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  1. Shuriken and zyntrex are both p3+ players, they even played that in monthlys , the majority of the forum complainers are gold zoo, plat is easy obtainable with every class I get p2 with teamfight druid
  2. Condi berserker is a viable option, some pretty high eu warriors are playing it and have success with it, zyntrex and shuriken are to honor here Ajaxx also plays it very well
  3. The reason why several times amuletts where removed is because first. Ministrel and other stuff like that making players unkillable, in wvw it's easy to watch when a guard is running arround with that while 5 people attacking him and he gets no dmg at all. It's nothing about skill it's about stats. Second in vanilla we had more stat combinations to use because classes weren't that versatile and hadn't that kind of broken skills, which mostly come from reworks and especs.
  4. Here an idea: -merge ranked and unranked -give 1-5 conquest ranked and an every week (or 2) changing second mode like 1vs1,2vs2,3vs3,stronghold, courtyard, whatever with a second leaderbord -hide mmr, make it only visible when you reach top250 -give players still badges and don't let them loose, most casual players are happy to gain gold or Plat and getting afraid to loose that, no one would complain and it would fill the matchmaker AAAAND people would get an happy surprise when they reach a new badge. -let only top 10 or top25 be legendary, bound it to the l
  5. Play that class that you mostly like and most familiar are, you can pass Plat 2 on every build that makes sense
  6. The next pet people. Cry about because they watched it in a stream. Drake has dmg but the reliability is so low, birds or smoke scale have less dmg but they hit constant
  7. Minion mancher isn't the problem, necro in general is the problem
  8. Ele is the one class that can delete people and players cry about "the effort". Imagine having a class where you can use skills without waiting for any cooldown because you can switch your attunement. Fireweaver is one of the strongest sidenoder in the game and lrweaver can sidenode and can roam and has heavy dps output. Tempest is a very good support. People should stop crying and playing the class it's insane to say ele is in a bad spot, it's just not number 1 but its pretty close to it.
  9. i wanted to play a bit guildwars on my new laptop but the game is crashing after arround 5 minutes, the system is not overheating i checked that.
  10. Not legal but it's not getting banned, tho I would Worry sometimes are anet workers looking into the forum and maybe they see this thread and maybe you can get a ban
  11. Where this all one guy multi boxing and than dcing?
  12. The lifebar that you mean is probably the shroud. Necromancers and reapers have both a shroud which generates while fighting and can be entered when the necromancers want to. The problem with the conditions is, necros have many ways to apply them but you can avoid also as many, take care of aoe, necros have a few of them, go stand outside instead of waiting that they and, they do a lot of ouchi. Also necros can transfer condis that are on them self, take care, as mesmer you can by yourself condi bomb the necro and he can send it to you back, keep an eye on his buffbar, if there is
  13. Idk when you played but compared to 2019 or early 2020 this good player base feels halfed. In case of builds idk, I play 6 builds in ranked and outside from sometimes feed, I have the feeling it wouldn't made the difference at all because the matchmaking is all over the place
  14. The wrong audience (pve lol) and no marketing for players that play pvp based games And yes the lack of ingame tutorials, matches against bots and a low player base are big reasons A few years ago the players where a lot better in general, but in the past 2 years many people have left
  15. I still have nightmares from Dino when he jumped and jumped and jumped and always above me and I had 20 stacks of bleeding, 2014 was THE year
  16. i wouldn't say thats middlefinger, i am happy that i did it with pvp because i would never ever do this in pve, who cares that you made it in pvpv you needed to play 120 games, people who like pvp and can live with the meta would have made it anyways and people that didn't because either of meta or not playing pvp at all can make now an amulett, who cares? back in the days where fractals and crafting the "only" way to get ascanded gear, i know you could have random dropps in every game mode, now you can buy ascanded gear with stats of your choice because you play the gamemode and grind passivl
  17. What about playing a normal 5vs5 season instead and looking how it goes after 100 matches?
  18. Idk I don't read Amulett and even if, who cares? Pvp Amulett is out since a year and if people complain that "their effort" is now "useless", than never ever craft something again? Idk this complaint is dumb
  19. I don't want that you dislike the gamemod and see that you are a core necro main, but even then a core necro is one of the best survivera in 5vs5 conquest, it's not easy but players like gornit, Jobe and adham show how mostly unkillable a necro can be in 5vs5, and if you know how, it's rly hard killable necros in 2vs2, too. If you like the mode, I can understand why I like it too, but necro and guard are heavily busted in this gamemode because of its high sustain and no dmg from the other classes
  20. I see why you like that mode as a necro main
  21. It's not as bad as fighting against 2 scourge
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