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  1. nothing changes still shambolic
  2. many thanks for the info i didnt know this
  3. as an engineer i have permanent stability when using a flamethrower, however when in wvw i am constantly being stunned, dazed, pulled, you name it i am getting it.is this yet more cheats on the prowl, or do anet just turn a blind eye as they do to most things.
  4. thanks for the help,worked first time
  5. thanks for your reply i,ll give it a go
  6. i have an unfinished azure dragon slayer dagger, the description of the dagger says use against a new ice brood champion in a drm to recieve the finished version.what do they mean by a new champion, i have done 2 drm,s with the dagger active but no finished weapon.
  7. i know about the meta but each time i go to the spawn sites the juveniles are there but they won.t charm.do you have to actually have to do the meta events so that they will charm for me.both events are saying success but i still can.t charm any of them.
  8. i have been to the 2 locations where they spawn but i am unable to charm any of them,this happens every time i try to no avail.any help would be very welcome.
  9. i recently changed crafting discipline from weaponsmith to huntsman, i changed back to weaponsmith,but have lost the max 500 pts and i,m now a novice weaponsmith with 0 pointswhat went wrong
  10. tried what you suggested , no difference
  11. finished path of fire story line, but no mail allowing me to start sibaha story.any help would be appreciated.
  12. cheats,cheats and even more cheats
  13. thanks for your help, easy when you know how
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