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  1. After Over a Year of 2vs2 and 3vs3 Offseasons i came to a conclusion. Let them stay parallely to normal conquest and remove Unranked from the qlist. 5vs5 Conquest Ranked + Unranked There are maybe not that many players but i face many different players in 2vs2 and in 3vs3 than in conquest and you still find games at every clock time on both q's. Unranked merges with ranked conquest, Players that q for Conquest get an rating the rest is play unranked (including Stronghold, Cortyard, 2vs2 and 3vs3). Players Rating is always hidden, until you reach top 250(you
  2. I think it would be actually cool to have 2 ladders I see lot of different players in 2vs2 than in 5vs5, the player base in pvp in general could grow
  3. There might be some issues, the main reason, 2vs2 has some way worse balance than 5vs5 (at least the last few seasons didn't play the new one since it came with the balance patches but we will see) Second it would split the player base to hard
  4. I point out that skills are getting changed for pve, reducing dmg from stuns is not a skill change its a number change. Changing skills how they work is always completely pve orientated. Outside you can't tell me that the torment change, the recistence and resolution change had pvp that big in mind. Getting less dmg from torment because you move is not punishing at all, resolution is a coole idea but how many classes have access to it? 2-3? Why can't the skills directly designed for a player vs player base and than reacaled for pve, now we need to do a lot of dumb numb
  5. Dmg on cc stays probably because you still have pve, where the skills does huge dmg You can f1 and enemy and attack another, removing this would be not that cool Exactly, lightning aura and engi shield does directly restun you, but you not only wasted your stun, you do not even cleanse any condis, because the animation did not end.
  6. I don't get it, why are all skill related patches designed arround pve, balance arround "static" mechanics could be absolutely easily done with number changes, but instead we get ALWAYS skill changes based on pve and number changes for pvp(????why????). who is making that decision? Does the skill team only change what them self like to play. This is not some random rant, this is criticism to anet directly for not caring for pvp since the first addon came out AND you even advertised it back than as pvp mmo. I would Like to have some answers. Is it straight out to hard to
  7. Many people got exposed with Screenshots, Videos, etc... Like a real proof that they wintrade, esp dumb when they wintrade on an alt account that is known as their account
  8. -Glyph of stars should give a waterfield, it does not. -remove dmg from lightning reflexes, a stunbreak that has potential of getting stunned is stupid and dealing 40 dmg is stupid too. -lightning reflexes does also not remove conditions when the dodge gets interrupted = insta cast that goes on full cooldown and it did not even Remove the condition -remove all stuns from pets that are passiv, maybe even give core Ranger an f5 to get some more controll over the pet EDIT: -Stowing maul goes on a 6 second cd instead of 4
  9. Leaderbord is looking like this because there are 20 people that can play the game and we are all zoo
  10. LOL look at zanananan Outside of that, warrior is good? Even core warrior is decent?
  11. I don't like that you afk when it is 220-180 its not lost and a kitten head move, that people whisper something like that is not nice either. Don't afk pls, even it's unranked, a match is never lost at this point, not even when it's 400-100
  12. Bigger 1vs1 map yes I am big fan, but it should be a good 1vs1 map. I like the current map, it has los, no port spots etc... But you need all of that stuff on a bigger map too and it needs some heavy resources. But yes I would Like to have it
  13. Maybe it's still just luck and random. Duo can increase win rate but if you have not builds that synergys that it's mostly no difference to soloq, just that you have 1 guy in your team and not him in the enemy team
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