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  1. I have been a GW franchise player since the jump of Prophesies. I am basically down to being a one-man-guild since most of my guildies play sparingly at best. I am not a hardcore WvW Player, but I do enjoy it a few times a week and have made some good friends in the WvW that make it fun to play. I have seen this Lag/Latency issue also creeping into PvE in large Meta events like Dragonfall, Silverwatses, and AB, as well as World Boss encounters that happen to grow to considerable size. I support this letter, as others have mentioned before, at 95%. I do not support the idea of a Subscription-
  2. As a long-time follower of this thread, I humbly suggest you edit your post to include something like this: "Gift of Magic10 / 250 Vial of Powerful Blood 12 / 250 Powerful Venom Sac1 / 250 Elaborate Totem3 / 250 Pile of Crystalline Dust Gift of Might7 / 250 Vicious Fang22 / 250 Armored Scale19 / 250 Vicious Claw4 / 250 Ancient Bone" That way people know what you actually need and don't send you mats you no longer need. Giving running updates lets people who can help follow your progress. B)
  3. Wishing you all a happy and safe holiday season from Santa Odin. :)
  4. I bought a Tank last week, and got the consume animation and no Tank in Decorations as well. Submitted a bug report but have heard nothing. I did get 2 cannons successfully in the Guild Hall. But no Tank. Sadly my "token" was consumed...so I have nothing in Inv to show I had one...but I am sure they can track that.
  5. Unfortunately, Season 1 is not available. The model of the "Living World" changed post Season 1, and going back and revamping S1 to allow for the type of replay-ability of the other Living Story chapters has not been logistically possible. Good luck on acquiring the others!
  6. I think it looks great. Thanks for the creative effort behind this. My only wish is that it was Armor skins instead of an outfit so I could mix and match for some looks. Again, I say it looks great, and I am glad to see it.
  7. I was in the "reduce to 150" camp when i voted...but now I am on the fence with still reduce, or leave it be. We all have to remember...once you do the heart, you can buy 5x of said currency with karma from that heart vendor. Now I know that doesn't speed things up by much...but it can...however...it also lends itself to the timegate issue, as you can only do the hearts once a day. I know, metas also drop these currencies in bulk...but you only can do those for the big rewards 1x per day. Hence my dilemma...even if you reduce it...you don't cut down the timegate by much. I know they have patch
  8. i love this glider/backpack. I plan to pick it up. I do want to chime in to support the dye-ability. I really want this for my engi, who is geared out and looks like a steam-punk style Iron Man...being able to add some yellow and red to this would make it match impeccably! :) SO I wholly support trying to add 2 dye channels if possible to the chassis of both backpiece and glider(I like the dyable exhaust, but would really prefer the chassis of the glider)...but I know it won't be high on the priority list. The design on this, though...knocked it out of the park guys...I really like this! (Mayb
  9. https://mobile.twitter.com/GaileGray/status/1100145809914392576 This breaks my heart. Gaile is irreplaceable. She made it a point to help all of us that she could, to support the game, and keep communications lines as open as possible. Perhaps she was offered a voluntary leave package and accepted. It has been 18+ years. It may be time to rest, and just be a player. We can all get a bit taxing...:) If that was not the case, whoever decided to let her go..."chose poorly". <insert numerous "kitten" excalmations here> I hope someone can get these sentiments to Gaile (if she doesn't just ch
  10. Hi Arjun...I've been away a while from the thread, and just saw your request. I'd like some more details on what you need. You posted right before my birthday, and I would like to be able to help you out! :) Are you looking for exotic trinkets (pendant, rings, accessories)?If so, what stat combination are you looking for? (Remember, some stat combos cannot be traded and are account bound on creation. Check the wiki for the one you need to make sure it can be traded.)I have a max level Jeweler, and probably most materials to make any exotic stat combo that can be traded. So if you let me know s
  11. There's a Santa waiting for you ;p https://forum-en.gw2archive.eu/forum/game/gw2/Cosplay-Screenshots/page/4#post6137853 A lot more awesome creations in this thread like Sailor Moon, Disney Princesses, Mickey, ... you really need to check it out! I am honored you remember my Santa...(deep bow) :) And I agree...that thread had some great stuff...:)Here's a post again of Santa Odin...he usually hangs out in DR for a time by the Wintersday Tree for photo ops (I usually post in Map Chat that I am there and how long I will be there)...with a trusty side-kick of Ho-Ho-Tron, Gift Skritt, Gift Dolyak,
  12. I have to second this...I loved popping up that Fleshreaver in a fight to put a "KA-POW!" into the mix. lol Its not a game changer for my 1-man-army MM...but it is rather sad...maybe the folks can look at creating a new Sigil for the Fleshreaver Summon...maybe maybe? :)
  13. OK..this is from personal play...not based off any meta or anything...though it sounds like I may be doing things very similar to some of the metas. On my power SB...you can't go wrong with the Smokescale for its knockdown and Smokescreen, plus the merge skills are on point for some quick "drive-by" melee damage. I also like the Rock Gazelle and Jaguar...I also use the different pigs when I am out to just aggravate people...:) On my weird, off-the-wall, Condi Ranger, I use an Ice Drake and the Alpine Wolf, and sometimes the Polar Bear. I based him as a Chill monster...and its fun, but sometim
  14. lol...I guess I just hate missing out, even though it is a small amount of items...but I do see what you are saying. Thanks for the input
  15. And ever7yone is right...if I am around, I do log in and get my mails and daily chest and log back out. As mentioned in an above response...this was more for like if you were to be gone on vacation or somehting to that affect where you may be away from a computer to log in for say 1-5 days. No longer...more than that I even think would be unreasonable. Maybe a total of 6 deliveries, 1 from each board, for 3 days. I coudl live with that. Its just a suggestion/quality of life improvement. Thanks for the feedback. :)
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