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  1. bro this things can just come through the wall and krit with 12k, what do you want to do against this?
  2. i was playing on skyhammer and a the enemy thief was pulling axes through the walls, i couldn't hide at all
  3. Back when the game came out, everyone was terribly bad, there was less "button mashing" because most players where still playing with 1-0 hotkeys Back at hot, players got far better, but we had a huge pvp players base compared to now, so you still got your matches at your elo Keep in mind, back than dmg was way higher and CC's did dmg on top. Everything people complain in the forums today, still happened back than
  4. Yeah balance is quite good, maybe condi druid slightly shaped to strong but, it doesn't feel to much drawn to a single role, not a support meta, not a sidenode meta and also not a one shot meta. Buuuuuut there is a big entrence wall, a friend of me started playing the game recently and it's very hard to understand for him when he is allowed to attack and when not. If we wouldn't be 5 guys he probably would have already quit, fighting scourges as a herald of you don't know what a scourge is doing its rly aids, same with any mesmer dh and other shinanigans, there are quite well balanced for what they do but for every I press buttons and hope to get fun man it's just running into a wall
  5. It's very good weapon, but the rest of the ranger kit hold its back to get broken, when untamed port had no cast time this was literally broken. Without its still the best weapon kit by itself in the game (wait till staff for warrior comes out, it will claim r1)
  6. I think there is no guide, but a simple rule, basicly everything you can't walk with pure W to is a no port spot, you have to Jump to reach it.
  7. They are not working at all
  8. 1-5 q and Core specs only, could be the best 2 Weeks we had in a long time. Otherwise 1vs1 miniseason letsgo
  9. Running far on warrior sounds pretty normal imo
  10. I like the Idea, it Would Make wintrade wars even More Epic seeing 10 Guys Hardcore wintrading for r1 to have it in Gold. Outside of that, there is nothing agianst that
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