with existing raiders. Point 1 and 2 are the main cause, 3 is merely the symptom. You'll find the casual communities are far less interested in easy mode than you think. The bi
  8. You did not come up to this topic to ask for suggestions of an accessibility problem. You come up here to criticize a game mechanic that serves as an indicator of a content requirement. Which also explains why you never able to overcome it for the last 5 years despite various difficulty nerfs and easy guides available that already served as the most viable solution.
  9. I'm in NA server, currently there's only 2 listings instances across T1-T3 at this time, and it usually stays that way, so there's your popularity count.
  10. And how is these debate has anything to do with Easy Mode in raid? This game has never had even one successful attempt at making any low difficulty, low reward based instance contents popular for the last 6 years. It failed at Story Dungeon, nerfed Dungeon, Low level fractals, Strike Missions, DRM. But sure let's ask developers to devote their resources to make something more of the same just because a few grudging players wants Legendary Armor.
  11. Yes nobody to join, because even casual players prefer to join meta groups that guarantee success instead of unorganized groups that guarantees failure. If meta players are so minor of a population to be of a concern, the issue is clearly inside the casual population because there is no demand of of a "Anyone Welcome" even among casual players. To bear witness, I have joined several "Anyone welcome" groups back in the early years, and made many more while I was practice VG tanking without a static group. In almost every attempt, half the squad left the game after 2 wipes, because
  12. Dungeons wasn't nerfed to chase players out of that content, it was nerfed to balance reward with its difficulty reduced due to expansion specs, before expansion, there is always accessibility issues for the majority of players.
  13. Neither is Covid a good comparison. The majority of players also have accessibility issues with dungeons before the difficulty nerf.
  14. This is a pretty old MMO with lots of 2nd hand accounts left by players in who quit the game in other forums. And you don't even need the expansion to access the trading post.
  15. Yet they are now just as abandoned by players with both difficulty and reward nerf in place.
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