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  1. We will see how it is this time, after each balance patch it went better
  2. Have you tried to use the skill directly? It's not that is a unblockable, unblindable stun with dmg
  3. It's the second beta and it's the second time the elite specs felt a bit undertuned for the minority, is this bad? Noooo!!!!! We get for the first time elite specs that aren't completely broken, either with their mechanics or dmg. These specs are mostly fine (harbinger and vindicator excluded). It makes me really insane to look in this forum and see directly "buhuhuhu this elite spec is not as broken as the other where at release, even it is a beta buhuhuhu I want to do 300k krit buhuhuhu" No guys for real, give some real feedback and be 1 ti
  4. It's a big mix of Different things, first of all the region, na has far less players than eu, which means the risk of having a bot in your team I was higher, also na has way more different time zones than eu which is splitting the player base even further, which results in even less players into the same bots. As an eu player I've seen not that many bots, but I am mostly at p2 at night I see rarely a bot, but in bronze/silver you will met bots more often
  5. Changing class/build is fine, imagine the guy need to play Multiple classes on the same lvl. Outside of that high rating games are not p1/2, that sector is more like some know what to do some don't and it's still a clownfiesta. Most high rated players are not toxic, they don't care about ranked at all, tho not all
  6. When they gonna quit because they loose to a bot, than they would quit because of anything. No one ever should loose a 1vs1 to a bot, this is straight up impossible
  7. When a bot 1vs4 than no one should complain about bots If people are worse than bots than they deserve to loose
  8. Invuln would be hilarious, imagine getting decaped because of Dodge Maybe it's some kinda block or some kitten
  9. It's hard to say op build, some secret op builds are not op yet, because one or two meta builds is gate keeping them
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