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  1. ive already refashioned and am trying to catch up on story with my deadeye because specter might just make me a thief main now. as a (potentially former) necro main, specter might be the best necro elite spec so far. (unless they can pull another 180 on harbinger)
  2. dont love the framing of the question, but that aside Harbinger had such a fall from grace between betas. beta 1 gave this necro main the elite spec i've been waiting 5 years for and some stuff that needed addressing (it was still a beta afterall). beta 4 manage to ignore everything that needed addressing and only remove the stuff that made me excited for the spec. (the blight and lifeforce management gave me the feel of corruption condition juggling, but then beta 4 all your blight stacking tools also threw your blight away, so "blight management" became sitting in shroud, ignoring half
  3. also the traits need work. they are boring and so direct. its embarrassing to see harbinger traits compared to mechanist traits or even virtuoso traits. virtuoso traits (although in need of touch ups) has its 2 things it trying to do (power and condi) and then the 3rd trait line is utility options either can dip into. personally this is the direction i wanna see harbinger explore, it has the 2 things its trying to do (condi and support) and then a 3rd trait line of utility options. but if you insist on trying to do all 3, (power, support, and condi) then look at mechanist. all th
  4. for me one of the things i love most about necro is the corruption condi juggling, placing condis on self to send to enemies, which is iffy in group content (supports will kindly cleanse the condis on you before you can send them) in beta 1 the blight management on harbinger really scratched that itch. you wanted max stacks for dmg multiplier, and if you dropped it you're life force plummeted to heal you. there was danger like corruptions but well meaning healers couldnt ruin what you were trying to do. beta 4 feels like a they took that away. blight thresholds just dont scratch tha
  5. actually feels a bit worse than beta 1, only just realized now, how am i supposed to stack blight if all my blight sources also remove blight now? also kinda missing the passive heal but keeping that woulda been miserable with all the skills dumping blight now. will likely share more thoughts later.
  6. a bit disappointed, warrior is my 2nd most played class and it got the only elite spec i disliked this expac. ive never been a big fan of greatsword and bladesworn just gives up so much for a marginally cooler greatsword. pistol seems neat, but not neat enough to give up nearly every other weapon on the weaponmaster class. the funny thing is my personal idea for a warrior elite spec also disabled weapon swap, but that was cause the idea was giving them 3 weapon sets with an F button for each sets burst skill, giving the weaponmaster even more weapons to work with, not less. i want to lik
  7. Vindicator was fun but it feels like its missing something. greatsword was neat but dont know if it quite hits hard enough to be the power dps rev has been looking for. heal vindicator was fun to play but feels like the utility it brings doesnt match up to what Renegade or even Herald would bring. the kurzik spear toss elite looks like its supposed to be impressive, but lacked that oomph. its almost like an action figure, where it looks neat to pick up and move around but like, what does it do?
  8. im not much of a ranger player but untamed seemed fine... only fine. unfortunately the stuff its competing with in the betas and already in the game proper are more than fine, they're fun, or powerful, or absolutely absurd. also unfortunately giving more control over the pet by removing other controls over the pet isnt actually more control, i get that ya runnin short on buttons but untamed needs them, somewhere.
  9. just realized i never actually gave feedback, the burst on condi virtuoso was really fun but there werent really any condis and not much dmg on it, which is kind of an issue if it wants the option of being a condi dps.
  10. i wish i could judge the mechanist fairly but it was just too broken to enjoy this time around. as a condi engi that i really wanted, i guess its fine. did like that even tho it was clearly 3 condi traits, 3 support traits, 3 power traits, there was still reason enough to mix n match them on different builds, 1-1-3 for condi to better use the condi signet, or 3-3-1 for power to give the battle mech big boomer. disappointed that 3-1-1 condi with aim-assisted rockets doesnt really work because you cant position the battle mech, you press F2 once and no more rockets. i think an F5 key to let us
  11. after seeing all 9 i say harbinger is easily top 3 which is a relief. being a necro main that doesnt much like reaper and actively dislikes scourge, harbinger was a breathe of fresh air. one of the big things was managing the blight mechanic reminds me of the condi juggling with corruptions i used to love about necro, without the helpful support players interfering. liking blight so much also kinda ties in with being pretty okay with elixirs, im here to drink whatever is in the lil black bottle labeled "ignorance" one criticism, the power traits seems kind of superfluous. the harb
  12. possibly my favorite of all 9 we've seen. maybe even enough to move me from a necro main to a thief main. as a condi dps with full vipers and tormenting runes scepter pistol was very comfy to play. the movement on scepter pistol 3 was a little janky but enjoyable, love it creating distance on an enemy, closing distance on a friendly, or best of all overshooting when pointblank on an ally, that third one was sincerely the best. the consuming shadow adept (major adept trait) was kind of absurd. was a very comfy survivability tool but probably should be tuned down a bit. hopeful
  13. Catalyst is by far my favorite of these 3. it does need some work but i think 90% of that can be fixed by adjusting numbers. im liking what im seeing of hammer, augments, traits and the sphere. love the turtle friend, the whirling hammers, the loops, the voice lines. what needs improvement the sphere being stationary AND using an energy management system AND having a 15/13 second cooldown makes it a bit to difficult to comfortably use. one of those 3 things probably should be removed. the 5 second uptime on the hammer 3 loop buffs is pretty tight especially next to
  14. I have noticed that the third hit of Scepter 1, Ether Clone, doesnt make a 4th or 5th dagger. gets to 3 then just stacks torment. assuming this is a bug, not intended.
  15. yeah, servers seem to be struggling right now, at the moment i am both in a party AND not in a party. someone said they were dropping but their portrait remained in the UI, so i tried to start another DRM and the pop up didnt show that players name. curious. so then i dropped from party to reform. except after leaving party all 3 of them were still in my UI, with (nonfunctional) options to kick them from the party, or to join them in their instance. when i type in party chat it doesnt give me the message saying that im not in a party, but also doesnt show me any party chat. i since cl
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