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  1. Anet this is a honest question are you going to fix this bug because if not theirs no point in having this update
  2. honestly there is no real reason to nerf the condi herald build i found that half the players who play pvp love going up against them and the people love playing them too so i really see no point in nerfing it because everyone loves it even players who never played it love going up against it because there really fun to fight this way so i'm just pointing this out before you decide to nerf it. and this build is the only pvp build that people generally enjoy in all perspectives i feel like if you nerf it you'll be taking the very reason pepole enjoy fighting them even the best pvp herald i kn
  3. um i know this is kinda off topic but one of the annual achievements it's almost undoable even with swiftness and sorry if i'm on the wrong topic for it but i couldn't make my own something got screwed up when i tried
  4. i really wondering if we will ever fight menzies after the elder dragons he will end up being the only major threat in the lore of gw
  5. i saw a guy wearing clothes that mach exactly like mario the plumber vest and a cap and the jeans
  6. it most likely needs extened to 10 minutes with how hard the puzzle is and the fact that falling in water causes you to have to start over
  7. you should also probably start testing your updates for bugs
  8. i think having those make the game interesting and it makes it so u don't have to buy the things in the store
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