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  1. eternal battlegrounds,way beyond a joke
  2. how on earth is this beta supposed to level things up, it,s worse than ever. stick with the system we,ve got , at least you knew who you are supposed to be playing with. this new system you,ve no idea who, after years of being with sea farers rest i am now apparently with gunnars hold???????????
  3. what is whiteside ridge intelligence and which server are they on
  4. how many servers are actually playing right now using underworld as a front ? more than one i suspect
  5. a complete waste of time,riddled with cheats,more cheats and even more cheats don,t waste your time do something positive like knocking nails in to your head
  6. i have just discovered the same happening with underworld valley. the trouble with this lot is that if you kill one,a thousand come to the funeral
  7. if you killed 1,000,000 people in far shiverpeaks overlook,how many would they have left [1,000,000,000] give or take a few
  8. as the title suggests, whathave you done to wvw
  9. thanks for your help i,ll try on the next meta
  10. when trying to get to the cache keepers in drizzlewood meta how do you use choppers to get from one keeper to the next,by the time i get to a keeper they,re already killed
  11. the only way to go is as follows. first kick thiefs,mesmers and rangers, second scrap all condition damage[stupid], no movement impairing conditions,how on earth are conditions applied to you through a wall or a gate. direct damage only. get rid of all the cheats and conmen,then we might get somewhere. FAT CHANCE but we live in hope
  12. what are these beasts that have started to appear in wvw
  13. i am trying to DISCOVER the recipe for clove-spiced pear and cured meat flatbread, i need to know what 4 items to put into the discovery panel to make the recipe NOT the 4 items to make the flatbread. i can,t just keep putting in random food items hoping to stumble across it . i know the items to make the actual flatbread but you need the recipe in order to do it. any help would be greatly appreciated.
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