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  1. Alright thanks. Yea i got the elite specializations unlock. I don't know if i should be doing the piano rotation in PvP but i will look into it. I think the core engineer weapons are ok for PvP, but for PvE yea they suck. I will have to maintain many builds for PvP and PvE. Thanks man appreciate it.
  2. Hello guys, i am coming back to guild wars 2 and i have a level 80 engineer. I was wondering if i should play my engineer like an assassin. I was thinking of getting zerker gear or maruader for a few power builds. I feel like this class has little to no defensives and does no damage without stacking a lot of heavy offense stats. I plan to solo for now, but looking into roaming, ganking, WvW solo / sPvP and Maybe PvE later. I feel like stacking defensive stats is not very good for engineer. But i am not sure. I am alright at rotations and build making but i was wondering if you all play your en
  3. Hello guys, i was curious if i could run guild wars 2 in a windowed mode. I plan to play stream raiders, and watch twitch, and i know that combine work load is going to impact my CPU and memory. I am ok with that. So can i run guild wars in windowed mode, and if so, any advice you can give me or should i lower the FPS and graphics ? i haven't tried it yet but i plan to get back into guild wars 2 very soon. Thanks all and i like to hear any mechanical input. Thank you <3
  4. Hello all. I was in the engineer forums posting my rants and thoughts. I wanted to talk about misconceptions about engineer. So I been leveling up engineers of every race. I learned some things about engineer.. hope you enjoy this read. First I want to say that, engineer is the second least played class next to rev and people don't like engineer skills, playstyle, and aesthetics. Now let me inject an opinion ( this is my opinion ) but what if I was to tell you that engineer is the best 1v1 and small group fighter in the game ? Well what does that mean ? Most classes like guardian mesmer ne
  5. I also want to say that over 60 engineer skills are split in game modes. In outdoor PvE the skills feel clunky and weird. But in PvP and WvW (small fights 6 or less people) the nerfs and splits are actually ..fine. I can hold my own in small fights and I think people don't realize just how STRONG engineer is as a duelist. They say thief is the perfect 1v1 class in pvp and thief is pretty good but engineer is also very strong. Engineer's skills that are useless in PvE and WvW zergs are shockingly good in Spvp and roaming. Like plant mine. Useless right ? Useless in group content ( 6 or more
  6. Well... I don't really like to play with others. I can understand that scrapper is a strong support for raids and zergs. I think that depending on others kind of makes you weaker unless you have a second set of gear. An example is - you should never use a healing turret to cleanse or heal someone else. Only use it when you need it. Same with stealth and stability. I learned quickly when I played support and spvp that others are generally unreliable and they don't do enough dps or carry or play skillfully. I learned that if I am going to support scrapper heal, it better be for consciously to
  7. So i been running mostly spvp builds and romaing wvw builds. I do like explosions for explosive entry, it's so OP and will probably get nerfed soon. I also been breaking the habit of making support builds. I been trying to go full selfish dps and roamers builds and i don't really use the healing turret anymore. So far i been having good success and having fun. But i am starting to get a vague idea about how engineer is a "trap" in that even though he is design for support, engineer is best played as a loner solo guy in my opinion. I think it's not good to teach people or con dition them that
  8. Hey guys. So i been studying the engineer skills quite a bit. As well as the traits. Yea holosmith provides the best damage for engineer. Scrapper is more tanky and supporting, and alchemy is pretty nice boon power. I been testing new builds and i am liking the meta battle solo world build of scrapper with boon support and marauder gear. I like the might stacking and crit from firearms, makes for a well rounded heavy melee bruiser. I guess holosmith is the engineer's option for pure heavy damage, while everything else is more supporting. I cant see explosives being a good dps traitline as yo
  9. Hey guys, i was wondering there are any power builds that can be used outside holo kit. Right now i feel like rifle and hammer are too defensive, and rifle is very controlling in combat, while hammer feels like a defensive weapon. I was looking for other power builds that don't relay on holosmith kit build. I haven't checked meta battle, but i am hoping i have options. Right now i switch between zerker stat gear for pvE and a mix set of armor for WvW. I think holosmith is good but a bit boring, as well as not functionally effective at killing tanky targets very well (maybe the damage is nerfed
  10. As I continue to play guild wars 2 and unlock and complete things, I find daillies give me a sweet reward structure and keeps me busy. Between daillies and daily chest, HoT mini game exp, and daily instance home farming, I also find it fun to craft items as well as level alts. I think daillies are the bread of butter for keeping people motivated. They should make a 4th daily category with crafting or living story. The extra maps with living story are even more amazing. I think daillies help with a reward structure and make people happy. What do you guys think of daillies ? Also , I am ve
  11. I want to clarify that on windows 10, if you set it to high performance, and set the advance settings - go to Core performances, and set minimum and max to 100% = you will have very fast load times, and high FPS as well as smooth gameplay. Now my cores have a base 3.5 GHZ but the point is, maybe most people have balance or power save settings ? maybe that's why they get low fps or lag or something. I don't think guild wars 2 is unoptimize with computers.. specifically 1 core over multi cores. I am not an expert so i am probably wrong. Any ways, my guild wars 2 runs SO smoothly and freely and t
  12. someone in my family probably thought i was wasting electricity or something. I know my family are business people, but i am a gamer and need the power. Thanks guys again, i switch power options to high, and it runs perfectly. Have a good weekend thanks !
  13. THANKS GUYS i found out what the problem was. I found out in the power options ,you can change the settings of the computer. Mine was at power saves. So i check the advance settings, and check the core performance and it was set to 5% ! -.- ! So i switch to high performance and changed it to 100% performance and set the cooling to active. OMG that was so dumb. And now guild wars 2 runs very smoothly. It is fresh clean, almost like i bought a new computer. Everything is running so fast. On the performance in the task manager, it went from 1.00 gzh, to a constant 4.01 gzh. Everything runs fast
  14. I play rise of kingdoms on my phone and blue stacks. I treat guild wars 2 more like a mobile game than an actual full game. Yes, it's fun. and it is very great for getting everything completed. I farm gold often as a hobby after doing my dallies. But as far as spending habits go, - I am starting to spend more and more on the gem shop. Maybe i am addicted but i like deals, packages, outfits, exp boosters, keys, and i like eventually complete my account. I think guild wars 2 gem shop has nice deals and nice things to buy - the thing is some people buy gems with gold because they make a good amo
  15. Hello all. I wanted to chime in on my build. So dallies are so awesome, and so is the box you get every day. I have 110 laurels and 90 gold as well as a bunch of good items in my bank. Ok the real stuff, i have berserker armor, berserker rifle, berserker sword, berserker shield, berserker harpoon gun, and i have 1 back piece solder armor, 1 amulet soldier, 2 accessory soldier, and the 2 rings are Valkyrie. I also eat food to boost my power and precision and use pack runes and force sigil accuracy sigil. I am SUPER strong in wvw. I can pretty much solo anything 1v1 in WvW. I use alchemy, fire
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